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NHL Playoff Picture Odds

NHL Playoff Picture Odds vs. Current Standings: Begins Feb. 14th!

NHL PlayoffsWhen comparing the above two brackets, the inconsistency between them can illuminate the implication of the NHL Playoff odds and reveal the difficulty level of each team’s path to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Sure, Stanley Cup futures do a decent job of predicting the eventual champion, but what it doesn’t provide is a clear image of what the NHL betting lines are suggesting regarding the trail each team will need to blaze to achieve championship glory.

When provided this NHL Playoff picture, bettors can make a more informed wager on the eventual Stanley Cup winner as well as which NHL team will advance in each round of the postseason.

🏒 Odds Provided By Bovada

  • Colorado Avalanche +450
  • Tampa Bay Lightning +550
  • Vegas Golden Knights +700
  • Toronto Maple Leafs +1100
  • Boston Bruins +1400
  • Carolina Hurricanes +1500
  • New York Islanders +1900
  • Florida Panthers +2000
  • New York Rangers +2000
  • Dallas Stars +2200
  • Edmonton Oilers +2200
  • Minnesota Wild +2500
  • Pittsburgh Penguins +2500
  • Washington Capitals +2500
  • Montreal Canadiens +2800
  • Philadelphia Flyers +2800
  • Calgary Flames +4000
  • Chicago Blackhawks +4000
  • St. Louis Blues +4000
  • Winnipeg Jets +4000
  • Seattle Kraken +4500
  • Los Angeles Kings +5000
  • New Jersey Devils +5000
  • Vancouver Canucks +5500
  • Nashville Predators +6000
  • Ottawa Senators +8000
  • San Jose Sharks +10000
  • Anaheim Ducks +12500
  • Columbus Blue Jackets +12500
  • Arizona Coyotes +15000
  • Detroit Red Wings +20000
  • Buffalo Sabres +25000

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Changes To The 2021 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Format

Each round of the NHL Playoffs will continue to be a best-of-seven series where the first team to capture four victories will advance.

What is different in 2021 is that the NHL’s traditional 6 Division format has been narrowed down to 4 Divisions in order to keep travel to a minimum during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially over the Canadian-US border.

The 16-team postseason tournament will feature four brackets, one for each NHL division. The top four teams in each Division will qualify for the playoffs and face off against each other for a shot to reach the semifinal round. The seeding for each Divisional bracket will be #1 vs. #4, and #2 vs. #3.

Once each Division bracket has been decided, the NHL Playoffs will be reseeded with the higher seeds being awarded home-ice. Once the semifinals are re-seeded, it will also be matchups of #1 vs. #4, and #2 vs. #3.

This change is significant in that it places a much higher emphasis on the NHL Divisional futures and less of a focus on Conference and Stanley Cup odds.

2022 NHL Division Alignment

NHL Divisions For 2022

How Is The NHL Playoff Picture Created?

The above NHL Playoff bracket odds are created using a combination of NHL futures odds, game lines, conference championship predictions, and most importantly for 2022, Division betting lines.

In individual game lines, the NHL team that has the point-spread advantage is awarded the victory. That victory is then applied to the current standings and then combined with all varieties of NHL Playoff futures to populate the bracket and predict the trajectory of each team.

Why Are The NHL Playoff Bracket Odds Important?

When studying the list of teams that could potentially qualify for the Stanley Cup Playoffs at premium legal online sportsbooks, they will be listed in order of how likely they are to win the title. Futures betting lines do not provide much insight into how the championship team will arrive at that conclusion, and what caliber of teams they’ll face along the way.

For instance, achieving a particular seed in the NHL Playoff bracket plays into the likelihood of success, but if they are in line to play a lower seed in the second round that has given them difficulty during their regular-season matchups, that information will play heavily into to whether or not you decide to lay any action on that team’s championship futures.

Playoff Odds vs. Current NHL Standings

The bracket on the top right of this page indicates where each NHL Playoff team will be seeded if the season ended on the day the results were calculated. This bracket merely represents current reality and in no way factors in future opponents.

That’s why the playoff picture odds come in so handy. They actually take into account the future opponents for each team and also apply different types of NHL betting odds to make a more accurate prediction, and more importantly, assist bettors an accurate wager at legal online sportsbooks.

NHL Teams That Have Clinched A Playoff Berth

  • No NHL franchises have qualified for the postseason at this time

NHL Teams That Have Been Eliminated From The Playoffs

  • All teams remain in play for the 2022 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

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