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Betonline Sportsbook Review

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Overall Rating 4.5

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BetOnline Sportsbook Rating

Betonline is one of the largest online sportsbooks in the world and well-deserving of our legal sportsbook reviews. Over the years they have built up a solid reputation as a trustworthy and legitimate operator. BetOnline and their sister site SportsBetting (AG) are both licensed in Panama and can legally accept US players over the web via their offshore location.

In the below review, our expert team combs through all of the functions we deem essential to a successful sportsbook operation and weigh in with our take on how BetOnline stacks up against their competition.

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Betting Options

BetOnline Sportsbook Overview

The BetOnline gambling group has been a privately help company since 2004, although they claim to have been involved in gambling since around 1991. The company is headquartered in Panama City, Panama, where they’re fully licensed and regulated.

Just based purely on the overall traffic they receive, BetOnline is in the top sportsbooks on the planet. They cater to a very large audience and have developed a strong reputation worldwide.

BetOnline has become one of the largest three books on the web because not only do they continuously add new members, but they've hung on to their existing clientele as well.

How has BetOnline managed to do this? We cover each aspect of their sportsbook in detail below.

Our staff is made up of sports betting enthusiasts that seek out the top online sportsbooks in existence. Why? Because we’ve got skin in the game, and place bets on sports, politics, and entertainment ourselves.

We offer BetOnline as a top online sportsbook because we are customers, and always check their betting lines before deciding where to ultimately place our wagers.

We don’t bet with them every time, and we don’t advise that others do either. What we do suggest is that BetOnline is one of the sites that all serious online sports bettors should belong to.

We’ve collectively been betting on sports for decades, and when we say that BetOnline is one of the best, we say that because we would not hesitate to place a bet on sports with them ourselves – in fact, we demand it.

  • Industry Longevity & Growing Membership
  • One Of The Top 3 Offshore Sportsbook Sites In Nearly Every Category
  • Exclusive Entertainment Betting Odds
  • Allows For Members To Join At 18 Years Of Age
  • Easy To Use Web Design

BetOnline Sports Betting Options

As we mentioned above, you can find point spreads, over-under lines and moneylines with all the popular sports on the site. But then you can get into prop betting and live betting, where you’ll be betting in real-time along with the action as it plays out. And using baseball as a quick example: You won’t just have a few choice games from which to choose if you want to bet live.

You’ll actually get the same sort of live options for every game that’s being played. You can also click on the live betting feature and check out the live events that are coming up. For instance, you can see when the football events are coming up, or other sports. So you can schedule your live bets and get in there and really leverage your action minute by minute.

When it comes to the types of sports on which you can bet, you have baseball, basketball, boxing, celebrity boxing, football, hockey, soccer, tennis, auto racing, boxing, cricket, horse racing, darts, golf, martial arts, rugby, lacrosse, Olympic action, snooker, softball, and all sorts of futures and props. We’re impartial here and aren’t out to toot anyone’s horn, but BetOnline certainly provides a wide range of betting options and types.

BetOnline’s User Interface

BetOnline recently performed a complete facelift to their website, but have still kept their old format available to members who prefer that look. We prefer the old look as well, and hope that BetOnline continues to allow both versions.

We’ve just become accustomed to layout of the older UI, but new members will likely adhere easily to the new format. Both versions feature the same easy to navigate betting odds located along a pane on the left side of the page.

Some online sportsbooks will often shift their categories around, or worse, remove them altogether when the sports is out of season.

BetOnline keeps their hierarchy intact so that patrons can quickly find the betting odds that they are interested in with minimal searching. It may not sound like much, but it only takes one occurrence of having to hunt for betting lines to realize the importance of this feature.

Leaving these categories year-round also gives confidence to bettors that they will indeed feature those categories again in the future.

Banking Options

When first examining this site, we didn’t see a ton of banking options from the homepage, but that’s why we dig in, bet with the site, and explore it all. After checking it all out, what we found were all sorts of banking options, so there’s no real reason that you couldn’t deposit or withdrawal here.

There’s a system for everyone. For starters, you get the classic credit card features via MasterCard and Visa. Though you’ll also get options like Person to Person, Money Orders, Ria deposits, Skrill, Neteller, Book to Book, a bank wire or check, Discover Card, and our personal favorite, the cream of the crop, Bitcoin. BetOnline accepts more crypto than anyone else.

As a Bitcoin site, you can deposit and withdraw with BetOnline for free and instantly every single time you want to handle the banking. Simply click on the Bitcoin deposit option and follow the easy instructions. In addition to Bitcoin, BetOnline also accepts other popular forms of cryptocurrency including Stellar, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple. BetOnline accepts more various forms of crypto than most of the reputable online sportsbooks.

For banking options, BetOnline demands a 10/10. They simply have every sort of popular option that an American gambler could want. To see how BetOnline's banking options stack up to other legal sportsbooks see our sportsbook banking comparison guide.

Betting Limits At BetOnline

Some online sportsbooks draw a line in the sand and cap all bets at that number. BetOnline does indeed feature betting limits, but it varies from sport to sport depending on popularity.

For instance, eSports betting features a maximum wager of $100, while some aspects of wagering on NFL games allow for bets of up to $20,000.

These maximum betting limits at BetOnline can be exceeded by calling customer service and discussing the wager that you intend to make with them.

Can USA Residents Legally Play At BetOnline?

Yes, a player who chooses to play with an offshore is essentially betting on sports legally because the offshore sites aren’t required to adhere to US law.  The gambling laws on the books actually speak more to operating a site as a business on US soil.  But they do not actually make the act of placing a wager illegal at all with the exception of 1 or 2 states.

Restricted States And Countries

The only restricted state is New Jersey, in addition to NJ BetOnline will not accept registrations from the following areas: Australia, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, France, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Malta, New Jersey, North Korea, Panama, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, and Yemen.

Bonuses and Promotions

Offshore books typically offer sports betting bonuses that match a portion of member's deposit amounts. BetOnline's featured promo offer is a 50% bonus up to $1,000, and the rollover requirements are only 15X which is lower than many other sportsbook sites.

In addition, there is a 25% bonus for life promotion, their $25 Live Betting Free Play promotion, as well as the $50 Mobile Betting Free Play. Check out the rules and regulations at the site, as these promotions are subject to change. Though for the sportsbook, you’ll also get a 7% track rebate on horse racing, a $25 risk-free bet, and more.

BetOnline's bonus options are competitive with other major brands and are certainly worth considering any time an online sportsbook deposit is being made.

Layout and Ease of Use

Having seen hundreds of different sportsbooks, we can say in all confidence that BetOnline is one of the easiest to use, especially if you’re a novice to this world. As soon as you load up the homepage, you have lines and sports staring you directly in the face. For instance, during football season, what we saw when clicking on the site were Friday’s football lines, featuring a moneyline, an over-under line, and even a point spread.

Having three separate betting lines on football alone is a great sign, but what’s even better is that the site is so easy to navigate. You see the main action of the day directly in the center of the site, but directly to the left are all the sports and lines that BetOnline is offering up. All you need to do is click on the tab and expand the offerings. The same holds true for whatever sport is in season.

You can also see the cashier tab right from the homepage so you can easily get your money into the site and check on your balance without having to chase down a few different pages. What you’ll also see over to the right is a bet slip, which will tell you how much money you have available and on which events and lines you have placed your money.

For gamblers in the know who love to leverage and parlay their bets, this sort of accessible slip is a great feature to have so that you’re always a step ahead in your betting. Overall, we’d give the layout and user interface a solid 9/10. The color scheme leaves something to be desired, but that’s getting into quibbling. There’s certainly nothing wrong with the actual features and interface of how the site’s laid out.

BetOnline Mobile betting

Player Props Tool

In January 2018, BetOnline unveiled their new prop builder tool which allows users to customize their own wagers on player performance as opposed to simply betting on odds or line given by a sportsbook. It’s as simple as picking one or multiple players, select how you think they will perform, and BetOnline will give you the odds of what you selected in real-time.

The more likely something is to happen, the less the payout will be, and the less likely something is to happen, the better the payout will be and it’s all displayed instantly. Overall, BetOnline Player Props is a good tool for anyone wanting more freedom and more options when betting on player performance.

BetOnline Summary

Overall, we’re tagging BetOnline with a 4.6/5. There are many reasons for this, and it all really starts as soon as you log onto the site. The layout and interface is incredibly user-friendly, and even a novice gambler can figure out how to operate things in only a few seconds. It’s a very intuitive set-up that makes it very easy to gamble.

There’s also a whole lot of sports on which you can bet, and all sorts of lines from which you can choose; and if you want to get to the prop bets or the live betting section, there are all sorts of options to keep you busy. So no matter what sort of sport you like or what sort of style, you’re going to find something that you’ll appreciate.

The same holds true with banking options. Bitcoin is the king in this day and age, but you can find a ton of different payment and withdrawal options, so no matter where you’re at in the US, you’ll be able to get your money in and out without charge and in an instant.

The only real negative we encountered when vetting BetOnline was that they occasionally charge a fee on certain deposit options like credit cards. I’m not crazy about paying extra just to deposit funds that I will likely lose, but other than that they are rock solid and are easily one of the best sites around to both US and international players alike.