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Bovada Prop Builder

Bovada Mobile App
  • Custom Player And Team-Based Prop Bets For All Major Sports
  • Easy To Compile Prop Bet Parlays And Other Combination Wagers
  • The #1 Prop Builder App In The Online Sports Betting Industry Today

It’s no secret that Bovada is one of the best online sports betting sites for US players. Our Bovada sportsbook review goes into detail about their strong selection of betting markets, full mobile compatibility, and an interface designed for immediate bet submission, there’s no better place to wager.

But Bovada’s never been one to sit on the sidelines. Instead, they’re always swinging for the fences, innovating while other major sportsbooks ride their coattails. They were the first operator to introduce live mobile sports betting, the first to support Bitcoin betting options, and the first to offer sports betting vouchers and MatchPay betting banking. Now, Bovada is the first legal sportsbook to debut truly interactive betting with its Prop Builder tool.

To learn more about the Bovada Prop Builder, what it offers, and how to use it, our brief guide will have you making more bets – and better bets – than ever before. After all, they’re giving us mad props, so it’s only fair that we give them mad props back!

What Is The Bovada Prop Builder?

The Bovada Prop Builder was launched in 2020, and it’s become one of the most sought-after features in the entire online gambling space. Even competing sportsbooks like BetOnline and MyBookie have taken note, emulating the service on their own sites. But Bovada’s Prop Builder is the original, and it stands alone.

This unique build-your-own prop betting tool changes the game in several ways, putting you under center and allowing you to call audibles for every single game on the daily lineup.

If you don’t see a line you like on the standard boards, with the Bovada Prop Builder, you can make that line a reality. This feature adds literally thousands of wagers to each contest, and you can even create your own custom prop parlays for the biggest possible payouts.

How Does It Work?

There’s no big mystery to how the Bovada Prop Builder works, and it’s presented in a way that makes perfect sense to bettors of all experience and skill levels. Best of all, you can preview the tool without a Bovada login. Try before you buy!

However, to actually place real money online sports bets with the Prop Builder, you’ll need to sign up at Bovada and make a deposit. Once your account is funded, you can create your own proposition bets on any market featuring games with current betting lines.

To get started betting with the Bovada Prop Builder, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit Bovada LV using any link on this page.
  2. Create a Bovada account by clicking or tapping the red “Join” button.
  3. Make a deposit using your sports bet funding method of choice, and choose an Bovada sportsbook bonus (optional).
  4. Click or tap the “Sports” tab at the top of the page.
  5. Select the “All Sports (A-Z)” tab at the far right of the next menu.
  6. Click or tap the “Prop Builder” icon.

Once you’ve got the tool opened in front of you, trial and error is the best approach. There’s no risk involved, either, as you can create props and see – in real time – exactly how the odds change with each new parameter and how much you stand to win, all without betting any real money.

To formally place a custom Bovada sports bet, you’ll have to finalize your wager and submit your ticket. That means that if you don’t like a prop you’ve made, Bovada Sportsbook makes it easy to delete the wager from your bet slip. No bets are finalized until you specifically confirm your selections.

Bovada Prop Builder Features

Before the Prop Builder launched, the Bovada props menu was already one of the most robust online, with nearly all contests featuring upwards of 100 different betting lines (not including live sports betting odds, which are not available through the Prop Builder tool).

And even now that Super Bowl prop builders are up and running, bettors can still opt to place proposition bets the old way, by clicking or tapping on a given match and plunking down some cash on the standard lines offered. These aren’t going anywhere, and many members prefer the simplicity of making these kinds of quick prop bets.

However, for those interested in creating their own bets through the Bovada Prop Builder, there are literally too many features to list. Plus, since each sport has different wager and stat categories, the variables are virtually limitless. Of course, that’s the whole point!

To demonstrate the basic Prop Builder options, here’s how the panel looks:

Bovada Prop Builder

Across the top row, all the different sports and leagues with custom props can be accessed. Below that is a menu with three headers: “Build,” “Quick Picks,” and “Over/Under.” Each of these sections or categories are briefly explained below.


The “Build” option lets you select any player competing in a given game, which you can pick from the corresponding drop menu. To choose a player for whom you want to build your prop, just click or tap the “plus” symbol by their name to add them to your custom bet builder panel (see below).

At that panel, you’ll be able to generate props for any supported stat line for the player in question. This is where the majority of Bovada’s Prop Builder customization options come into play.

Quick Picks

“Quick Picks” are just what they sound like, as Bovada has crafted a series of popular wagers across several relevant datapoints. You can sort these pre-made props by payout value, stat category, and other considerations.

Quick Picks are modifiable, but most players use them to turn their customized “Build” props into parlays for bigger payouts than those wagers provide on their own.


The “Over/Under” section shows totals lines for the various statistical performances of individual players. You can select the stat line you’d like to wager on for each player, and Bovada even shows you every athlete’s recent history via a chart icon to the left of their name.

Like “Quick Picks,” these totals bets are added to your ticket in parlay form and are used to enhance your payout potential.

Using The Bovada Bet Slip

On desktop, you’ll see a “Build Your Bet” column next the options listed above (though on mobile, the menu is slightly different, and this panel becomes available whenever you choose a player from the “Build” category outlined above). This is where the real prop-building magic happens!

This window has three primary options labeled “Stat,” “H2H,” and “Trios,” which can be quickly explained as follows:


The “Stats” selection allows you to wager on the statistical performances of a given player (or two players’ combined performances). You’ll click or tap the “Select Statistic” box, choose the datapoint that interests you most, enter in your statistical threshold, and select exactly what kind of totals bet you’d like to attach to it.


“H2H” stands for “Head-To-Head,” and this is where you can build a prop bet based on a given player outperforming another player on a chosen stat line. There are numerous H2H options to choose from, and as with the Stats section, you can select all the parameters in question, including the players themeselves.


“Trios” are slightly different from standard sports betting props, as they are more akin to “trifectas” in horse racing betting. To create a Trio bet, you’ll select a given statistic and then pick the three players you believe will finish in the exact 1-2-3 order for the stat. Trios payouts are some of the biggest you’ll find, but they’re difficult to hit and are recommended for advanced bettors.

Does It Work On The Bovada App?

Even though it’s a bit more straightforward using the Bovada Sportsbook Prop Builder on your desktop (thanks to its larger screen real estate), Bovada has made the mobile portal for the tool easy to navigate.

The presentation is slightly modified to conform to smaller iPhone, iPad, and Android screens, but all the options from the desktop version are readily available. Navigation is a breeze, too, with taps and swipes working exactly as you expect.

When using the mobile Prop Builder at Bovada, you’ll get a touchscreen-friendly app-like experience that dynamically adjusts to your specific display type. There’s nothing to download or update, and the convenience factor is second to none. Which, as a sports bettor, is exactly where you want to be!

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