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Weird Betting Odds At Legal Sportsbook Sites

Weird face emojiThe realm of online sports gambling is ever expanding, so much so that weird betting odds at legal sportsbook sites often fall outside the spectrum of ready-made categories and sections.

That’s why we’ve compiled the following guide to cull together some of the most oddball betting lines on the boards from when and where UFOs will attack to whether a celebrity will face criminal charges.

Because these entertainment prop bets are not commonly offered domestically, we provide the best offshore sportsbook sites in business today that are offering weird betting lines. These premium sportsbook sites have passed our rigorous standards and represent the ultimate option for wagering online.

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    The Best Online Sportsbooks For 2024

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    Is It Legal To Place Weird Bets?

    Yes. A majority of weird betting lines will fall under the spectrum of entertainment betting, and we’ve yet to hear of any domestic sportsbook across the US states that offer those types of odds.

    The best legal option for betting on current events that include weird betting odds is with an online sportsbook site like the ones featured in the table above. They are able to legally accept bets over the net because current federal gambling laws do not outlaw them.

    Weird Things To Bet On

    McDonald's betting odds

    McDonald's Betting Odds

    Yes, McDonald's betting odds now exist and bettors can lay down a few bucks on more than just a Big Mac and golden fries. Below you will find the current betting odds for McDonald's new menu items.

    Alien Odds

    Alien Attack Betting Odds

    When strange blips began appearing on US Navy radar screens in the summer of 2021, UFO fanatics and oddsmakers took notice. The odds on alien life are a near certainty when considering the enormity of an endless universe, and the following prop bets allow for cash profits to be made by wagering on the prospect of them visiting Earth.

    Crime & Prison Bets

    The misfortune of a fallen celebrity is often pasted across the front page of newspapers around the globe, and when anything receives that level of attention, online sportsbooks take notice.

    This type of betting line will almost always involve two or more outcomes with moneyline odds placed on whether said celebrity will face criminal charges, be sent to prison, and more.

    Coronavirus Bets

    One of the more touchy subjects you can bet real money on at top online sportsbooks is the coronavirus.

    While we saw indirect COVID odds in 2020 during the leadup to the Presidential election (typically about whether or not the virus would alter primary election dates), it's taken until nearly 2022 for the first major book to post proper COVID lines.

    Right now, MyBookie Sportsbook is taking wagers on what the new CDC "Variant of Concern" will be called, but you can expect a host of other coronavirus odds to follow at MyBookie and its competitors going forward.

    Weird Sports To Bet On

    Table tennis odds

    Table Tennis Betting

    Table tennis betting is actually fairly popular internationally, but not so much in the USA. If you are wondering how to bet on table tennis, most match lines only involve the moneyline odds so online gamblers can simply select the player they think will win and lay some action on it.

    There is the potential for set spreads and an over/under to be included in table tennis betting lines, but as of this writing, our major online sportsbook brands only include moneyline odds for winners and futures odds.

    Legal Darts Betting

    In darts, a leg is akin to a set in tennis. Just like in tennis betting, darts odds offer set spreads, a moneyline for the eventual winner of the match, and a total for how many sets the match will last.

    Just like in other sports, there are futures odds for the winner of the entire tournament, once again with moneyline odds next to each thrower’s name.

    The below darts betting line is an example of what an online sports gambler would find at a top sportsbook site.

    Joshua Richardson vs. Gary Stone

    • Spread: Richardson +1.5, Stone -1.5
    • Moneyline: Richardson +125, Stone -165
    • Over/Under: 5.5

    Betting On Snooker

    Snooker is played on a billiards table and is similar in appearance to pool but instead features fifteen red and six colored balls that must be knocked into a pocket in a particular order by a cue ball.

    Those that are wondering how to bet on snooker can access betting lines at our suggested sportsbooks sites for game lines and futures like the futures odds below.

    Bet On Lacrosse

    Lacrosse certainly fits the definition of a weird sport, as it appears to be a loose combination of field hockey, jai alai, and rugby. Pro and NCAA Lacrosse betting lines are routinely posted at sportsbooks for pro and college games.

    For those that would like to bet on lacrosse, game lines (point spread odds, moneyline odds, over/under totals) and futures are available for wagering now at offshore sportsbook sites.

    How To Bet On Handball

    Handball betting sites are awaiting your online wagers now, and feature lines for matches and prop bets that allow for action on the eventual champion of the tournament, including odds for betting on the Olympics during the Summer Games.

    Weird Super Bowl Bets

    Tom Brady rings

    The weirdest of all NFL bet types are certainly contained within Super Bowl props. Because the big game receives such high volumes of viewership, there are more occurrences to wager on than on any other single sporting event.

    Weird Vegas Super Bowl prop bets include the following:

    Other Weird Bets To Make

    Lottery Sports Betting

    Believe it or not, placing a bet on lottery numbers actually has a much better chance of winning than the odds of winning the lottery.  Improve your lottery odds by laying some action on a line like the one below at one of our recommended online sports betting sites.

    New York Lottery - Jul 14 Draw: First Number Odd/Even

    • Odd -112
    • Even -108