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Guide to Australian Rules Football Betting

Australian Football League
  • AFL Odds Available At Offshore Sportsbooks
  • Rules, Leagues, and Important Dates
  • Bet Types Explained

Australian Rules Football, although a direct derivative of British Rugby, possesses the oldest major football code in the world, dating back to 1858. It is the most popular spectator sport on the continent, and naturally, Australian Rules Football betting odds receive ample amounts of action at legal sports betting sites.

This page is dedicated to informing those that are interested in learning more about Australian Rules betting odds and the top online sportsbooks that accept members from the United States. No guide would be complete without explaining the rules of the game, and we top that off with a list of the top offshore Australian Rules Football sportsbook sites in existence. You can learn more about these brands from our detailed reviews of the top legal online sportsbooks.

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    Best Online Sportsbooks Offering Australian Rules Football Odds

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    Is It Legal To Bet On Aussie Rules Football?

    Yes. Betting on Australian Rules Football odds can be done via domestic sportsbooks or online using international sports betting sites.

    Domestic – Following the repeal of PASPA, US states were able to determine their own fate when deciding whether or not they wanted to allow for legal sports betting. Many have opted in, and if you are in that region and are of the legal minimum age, you can wager on Aussie Rules Football, NFL Football betting, and other major pro and college sports around the globe.

    Overseas – Online Aussie Rules Football betting in the United States is dominated by offshore sportsbook sites like the ones we recommend in the table below. These legal sports betting sites are able to accept action on worldwide pro and college sports like ARF over the web because there are no laws in place to stop them.

    What Is Australian Rules Football?

    Aussie Rules Football, also known as “Footy,” was developed in 19th century Australia as an adaptation of Rugby. The game combines elements of Rugby, American Football, Soccer, and Basketball, and is one of the top-5 most popular sports on the planet according to attendance and viewership.

    Here is a breakdown of the basic rules and regulations of Australian Rules Football.

    • There are 18 players on the field for each team
    • 4 bench players
    • The game is played on a large oval field similar to Cricket
    • Balls kicked between the middle goalposts are worth 6 points
    • Balls kicked between a middle and side post, or balls that hit a post, are worth 1 point. These are referred to as a “behind”
    • Play begins with a “center bounce,” where the ball is bounced in the center of the field and each team wrestles for possession
    • The ball can be advanced by running, using your fist to hit the ball forward (“hand ball”), or kicking the ball
    • When a teammate receives a downfield kick (called a “mark”), they can legally use an opponent’s body to launch off of. If they successfully receive the mark, they can keep moving or opt for a free-kick from that spot
    • The ball must be bounced at least once every 16 yards while advancing
    • Tackles must be made between the shoulders and the knees of the opponent
    • Games contain 4, 20-minute quarters, with a 10-minute overtime if needed
    • The regular season consists of 22 games
    • Top 8 teams make the Australian Rules Football Finals (Playoffs)
    • The Finals culminate with the Grand Final – Played at Melbourne Cricket Ground

    How To Legally Bet On Aussie Rules Odds

    Australian Football lines are similar to when legally betting on Rugby in that they include a point spread and money line odds for winners, but there is usually no option for an over/under. While Aussie Rules lines may seem sparse, they are more robust than the betting odds for Cricket, but the latter offers prop bets for nearly every contest, unlike ALF odds.

    Here is a typical Australian Rules Football game line to serve as an example.

    Greater Western Sydney @ Melbourne

    • Point Spread: GWS +8.5, Melbourne -8.5
    • Money Line: GWS +125, Melbourne -170

    The point spread suggests the margin by which a team will win or lose. In the example above, Melbourne is favored by 8.5 in the point spread, meaning that they must win by 9 or more if bets made on them are to cover.

    Wagers placed on Greater Western Sydney’s point spread of +8.5 will require them to lose by 8 or less in order to cover.

    Some fans prefer to make simple bets on the winning team, and money-line odds provide that opportunity. A $100 bet on GWS’s +125 money line will earn $125 if they win, but a wager of $170 is required to earn $100 on Melbourne’s -170 odds.

    If you are a bettor with an eye toward the bigger picture, futures odds may be more to your liking. There are futures for the eventual AFL Champion which places money line odds next to each team’s name. These futures odds are offered year-round and can pay out big, but can take up to 12 months to cash in depending on when you place your bet.

    While prop bets on individual Footy games are few and far between, there are several proposition futures odds taking action on the following topics:

    • Brownlow Medal Winner
    • Coleman Medal Winner
    • Top Team Of The Regular Season
    • Top 8 Finish
    • Top 4 Finish
    • Team With Most Regular Season Losses
    • Top Victorian Club
    • Top Non-Victorian Club

    While many aspects of ARF are similar to international football, the scoring format is not as susceptible to ties and doesn’t offer odds on it like betting on Soccer does.

    Austral Rules Football Teams

    The Australian Football League is the highest level of Aussie Rules Football, and consists of the following 19 teams:

    Aussie Rules Leagues

    There are several state football leagues that compete at a sub-AFL level, including women’s divisions. These leagues are made up of the following organizations:

    SANFL Football

    South Australian National Football League

    WAFL Football

    West Australian Football League

    TSL Football

    Tasmanian State League

    NTFL Football

    Northern Territory Football League

    NEB Football

    North East Australian Football League

    Victorian Football League

    Victorian Football League (Women)

    Australian Rules Football vs. Rugby

    Although Footy was originally based off of British Rugby, the games feature many differences that distinguish them from each other. Below is a brief summary of the major differences between Aussie Rules and Rugby.

    Aussie Rules Football Rugby
    Variable-Sized Oval Field Standard-Sized Rectangular Field
    Scoring By Kicking Only Scoring Via Kick, Try, Or Conversion
    No Passing – Only Kicking And Hand Balls Passing Allowed
    18 Players 15 Players
    Four 20 Minute Quarters Two 40 Minute Halves

    Legal Aussie Rules Football Betting FAQs

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