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Legal Kentucky Derby Betting

Kentucky Derby logoThere is no more popular or anticipated horse race in the world than the Kentucky Derby. As the first leg of the vaunted American Triple Crown of Thoroughbred racing, the Derby – and Derby betting odds – are always hugely popular in the mainstream sports media and at sports betting sites everywhere.

Of course, many first-time gamblers might not know how to bet on horse racing and find favorable odds, especially if there’s no racetrack or off-track betting (OTB) location near you. Fortunately, legal Kentucky Derby betting is available no matter where you are in the US or abroad.

If you want to saddle up and ride your horse all the way to the bank, our legal Kentucky Derby betting guide will trot you around the track. All you need is an Internet connect, an online racebook membership, and – if you like – a fresh mint julep to make a mint on the ponies!

Best Online Sportsbooks With Kentucky Derby Horse Odds

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Is It Legal To Bet On The Kentucky Derby Online?

If you’re looking for where to bet on the Kentucky Derby, depending on where you live, you may have legal options at local horse tracks and OTBs. However, regardless of where you live, you can safely bet on the Derby at any online sportsbook operating overseas.

These sites all offer racebooks with plenty of the best Derby bets, and there are no US federal laws (including the IHRA which governs horse racing betting and off-track betting) barring individual horseplayers from risking – and winning – real money online.

For those living in Washington and Connecticut, please be aware that there are state laws barring all online gambling, including KY Derby betting. That said, we’ve never heard of these laws actually being enforced, so you can feel free to gallop ahead and wager at your own risk.

What Is The Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is the most famous Grade 1 stakes race in the world for 3-year-old Thoroughbred horses. Also known as “The Run for the Roses,” “The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports,” and “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports,” the Derby is held annually on the first Saturday in May. The venue, since its inception, has been the racetrack at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

The KY Derby is the single most bet-on and viewed horse race on the planet, and as the first leg of the US Triple Crown, it provides bettors with an excellent preview of the rest of the popular series.

The 2020 Kentucky Derby marks the 146th running of the race, though it had to be rescheduled due to the coronavirus outbreak. This year, the Derby is slated for September 5, making it the second of the Triple Crown races to be held, as the Belmont Stakes was contested first due to lockdown-related rescheduling. The final Triple Crown Race takes place after the Kentucky Derby and you'll find that we've got you covered for betting on the Preakness Stakes as well.

2020 Kentucky Derby

How To Bet On The Kentucky Derby

There are three separate ways you can bet on the Kentucky Derby, and each one has its benefits. Of course, online Derby betting is always going to be more convenient than wagering at an OTB location or a racetrack with simulcast Kentucky Derby betting odds, and that’s the method we recommend. Nevertheless, your three legal Kentucky Derby betting options are the following.

Betting At Racetracks

You can bet on live Derby odds at racetracks around the country. Obviously, Churchill Downs turns the biggest handle of them all, but not everyone can afford Kentucky Derby tickets in order to attend the festivities and bet the ponies proper.

Still, if you have a racetrack in your area, chances are they’ll be offering daily Derby odds in the leadup to the race as pooled bets come in from tracks around the nation.

Here, you will simply fill out your Derby betting slip with whatever straight bets or exotics you wish to go on and turn it into the operator at the betting booth. Make sure to hang on to your receipts, as you’ll need them to claim your payouts!

Betting At OTBs

Off-track betting for Kentucky Derby races is big business, and nearly all US states with legal horse betting have OTBs that accept wagers on the event. Most of these also have simulcast broadcasts of the race and its undercard, so you won’t miss a minute of the action, no matter which participating state you’re in.

Over 40 US states offer OTB horse racing betting, and submitting your ticket works similarly to how you wager on horses at a proper track. Again, keep your betting slip stubs handy, because you can’t get your Derby payouts without them.

Note: You can also wager online through a few domestic operators. Most states (40+) with legal horse betting allow the placing of online horse wagers, and these can be thought of as OTB terminals themselves. If you’re physically located in participating states, you may be able to download an iPhone horse betting app or an Android horse betting app to streamline the process and allow you to bet on the go.

Betting At International Racebook Sites

The international betting sites listed here could technically be considered OTBs, though they operate outside of the United States and don’t offer pari-mutuel wagers. Instead, these are house-banked odds where your payouts are 100% locked in the moment you place your best Derby bets.

Mostly, the lines will mimic the current Derby odds presented by domestic operators and Churchill Downs itself, but the fact that your odds can’t shrink from the time you bet till the time the Kentucky Derby results come in is enticing for most gamblers who want their sure thing to be a sure thing.

Because of the guaranteed Derby payouts and support for all kinds of exotic wagers, we recommend these sites above all other Derby wagering locales. Plus, you can legally bet on sports and play casino games and poker tournaments at these operators, too!

Mobile Kentucky Derby Betting

mobile bet iconAs you’re probably used to with sports betting, Kentucky Derby betting can be carried out via your mobile device. However, when you use an offshore racebook like those listed here, you won’t actually be able to find an iPhone Kentucky Derby app or Android Kentucky Derby app that lets you make real-money wagers.

Instead, these sites offer horse betting “web apps.” All you need is any reasonably modern smartphone or tablet, an Internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/LTE/5G), and a free site membership to the book of your choice. With these, you can wager from literally anywhere, whether you’re sitting in Millionaire’s Row at Churchill Downs itself or you’re hosting a Kentucky Derby party at your elegant estate (or in your tiny apartment).

With mobile betting, you’ve basically got your bookie in your pocket or purse, and all you need to complete the ensemble is one of those bold Kentucky Derby hats for women and one of those famous Kentucky Derby drinks. (And for the latter, there’s definitely an app for that!)

Latest Kentucky Derby Odds For 2020

Right now, the official Churchill Downs betting odds haven’t been posted for the Kentucky Derby. Of course, these won’t be finalized or fully known until all bets are in, as horse racing betting is pool-based, or pari-mutuel in nature.

Thus, you will be able to get updated Kentucky Derby odds for the entire week leading up to the race, including morning line odds on the day of the race itself.

At tracks, domestic OTBs, and domestic online betting sites, you won’t know exactly how much you stand to win until all betting is closed, but when you use an offshore racebook, you will have your wagers locked in at the rate advertised when you place your bets.

More concrete Kentucky Derby odds and post positions will be announced in the days leading up to the September 5 meet.

Kentucky Derby Future Odds

Right now, the following Kentucky Derby odds – all futures since the Derby field isn’t formally set just yet – are available at all the leading racebooks operating online and outside of US borders.

If you think you have your Kentucky Derby picks nailed down already, you won’t find better Kentucky Derby payouts than these.

Most bettors are going for Tiz the Law, since he easily won the Belmont and is the only horse in contention for the 2020 Triple Crown. But in a field of 20 horses, there’s always the potential for a spoiler to come along down the backstretch.

2020 Kentucky Derby Odds & Gate Position

Via Bovada

  1. Finnick The Fierce +8000
  2. Max Player +4000
  3. Enforceable +4000
  4. Storm The Court +6600
  5. Major Fed +5000
  6. King Guillermo +2200
  7. Money Moves +5500
  8. South Bend +8000
  9. Mr. Big News +10000
  10. Thousand Words +1800
  11. Necker Island +12500
  12. Sole Volante +3300
  13. Attachment Rate +5500
  14. Winning Impression +12500
  15. Ny Traffic +2500
  16. Honor A. P. +650
  17. Tiz The Law -150
  18. Authentic +1000

Tiz the Law – 2020 Kentucky Derby Favorite

While Tiz the Law, horse racing’s newest sweetheart, could be a legitimate Triple Crown horse given the fact that Triple Crown winners come in bunches and the last Triple Crown winner was Justify in 2018 (after American Pharoah in 2015). However, if Tiz the Law actually pulls it off, he will have an asterisk next to his name. Why?

See, all of the horses that won the Triple Crown have done so by passing the “Test of the Champion.” That is, they’ve each won the Belmont Stakes at 12 furlongs (1.5 miles), with the exception of Sir Barton, the very first Triple Crown winner. In 1919 when Sir Barton ran the Belmont, the Triple Crown race was contested at 1 3/8 miles.

Unfortunately, due to the rescheduling needs of the Triple Crown racing series brought on by the coronavirus shutdown, the Belmont was run first, across a distance of a mere 1 1/8 miles (the shortest of the 2020 Triple Crown races). With all three races favoring sprinters, Tiz the Law – even if he becomes just the 14th horse to win the prestigious series – would likely garner that asterisk.

Of course, to even be in the discussion of Triple Crown greats, Tiz the Law must win the 2020 Kentucky Derby as well as the 2020 Preakness Stakes, so this could be a moot point and is certainly premature. Nevertheless, many online racebooks have Triple Crown props posted, and should Tiz the Law win all three races, you’ll get paid out handsomely, asterisks notwithstanding.

Tiz the Law and jockey

Tiz the Law and Jockey - 2019

The 2020 Road To The Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby predictions are often handicapped by how well a given horse does in the Kentucky Derby qualifiers, known as the Road to the Kentucky Derby.

In 2020, one horse stood out mane and haunches above the rest, and that was current Derby favorite Tiz the Law, winner of the 2020 Belmont Stakes.

As of the final Derby qualifying race, these are the current standings for all eligible Derby horses:

  • Tiz the Law - 372
  • Authentic - 200
  • Art Collector - 150
  • Honor A.P. - 140
  • Ny Traffic - 110
  • King Guillermo - 90
  • Thousand Words - 83
  • Post - 80
  • Max Player - 60
  • Caracaro - 60
  • Pneumatic - 45
  • Enforceable - 43
  • Swiss Skydiver - 40
  • Rushie - 40
  • Major Fed - 38
  • Storm the Court - 36
  • Attachment Rate - 35
  • Sole Volante - 30
  • Finnick the Fierce - 25
  • Winning Impression - 20
  • Jesus' Team - 18
  • Necker Island - 14
  • Kiss Today Goodbye - 10

The Kentucky Derby horses in positions 21, 22, and 23 are alternates in case any of the top 20 horses pull out from the 2020 Kentucky Derby or are otherwise deemed ineligible. There is a good chance at least one horse from the qualifying batch will not be able to participate in the big race.

2020 Kentucky Derby Field

The final field for the Kentucky Derby 2020 iteration has not been formally announced just yet, as that will occur in the week or so before the race is scheduled to be run.

However, you can expect most of the Derby horses listed above to run in the race, at which point bettors will be eagerly awaiting the traditional post position lottery draw.

Post position is important for KY Derby betting, as there is a definite statistical edge to be had with certain gates compared to certain others. The following post position list shows how often horses from each gate become Kentucky Derby champions:

Gate Number Winning Percentages
  • Gate 1: 9.0%
  • Gate 2: 7.9%
  • Gate 3: 5.6%
  • Gate 4: 5.6%
  • Gate 5: 11.2%
  • Gate 6: 2.2%
  • Gate 7: 8.0%
  • Gate 8: 9.1%
  • Gate 9: 4.7%
  • Gate 10: 11.0%
  • Gate 11: 2.6%
  • Gate 12: 4.1%
  • Gate 13: 6.9%
  • Gate 14: 3.1%
  • Gate 15: 8.8%
  • Gate 16: 8.5%
  • Gate 17: 0.0%
  • Gate 18: 6.0%
  • Gate 19: 3.7%
  • Gate 20: 5.9%

The Kentucky Derby: Triple Crown Showdown

Technically, while there is only one Kentucky Derby each year, 2020 will have seen two. Kind of.

On May 2, the Derby had already been rescheduled due to COVID-19, but NBC had the time slot reserved and used it to put on a unique presentation: A virtual horse racing Derby contest!

This simulated horse race pitted all 13 historical Triple Crown winners against one another in the virtual Derby, with random number generation (RNG) software producing a winner among the world’s most famous horses of history.

Of course, to fans of the Sport of Kings, the outcome was hardly shocking. The 2020 virtual Kentucky Derby results were as follows, and you can watch the entirety of this virtual horse race here.

  1. Secretariat (Duh)
  2. Citation
  3. Seattle Slew
  4. Affirmed
  5. American Pharoah
  6. Whirlaway
  7. Count Fleet
  8. Justify
  9. Assault
  10. War Admiral
  11. Omaha
  12. Gallant Fox
  13. Sir Barton
transparent TV

How To Watch The Kentucky Derby

You can watch the 2020 Kentucky Derby live on NBC. Coverage begins at 3:00 PM EST (NBC) on Saturday, September 5, 2020, with the big race itself slated to start at roughly 6:50 PM EST. You can also find Kentucky Derby streaming broadcasts online.

Date: Saturday, September 5, 2020
Time: ~6:50 PM EST
Place: Louisville, Kentucky
Venue: Churchill Downs
Attendance: Yes, with social distancing
Broadcast: NBC
Streaming: NBCSports, NBC Sports App

Kentucky Derby FAQs

Where is the Kentucky Derby?  

The Kentucky Derby is held at the Churchill Down’s racetrack in Louisville, Kentucky. Kentucky is considered the historic home of American Thoroughbred racing and has more horse farms and stables than any other state.

When is the Kentucky Derby this year?  

The 2020 Kentucky Derby was originally scheduled to be run on Saturday, May 2, 2020, but this was pushed back to Saturday, September 5, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Under normal circumstances, the famed horse race is always held on the first Saturday in May.

What time is the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby race day’s undercard starts at around 12:30 PM EST, with the main event taking place shortly before 7:00 PM (usually around 6:50 PM). 

What channel is the Kentucky Derby on?

The Kentucky Derby is scheduled to be broadcast on NBC. 

How long is the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby racetrack is 1 ¼ miles long, or 10 furlongs. This makes it the second longest of the Triple Crown races, between the 9.5-furlong Preakness Stakes and the 12-furlong Belmont Stakes.   

How long does the Kentucky Derby last?

Around two minutes. The race isn’t called “The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports” for nothing! Secretariat has the Kentucky Derby record with a time of 1:59.40, which he set in 1973.

How many horses run in the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby can accommodate up to 20 horses. However, there are often fewer than 20 in the gate on race day due to various issues like illness, injury, disqualification, strategic withdrawal, and so on.

How old are Kentucky Derby horses? 

The Kentucky Derby is contested by three-year-old Thoroughbred horses.

Who is the favorite for the Kentucky Derby 2020?

Tiz the Law, winner of the 2020 Belmont Stakes, is the heavy favorite to win the 2020 Kentucky Derby.

What is the best longshot bet for the Kentucky Derby 2020?

This is a difficult one to pin down, and we won’t know the extent of any longshot’s odds until race day.

Longshots rarely win the Derby, although the Kentucky Derby 2019 winner, Country House, had opening day odds of 30-1 (+3000) and won due to favorite Maximum Security’s disqualification for interference.

In 1913, Donerail set the record for Derby longshots, winning the race with 90-1 (+9000) odds.

Who won the 2019 Kentucky Derby?

Favorite Maximum Security won the 2019 Kentucky Derby but was disqualified after the race for interference down the homestretch. As a result, runner-up Country House was declared the champion.

Which online sportsbooks have the best Kentucky Derby odds?

All of the best online betting sites offer futures odds and race-day odds on the Kentucky Derby, and you can visit these operators by following the links in the table above.  

What is the best way to fund my online Kentucky Derby betting account?

There are a number of ways to deposit into your sports betting account, and each works well for Kentucky Derby wagering. However, we recommend Bitcoin over credit cards, money orders, wire transfers, and the like.

Bitcoin (BTC) and other supported cryptocurrencies offer the only way to make fee-free instant deposits, collect the best horse betting bonuses, and get same-day withdrawals. If you haven’t gotten on the crypto bandwagon yet, Derby horses are pulling it!

Can I get bonuses at offshore Kentucky Derby horse betting sites?

Yes! All of the most reputable overseas betting sites with horse racebooks offer track rebates of between 3% and 9% on most races, but only one book – Bovada – allows you to use their $250 Sports Welcome Bonus on horse racing betting.

Bovada is the number-one sportsbook, racebook, casino, and poker room on the Internet.

Will fans be in the stands for the 2020 Kentucky Derby?  

Yes, there will be fans allowed in attendance at the 2020 Kentucky Derby, but the Churchill Downs grandstand will not be filled remotely to its 170,000-spectator capacity due to strict COVID-19 social distancing requirements.

How much are Kentucky Derby tickets?

For 2020, Kentucky Derby tickets start at about $65, though they can get up into the several thousands of dollars depending on where you wish to sit.

If you plan on attending the Derby in person, remember to factor in the expense of travel, lodging, food, and the fancy clothes you’ve got to wear on race-day. Those hats aren’t cheap, folks!

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