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About SportsBetting.Legal

USA Players AcceptedSportsBetting.Legal is a joint effort to provide the most accurate and up-to-date legal information regarding sports betting in the United States. We are a team of avid sports gamblers that promotes and participates in safe and responsible sports wagering. The United States has come a long way with their sports betting offerings and continues to progress. Our mission is to inform US residents about what legal options are available to them. Our focus is online sports betting, though we have information on brick-and-mortar operators as well.

The SportsBetting.Legal team consists of fans of the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NSL, NCAA and numerous leagues abroad. We also personally follow the sports categories that are not as mainstream, such as water sports, rugby, darts, and badminton as well as popular alternative sports such as MMA, golf, tennis, and Nascar. Our crew of writers, researchers and developers have one goal in mind - provide US residents with the knowledge they need to engage in safe and legal sports betting entertainment. Domestic sports gambling has gone through a drastic change in the US and there are positive things on the horizon. More and more states are beginning to push legislation out introducing legal betting options. Our goal is to provide comprehensive breakdowns of information regarding United States sports betting legalities as well as information on legal alternative offshore operators.

Terms And Conditions

Although our team works diligently to provide accurate and up-to-date information, SportsBetting.Legal cannot 100% guarantee the accuracy and total reliability of what you read on our site at all times. Like we said, the legal parameters surrounding domestic sports gambling change often and quickly, and we will always do our best to keep you in the loop with the most current information. Part of our content includes links to third-party operators that we vet and recommend. However, we cannot be held responsible for the content on those sites since we are not the ones running them. We continue to search for top rated online sportsbooks that are USA friendly and will always keep making recommendations to our audience. For the sake of total transparency, we do sometimes receive a commission from a site when you visit them through our links, though bear in mind there is no obligation to use these sites if you navigate to them. We stand by our recommendations regardless of whether you decide to use them. While we provide accurate legal information on a state-by-state basis, it is up to you to determine the legality of sports betting in relation to your own proximity.

Our Privacy Policy

SportsBetting.Legal will never collect, store or share any personal information disclosed with us to third-party operators. At no point will we ever ask for your financial information since we are strictly an information-driven site. All personal information disclosed with us remains confidential and is never sold or disbursed to any other entities. It should be known that you leave a digital footprint on our site through your Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the form of your IP address, though this data is strictly used for Search Engine Optimization purposes with the goal of using that information to better your online experience while on our site. Your IP address does not contain any personal information like your name, address, email, age, etc. We pride ourselves on our transparency and data integrity and would never do anything to compromise that or our customers’ personal information.

What We Look For In An Online Sportsbook

There are many different online sportsbooks out there on the market. We here at SportsBetting.Legal have a thorough screening process that is used with each online sportsbook we come across. If the sportsbook does not meet our quality assurance standards we do not promote it to our audience. Below is a breakdown of what we look for in our online sportsbooks reviews:

Legal Licensing - Operators need a license from a respected government in order to be considered legitimate. This licensing can come from the federal, state or international levels.

Regulations - Regulations are what keep sports betting operators in check. With proper regulatory oversight in place, you can rest assured that the site you are using is a legal entity.

Betting Line Selection - There are a lot of sports out there and we want to make sure these sites offer a wide spectrum.

Wagering Type Variance - From point spreads to props, we require that our sportsbook recommendations offer a solid range of wagering types.

Strong Security Profile - We verify that our recommended sportsbooks employ advanced data encryption protocols to safeguard your personal and financial information.

Reliable Customer Support - We only recommend sportsbooks with phone, email and live chat support accessible 24/7 from a responsive and knowledgeable customer service team.

Generous Bonus Incentives - We require that any sportsbook included in this guide present wagering requirements and terms and conditions that are reasonable, attainable and in line with industry standards.

Accommodating Banking Suite - We check to see if these online sportsbooks provide USA friendly deposit methods and that transactions are handled securely and efficiently.

The SportsBetting.Legal Commitment

The legalities of sports betting are complex and include certain licenses, regulations, stipulation, and legislation. SportsBetting.Legal promises users that every effort is made to ensure the information provided on this site is accurate and reflects the current state of legal sports betting in the USA. We believe that regulations and compliance with those regulations promote safe and legitimate online sports betting opportunities, which is what we are striving to support. All of the recommended sportsbooks featured on this site have been screened for both proper licensing and regulations and will provide a safe betting experience.

Keeping In The Know With U.S.A. Legal Sports Betting

Things happen fast with US sports betting legality. The first few months of 2018 have already proved momentous for sports gambling legalization. Multiple states have passed legislation introducing legal betting options and that list continues to grow. We have a News section that provides updates with the ongoing legalization efforts ranging from state to state. Be sure to check our News Section frequently as there are constantly updates added.

Clarification On Offshore Legality

You will often see the phrase “offshore sportsbooks” throughout our content. The reason why we push these offshore sportsbooks so heavily is that they are the only viable legal online sports betting option for people in lots of states throughout the US. The Federal Wire Act prohibits operating an online sportsbook within US borders, though sportsbooks based in an offshore jurisdiction do not fall under the scope of US federal laws, nor do those laws mention anything about offshore sites being illegal. As long as the offshore sportsbook is both licensed and regulated by a respected body of government, you are not in violation of any federal laws.

Responsible Gambling Practices

Every member of the team believes that responsible gambling is absolutely the only safe way to approach betting entertainment either online or offline.  We strongly encourage compliance with all relevant gambling laws as well as a healthy, responsible approach to participation in betting entertainment.  We believe that underage gambling is detrimental to all involved and that legal gambling ages should be enforced.  We promote responsible gambling and will never knowingly support gambling addiction.  If you or someone you know is struggling with gambling addiction or is approaching problem gambling, we encourage you to seek out help through the National Council On Problem Gambling, a local chapter of a gambling addiction support group or a professional treatment center.  The NCPG can be reached anonymously online: or by phone: 1–800–522–4700.

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