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Legal Betting On Political Indictment Odds

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Now that the Bad Orange Man is out of office, legal political betting has a new pet market: indictment betting. After all, Joe Biden isn’t likely to be forced out of office after his installation, so most impeachment odds will be unfavorable unless he blunders bigly between now and 2024. Of course, that’s precisely why political indictment and celebrity indictment betting has been thrust into the limelight, and frankly, these lines are a lot more fun.

While you can find Vegas odds on indictment advertised all over Sin City (how apt!), you can’t actually participate in legal betting on political indictment odds in the state of Nevada (or in any other state with domestic sports betting). Fortunately, whether you’re looking for Trump indictment odds or Hillary indictment odds, you can find those – and a whole lot more – at the best international betting sites accepting action from US players. And if that’s not an indictment on the modern state of things, nothing is!

Is It Legal To Bet On Indictments?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to bet on indictments of politicians, celebrities, and other prominent figures, but you can only place such wagers at reputable online sportsbooks like those listed here. While upwards of 30 states now offer legal sports betting, political betting, entertainment betting, and current events betting are not supported.

But forget retail – the big house is for criminals! If you want to bet on Vegas indictment odds, you can do that online legally and safely at the best international betting sites. Only one state – Washington – bars all online gambling, but the top sportsbooks accept members from WA, and we’ve never heard of anyone being indicted for wagering over the Internet. Still, WA residents are advised to follow all local gambling laws and proceed only at their own risk.

Best Betting Sites With Indictment Odds

If you’re looking for Vegas odds, indictment betting is the new hotness. But you can’t actually bet on political indictment in Vegas (or anywhere else in the US) via domestic sportsbooks. Instead, you’ll have to sign up with one of the following trusted sports betting operators and place your indictment bets online:

Site NameCurrent BonusAgeU.S.Visit Site
Top Rated #1 IconBovada Sportsbook50% Max $1,00018+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
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Betting On Biden Indictment Odds

While a Biden indictment may have seemed inconceivable upon his ascension to the Oval Office, following the upheaval in Afghanistan and Ukraine invasion by Russia, odds for Cool Joe facing criminal charges for treason have picked up steam.

The Republican Party is thirsty for blood and Biden now seems ripe for the picking, and they're prepared to pursue his removal from office by any means necessary - including indictment for treason.

While the odds for a Joe Biden Indictment are currently unfavorable and are offering high payouts via positive moneylines, that can change overnight so bettors may want to take advantage sooner than later if they sense legal troubles are brewing for the President.

Indictment odds for Joe Biden 2021

Betting On Trump Indictment Odds

Naturally, even though he’s no longer President (allegedly), the biggest draw for political prop betting remains Donald J. Trump. But since Trump impeachment is off the table after two failed attempts by House Democrats, Trump indictment odds are the new hotness.

Now that Trump has been officially charged with a crime, and all the top sportsbooks are offering lines on the odds Trump will be indicted for other ongoing investigations. Below are the current Trump odds for Indictment.

Donald Trump indictment odds

Betting On Trump's Stormy Daniels Hush Money Coverup

Stormy DanielsIn 2016, an alleged payment was made by Donald Trump's campaign to adult film actress Stormy Daniels in exchange for her silence in regard to an affair she had with the former President. Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, has flipped on Donald and is now arming his opposition with vital information regarding his supposed criminal activities.

The odds are split on whether or not Trump will be found guilty on the misappropriation of campaign funds, but the proceedings have given other investigators more confidence in charging him with additional crimes. It should also be noted that Trump won a prior defamation case that was brought against him by Daniels, resulting in her being ordered to repay hundreds of thousands in his legal fees.

Donald Trump entered a plea of not guilty to 34 felony charges related to the Stormy Daniels payment.

Betting On January 6 Hearing Results

On January 6, 2021, the White House was stormed by a group that had intentions to disrupt the Presidential electoral process. Now, the House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack is conducting hearings to investigate whether anyone is to blame, namely, President Trump and his cabinet.

While there have been no odds posted online directly related to the ongoing January 6th hearings, the proceedings have caused a significant shift in the lines for betting on the next President of the United States.

Before the January 6 hearings began, Donald Trump held a commanding lead in both the odds to win the GOP's nomination, and also to become the next President in 2024.

Although Trump is still in the lead in both categories, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has closed the gap considerably, with some political sportsbooks placing him within 30 points in the moneyline Presidential odds for 2024. If Trump is indicted or found responsible in any way, DeSantis could become the favorite to become the 47th POTUS.

FBI Raid At Trump's Mar-a-Lago Estate

On the evening of August 8, 2022, the FBI executed a search warrant and raided former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago Estate in Palm Beach, Florida. The intent was to re-capture classified documents that authorities believed are located on the property, but there is also the sense that the Bureau is after further evidence regarding the ongoing January 6th Hearings.

While an FBI raid is almost always a sign of a pending indictment, the odds for Trump to receive one before the end of 2022 suggest that he will avoid any criminal charges.

However, if you believe that a Trump indictment is certain, his odds for "yes" are currently positive, meaning you can earn more money than needs to be risked on the outcome.

Political Indictment Odds

While Trump is the obvious catalyst for this new, salacious betting odds category, he’s not the only politician – or popular personage – to be caught up in the indictment hype. Of course, most of the indictment odds you’ll come across are going to be political indictment odds as a matter of course. After all, politicians tend to be the biggest criminals of all.

Also, for better or worse, politicians today are the most prominent “celebrities” in the world. America – and perhaps every other nation – has an unhealthy preoccupation with modern politics. The logical conclusion of this relationship is that whatever pol isn’t lionized and deified is vilified, with their successors seemingly always out for blood. Great for bettors, but not so great for everyone else.

Sure, this phenomenon could go away when Trump and his brand of GOP politics fades away, but neither contingency is likely to happen. Therefore, you can expect to see political indictments taking up space on the election odds boards for some time. The only question is, are these prop bets or propaganda bets? That probably depends on which side of the aisle you’re on.

Celebrity Indictment Odds

While most indictments are popularly viewed as charges against politicians (which is why it’s a fun exercise to look up criminal indictments by administration, as there are always several every cycle), many indictment odds are now being posted for celebrities.

At all the best online legal betting sites, you can see that the indictment list on their odds boards is full of famous or well-known non-politicians. Some sites may even include these celeb indictments in their entertainment betting sections.

This serves three purposes: One, it makes the lines themselves more interesting and gives the books a chance to hedge their own offerings for a bigger house take. Two, it gives bettors a chance to make more money on any single pick, as indictment odds payout better when there are more parties in the pool. Finally, it allows those who don’t follow politics the opportunity to bet on the intrigue surrounding non-pols about whom they’re likely more interested (and vice versa).

What Is An Indictment?

So, what does “indicted” mean? The basic indictment definition is “a formal charge or accusation of a serious crime.” Per the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution, a person can only be charged with a major federal crime (i.e. a capital crime) through a grand jury indictment.

In essence, an indictment means that a suspect is facing a serious criminal investigation, and enough evidence has been collected to bring those charges to trial.

In the world of politics, indictments are commonplace, as public servants holding office (or holding prior office) typically face enhancements to normal criminal charges, given their prominent leadership positions.

When this happens – or has the potential to happen – many online sportsbooks will post indictment odds allowing bettors to put money on whether or not a certain politician, political candidate, or celebrity will be charged with a serious offense.

Political indictment odds

Who Can Be Indicted?

Anyone can be indicted – even you! But in the true spirit of indictments today, these only happen if the crime in question is serious enough. If so, it transcends the normal prosecution and jury selection process and becomes a grand jury indictment.

But because of that high threshold, most people to be indicted are either powerful politicians or celebrities accused of significant misdeeds or private individuals accused of truly heinous acts.

That said, when it comes to indictable persons that actually generate action at online sportsbooks, these are typically limited only to the most famous, public-facing people.

Naturally, it’s common to see Trump indictment odds as well as betting lines on Trump associates indictments and Trump administration indictments (i.e. Steve Bannon indictment, Rudy Giuliani indictment, Jared Kushner indictment, etc.). But you’ll also find Hillary Clinton indictment odds, Hunter Biden indictment odds, betting lines on James Comey indictment, Loretta Lynch indictment odds, and more.

While Republicans are obviously the primary focus right now, nobody is immune. And as the political discourse in America (and around the world) continues to devolve, political indictment odds can only get more and more prevalent at the best online betting sites.

How Does Indictment Work?

Now that you understand the basic indictment meaning, it’s important to understand how indictments work. Typically, when someone is facing criminal indictment, a grand jury will be convened. This can happen at the state or federal level, and cases can originate in many agencies. You’ll often come across DOJ indictments, FISA indictments, and so on.

Regardless of the agencies investigating the purported crimes in question, though, federal indictments always go through the Department of Justice in the end, just as state indictments always go through the state DA’s office.

Sometimes this process is publicized, but other times – if the case is particularly sensitive or part of an ongoing investigation – it can happen behind closed doors without the knowledge of the suspect.

This is called a “secret indictment,” and the potentiality of such cases are why you often see politicians and celebrities on indictment betting boards when they haven’t been publicly accused of committing any crimes. If you see Elon Musk indictment odds or Jeff Bezos indictment odds, that’s why.

Along with how indictments work, there are some other indictment terms, types, and scenarios to be aware of. The likelihoods of each will play a part in whether or not you should wager on a given indictment betting line.

  • Pending Indictments – The suspect or defendant has not yet been served, charged, or arrested.
  • Sealed Indictments – The court has not made the indictment public.
  • Unsealed Indictments – The documents in a case are unsealed and available for public consumption.
  • State Indictments – Indictments by grand juries at the state level for non-federal crimes.
  • Federal Indictments – Indictments by grand juries at the federal level for federal crimes.
  • True Bill of Indictment – Once a grand jury decides it has heard enough evidence to warrant official charges and a criminal trial, the defendant is formally indicted via the “true bill.”
  • Direct Indictment – The case goes directly to trial, bypassing any typical preliminary hearings.

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