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Sports Betting In Houston

TexasHouston residents have four major professional sports teams to root for. This makes for an interesting sports gambling market in that residents have so many viable betting options—even better than they are local favorites.

The Houston Rockets are perhaps the most popular of the hometown teams with franchise player James Harden leading the charge. There are also the Houston Texans, Houston Astros and Houston Dynamo rounding out the city’s sports representation.

Houston, TX residents can bet on their favorite teams through licensed offshore gambling sites that have a wide range of betting lines and wagering types. This page was created for Houston residents and has information pertinent to sports gambling in the state of Texas, in Dallas, and San Antonio, and the relevant sports teams in the city.

Is Sports Betting Legal In Houston, Texas?

Federal Laws In Play

Book Of Law

Yes and no. Sports betting is legal through licensed offshore sportsbooks. There are no brick-and-mortar sportsbooks in the state of Texas because of an old federal ban on sports betting known as the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).

Since PASPA's repeal in early 2018, there has been some effort on the part of state lawmakers to enact any such domestic sportsbook. However, Texas has been known to be a conservative state only allowing a lottery system.

This means that if you are an interested bettor living in Houston, offshore sportsbooks are your only viable option at this time until some domestic wagering legislation is passed.

 Most Trusted Sportsbooks That Accept Houston, Texas Residents

Review ImageBelow is a list of the best online sportsbooks that accept Houston, Texas residents. These sites have been servicing the US sports betting industry for a very long time and are considered to be the most trusted and reliable options for US players.

We've thoroughly vetted each of these sites and have found them all to have the necessary legal licensing, strong security features, enticing bonuses and other characteristics necessary to provide a high-quality betting experience similar to ones you’d find in a Las Vegas sportsbook.

As a matter of fact, you will get a lot more bang for your buck by using a trusted online bookmaker compared to Vegas sportsbooks or your local bookie.

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Houston, TX Sports Betting FAQs

Are There Any Licensed Sportsbooks In Houston?

No. Since PASPA's repeal there have been no laws passed that would allow domestic sportsbooks in Houston or any other Texas city. The Federal Wire Act only prevents gambling entities operating within the USA to accept wagers across state lines. There are no Texas laws forbidding residents from wagering with offshore sportsbooks.

How Do Offshore Sportsbooks Work?

The offshore sportsbooks we keep referring to are legally sanctioned and regulated online gambling providers. Because of their offshore status, they are outside the jurisdiction of US federal and TX state laws. Furthermore, there are no laws that say anything about betting with licensed offshore sportsbooks being illegal.

These sites have been in business for decades and operate like the sportsbooks you would find in Las Vegas. You can browse betting lines from Houston teams along with teams from all over the world. In order to place a bet, you will have to make an account and a deposit into your sportsbook account, but the process is simple.

The sportsbooks only need some of your personal information to verify your identity and where you are betting on. There are a number of deposit methods available to US bettors. Once you’ve made a deposit, you can browse the betting lines and place your wager. Wagering types differ per sportsbook, but most offer the standard point spread bets, parlays, over/under bets, prop bets, future bets and more.

You can track your bets through a bet slip that shows you how much you’ve wagered and how much you stand to win. Withdrawals are also an easy process and are usually done via wire transfer or Bitcoin. These sportsbooks offer bonuses, which comes in the form of additional funds, that are tacked on to your deposit free of charge as an incentive to keep betting.

Bonuses are offered throughout the year and for various promotional and sporting events. Betting lines are updated constantly, so be sure to check back frequently to stay on top of the action.

Can I Bet On The Popular Sports Teams In Houston, TX?

Yes. Betting lines for all four of Houston’s teams are available through offshore gambling sites. These betting lines open in congruence with the start of each respective season and extend into the playoffs. You can bet on championship games as well.

Rockets Moving Up

The Houston Rockets had been an afterthought in the NBA’s stacked Western Conference up until recently. Their acquisition of former Thunder player James Harden has turned the franchise around. The Rockets haven’t won a championship since the 90s, but have been in contention for the past several seasons.

The Rockets are currently playing in the 2017 NBA Playoffs and Harden is enjoying one of the best seasons of his career. He plays alongside Eric Gordon, Nene, Ryan Anderson, Patrick Beverly, Trevor Ariza and more. Head Coach Mike D’Antoni, who has had successes of his own, has molded this team into one of the most dangerous in the Western Conference.

From a betting perspective, the Rockets are an enticing prospect week-to-week as they have one of the highest scoring offenses in the league. It’s hard to compete in a conference that has teams like the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs, but the fact that the Rockets remain in the conversation regarding dominant NBA teams is a testament to their system.

The Rockets will be a force in this year’s playoffs and could very well get a shot at the NBA Championship.

Popular Basketball Teams to Bet On In Houston

The Houston Rockets are Houston’s NBA representation. James Harden leads one of the highest scoring offenses in the league. The Rockets have been in contention for the Western Conference Championship several times in the past and are looking to do so again in the 2017 Playoffs.

Popular Football Teams To Bet On In Houston

The Houston Texans played their first season of professional football in 2002 as an expansion team and today, compete in the AFC South while playing home games at NRG Stadium. The young franchise has won four division titles and searching for their first Super Bowl appearance and victory.

Popular Baseball Teams To Bet On In Houston

The Houston Astros play in the MLB’s Western Division and feature players Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa. and Carlos Beltran. The Astros had a Wild Card berth in 2015 but didn’t make the cut in the next season. Houston’s own will surely try to redeem themselves during the 2017-2018 campaign.

Popular Soccer Teams To Bet On In Houston, TX

Houston soccer fans can enjoy MLS action through the Houston Dynamo. The Dynamo play in the league’s Western Conference and feature players Erick Torres Padilla, Boniek Garcia and Alberth Elis among others. You can bet on the Dynamo and other MLS action through offshore sportsbooks all the way to the MLS Cup Championship.

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