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Betting On Elon Musk

Elon MuskElon Musk, the famous tech entrepreneur and icon to science enthusiasts everywhere, is – depending upon your point of view – either enormously gifted or an enormous grifter. Or both. Musk is best known as the founder of SpaceX and CEO of electric car company Tesla, from where the King of Nerds has pivoted into an eclectic entrepreneur, taking on projects that run the gamut from industry standard to arguably impossible.

More than any other celebrity this side of Donald J. Trump, Elon Musk is a polarizing, pop-culture-defining enigma. And as a result, betting on Elon Musk – at the odds boards and on the stock market – has become a national pastime.

If you want to make an Elon Musk bet of your own, you can buy a Tesla car, book a flight to Mars, or install a bunch of expensive solar panels on your roof. Alternatively, you can bet on Musk and his ventures with entertainment betting odds at any reputable international sportsbook. These sites often offer Musk-related betting lines, so if you need a break from the world of sports and politics, Musk smells pretty good right about now.

Best Online Sportsbooks With Elon Musk Odds

Elon Musk odds – like the man himself – are all over the place. When you wager on the firebrand South African – now the world’s ninth richest person – you won’t be able to make mad bank like he does, but you might be able to pocket a pretty penny that you can parlay into something bigger and better.

From Tesla stock predictions and SpaceX launch schedules to Boring Company products, Hyperloop technology, Neuralink news, and the SolarCity “scam,” the best online sports betting sites often post lines on Musk companies and their wacky, out-there initiatives.

Whether you’re a rabid skeptic or a true believer, you can put your money where Elon’s mouth is.

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Current Elon Musk Betting Odds

Elon Musk Next Girlfriend? (MyBookie)
  • Grimes (Back Together) +150
  • Amber Heard +200
  • Talulah Riley +250
  • Eiza Gonzalez +400
  • Ana de Armas +500
  • Any Kardashian +1000
  • Kaley Cuoco +1200
  • Rachel McAdams +1400
  • Jennifer Aniston +1800
  • Taylor Swift +2000
  • Eva Longoria +2300
  • Sandra Bullock +2500
Who Will Elon Musk Marry Next? (MyBookie)
  • Talulah Riley +140
  • Grimes +150
  • Amber Heard +250
  • Justine Wilson +500
  • Taylor Swift +1000
  • Ana De Armas +1200
  • Kaley Cuoco +1200
  • Kim Kardashian West +2000
  • Selena Gomez +2000

Who Is Elon Musk?

It’s not exactly like asking “Who is John Galt,” but the South African entrepreneur and tech billionaire has a similar mystique and cult-like following. The Elon Musk biography is interesting, but his origins are typical for the tech entrepreneurs of the current era.

Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa, on June 28, 1971 . For Elon Musk, college consisted of a stint at the University of Pretoria before he attended Queen’s University in Canada, which he left without a degree. Then, Musk went to the University of Pennsylvania and graduated with a BA in economics and a BS in physics (1997).


Musk’s first company, Zip2, was a web software firm he started with his brother Kimbal. Musk made $7 million off the sale of the brand to Compaq in 1999. After that, Musk’s merged with the company that would become PayPal, of which Musk was CEO until 2000. In 2002, eBay bought PayPal, netting Musk a cool $165 million for his shares.

Musk conceived of SpaceX in 2001, officially launching the rocket brand in 2002. In 2003, Musk partnered with startup Tesla and quickly rose to CEO. He is now the majority shareholder of the brand, and that is the main source of his wealth and fame. For you trivia buffs out there, Musk is technically the world’s wealthiest African American.

To many, Elon Musk is considered to be a rare visionary, a renaissance man, and an idealist. To others, Musk is viewed as the world’s most preeminent con artist. Online debates rage to this day about who and what Musk actually is.

Musk’s current domestic partner is musician Claire Elise Boucher (aka Grimes), with whom he shares one of his seven children. That child is named “z æ a-12” for some reason.

What is Entertainment Betting?

Usually, you will find Elon Musk betting odds under the “Entertainment” category of your legal sportsbook site of choice. Entertainment betting is a catch-all category where bookmakers post odds on things like TV show outcomes, celebrity shenanigans, and similar bets that don’t fit into other markets. Some books may include Musk bets under a “Current Events” subsection.

There are a number of Musk entertainment odds out there, ranging from action on when SpaceX will go to Mars to whether or not Musk and the beclowned Johnny Depp will duke it out in the ring over some high-school-style girl drama.

Elon Musk Twitter tirades are also the subject of many an entertainment wager, where bettors can put real money what the unfiltered weirdo will say next. Elon Musk Joe Rogan Experience appearances are always good for a line or three, as well.

As with all betting, entertainment odds are predicated on the American moneyline, and they usually come in the form of over/under entertainment props or yes/no props. The following hypothetical wagers are examples of these:

  • Will The SpaceX Starlink Internet Constellation Be Operational Before January 1, 2022?
    • Yes -125
    • No +185
  • What Will The Final Official Hyperloop Speed Be?
    • Under 799.5 MPH (-10000)
    • Over 799.5 MPH (+8000)

What is Financial Betting?

If you’re looking to wager on the Wall Street performances of Elon Musk’s publicly traded companies, you can do that at most legitimate offshore betting sites. Instead of buying actual stock in these brands, financial betting allows you to place wagers based on where you think a given company’s stock will end on a given day.

Because these literally refresh each trading day, you’ll always see new lines. As such, the following examples merely demonstrate the format of these bets, not the actual current bets (or bet values) themselves:

  • Tesla Stock Price At Market Close On 11/3/2020
    • Over $1505.25 (-115)
    • Under $1505.25 (-115)
  • What Will The SpaceX Stock Price Be Upon The Initial IPO?
    • Over $45.50 (-115)
    • Under $45.50 (-115)

Most of Elon Musk’s brands are not public as of 2020. In fact, the only public company in the vaunted Musk portfolio is Tesla. SunCity was a public venture, but it was absorbed by Tesla as a wholly owned subsidiary in 2016. SunCity’s value plays a very minor role in establishing the Tesla stock price.

Elon Musk Companies


Tesla "T" LogoWhen people hear the name Elon Musk, Tesla is the first thing they think of. Tesla stock earnings – and the Tesla stock forecast – have the company positioned as the world’s most valuable car maker, with a market cap of $276 billion.

For bettors, Tesla odds have been bulletproof lately, and you can make a lot of money investing, or betting, on the brand.


SpaceX LogoMusk founded SpaceX in 2002, and with every SpaceX launch, the company approaches legitimacy. While SpaceX is a private company right now (meaning you cannot buy SpaceX stock at this time), every good bit of SpaceX news could inch the brand closer to an IPO.

Of course, until it’s public, the only way you can invest is by following SpaceX news and betting on favorable lines when you see them at your sportsbook.


Hyperloop logoThe Hyperloop is a Musk idea mostly based on the old notion of a “vacuum train.”

Musk has hosted several Hyperloop competitions, though the system is very much still in its infancy. For Elon Musk, Hyperloop might actually be his most ambitious, expensive, and difficult project.

Many scientists have called the Hyperloop fraud, though it could work in theory. The odds are against it, however, and should you ever be able to buy Hyperloop stock (it’s currently a private venture), we’d advise against it. For now.

The Boring Company

Boring Company logoA few years after announcing the Hyperloop concept in 2012, Musk needed a way to actually dig tunnels for the thing. Thus, he launched The Boring Company.

There are some related betting lines offered occasionally, particularly on things like whether or not the Boring Company Las Vegas tunnel will be built on time and whether or not the brand will outperform other underground boring companies. These, we say jump on.

However, if you ever have a chance to buy The Boring Company stock, that’s a hard pass. It’s worth noting that the only product this brand has brought to market so far is the Boring Company Flamethrower.


starlink logoStarlink is company that manufactures a branded series of microsatellites that are being deployed by SpaceX. In other words, Musk’s SpaceX launches Starlink satellites, which demonstrates how intercompany synergy is high on Musk’s list when it comes to business decisions.

Sometimes, you can find odds on what the Starlink Internet cost will be for subscribers, what the Starlink speed will be for uploads and downloads, and so on. You cannot buy Starlink stock, as the company is private, but there have been rumors of its impending IPO, for which you’ll also see betting lines.


SolarCity logoFounded in 2006 by Lyndon Rive and Peter Rive (Elon Musk’s cousins), SolarCity – a solar panel installation company – quickly became a monumental loser. The SolarCity reviews were terrible, with substandard quality control, and the SolarCity stock price took massive hits.

With SolarCity lawsuits piling up, Musk engineered a stealthy SolarCity bailout, using Tesla to buy the company from his kin for $2.6 billion. If you ever come across any SolarCity odds, think long and hard before investing any money on them.


Neutralink logoThe Elon Musk Neuralink Corporation aims to produce implantable brain-machine interfaces (BMIs). Apparently, the only way to defeat the rise of the machines is to become machines ourselves (which Musk says we already are, rendering the company redundant).

Nevertheless, each Neuralink announcement has the potential to cause betting lines to pop up at legal online sportsbooks. Of course, if you’re looking to buy Neuralink stock, you can’t, but the company could go public within the next few years if it makes any substantive gains in the field. That’s a big “if,” of course, and it’s not the kind of “If” bet we recommend.

Elon Musk Mars Mission

One of Elon Musk’s main pet projects is to start a Mars colony and move there. Ostensibly, that’s one of the reasons he founded SpaceX. But the SpaceX Mars project is a moonshot on steroids, and it’s not all that credible in the here and now.

Still, you can often find betting lines on the first company to complete a manned mission to Mars, and while the Musk brand is always the favorite, the whole endeavor is difficult to pin down.

There’s almost no chance there will ever be an Elon Musk Mars colony as envisioned in the popular concept sketches floating around on the Internet, but there is an updated Mars Mission timeline for those dreamers out there who are holding out hope to see such an installation in their lifetimes. A Musk moon base seems far more likely (but still not very likely).

Starbase Texas

In 2021 Elon Musk announced that he plans to build a city of the future in Texas. The city is tentatively named Starbase and will be near the SpaceX launch site in Boca Chica Village near Brownsville, TX. Not much is known of his new town, but he has hinted that it would be directed by "the Doge." 

In December of 2020, Musk announced he was selling his Los Angeles and other California properties and moving to Texas. Musk said the Lone Star state would soon be his new base of operations, and he currently has plans to build several manufacturing plants near Austin, Texas.

Elon Musk Controversies

Nary a day goes by without an Elon Musk controversy. That is part and parcel of his mainstream appeal. Much like Donald Trump, the billionaire is always in the news. For the South African, controversial Tweets are a common occurrence, and that has led to popular accusations that Elon Musk is a con man. But is he really?

It all depends on your point of view. It could be that Elon’s just an over-ambitious geek who’s really enthusiastic about his hobbies. Only instead of the middle-aged dad building model rockets in his garage with Hobby Lobby motors, Musk has the capital – and the connections – to go big.

Certainly, not all his ideas will work out. But for “Elon Musk: Con Artist” to be a thing, he would have to knowingly and intentionally oversell and lie to investors. That doesn’t seem to be how he operates. Should you take the things Musk says with a grain of salt? Of course. But is he actively lying? We don’t think so.

Elon Musk FAQs

Where does Elon Musk live?  

Elon Musk recently proclaimed that he’d be selling all his private dwellings for some incomprehensible reason. He hasn’t done that, of course. Musk has several homes, but he lives primarily in Bel Air, California, fresh prince that he is.

Musk is a citizen of South Africa (where he was born), Canada, and the United States.

What is Elon Musk’s net worth?

As of Q3 2020, Musk is worth approximately $70 billion and is the world’s ninth richest person.

How did Elon Musk get rich?

Musk made his first millions through the sale of Zip2 to Compaq. After that, he made even more when his company merged with Confinity, where he became CEO of the firm after it rebranded to PayPal. He made $165 million off the sale of PayPal to eBay in 2002.

Now, nearly all of Musk’s wealth has come from his Tesla stock holdings, though he makes some money off a few of his other more hobbyist endeavors.

If you want to get rich off Elon Musk, of course, you can make some savvy wagers at the best online sportsbooks with Musk-related entertainment odds.

Should I buy Tesla stock?

Yes. Well, probably. At least, you should have.

That said, Tesla stock isn’t cheap, trading at well over $1000 per share.

Instead, we recommend betting on Tesla stock performance at offshore sportsbooks operating legally over the Internet. It’s cheaper, and you can actually make decent money. At the very least, you can make enough for a Tesla down payment.  

When is Elon Musk going to Mars?

He himself? Never.

How does SpaceX make money?

SpaceX makes money by charging governments and telecoms fees to send their astronauts and satellites/supplies into orbit. They are a rocket payload delivery company at this point, though they hope to branch out into terrestrial – and extraterrestrial – commercial transportation.

How fast is the Hyperloop?

The Hyperloop was originally advertised as being able to achieve human transport at speeds of up to 800 MPH. Since no Hyperloops currently exist (outside of a pair of short Hyperloop test tracks that don’t feature the crucial vacuum component), the current Hyperloop speed is 0 MPH.

Can I invest in The Boring Company?

No. You cannot buy Boring Company stock because it’s not a publicly traded enterprise. However, you can bet on the Boring Company, which is probably the only chance you’ll ever have to make money off the project.

When will Starlink be available?

Actually, this is a common entertainment prop at offshore sportsbooks!

Starlink Internet services are said to be primed to go online in 2020 for Canada and the northern USA, with other countries gaining access in 2021. You can bet on whether or not the company will meet these goals.

Is SolarCity part of Tesla?

Yes. Tesla acquired SolarCity in a controversial deal back in 2016. The selling price was $2.6 billion. Today, the Tesla subsidiary is worth approximately $410 million according to industry analysts.

Is Neuralink real?

Not yet. Maybe not ever. And even if it were, would you really want an emotion-manipulating computer embedded in your brain? Russian hackers are excited about it, probably, but we sure aren’t. We’ll stick to betting on Neuralink at the odds boards.

Is Neuralink safe?

Probably not. Small-scale electroshock therapy is still...electroshock therapy. There could be therapeutic uses for such a device in controlled medical settings, but as a consumer product, Neuralink seems to be a sketchy proposition.