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Legally Betting On Supreme Court Odds

Betting on the Supreme Court
  • Justice Kentaji Brown Jackson Was Confirmed On 4/7/22 By A 53-47 Vote
  • Bet On Supreme Court Odds For Next Justice
  • 6 Conservative And 3 Liberal SCOTUS Justices As Of May 2024

While the judiciary is often the least-represented branch of the US government in the mainstream news media, it’s usually covered pretty well at the best legal online political sportsbooks. And no aspect is covered more frequently than legal Supreme Court betting. America’s highest court is seemingly always in the news, and that means that there are usually always at least a few SCOTUS betting lines to sort through.

The most intriguing wagers come up when there’s a vacancy. Of course, that’s far from the only thing to bet on, as Supreme Court cases, decisions, and other intriguing elements like court-packing and recusal and more – are often on the menu.

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    Is It Legal To Bet On The Supreme Court?

    Yes! You can legally bet on the Supreme Court, but only at political betting sites operating outside of US borders. US-based sportsbooks will not offer political prop bets of any kind, making offshore betting sites the only game in town.

    Luckily, even though the SCOTUS ruling of 2018 overturned the PASPA law and allowed domestic betting options, it didn’t address international sportsbook operations headquartered in other countries. Provided you’re at least 18 years old, there are no US sports betting laws to prevent you from safely and legally joining any site listed here.

    Examples Of SCOTUS Betting Odds

    When it comes to online political gambling, Supreme Court odds won’t always be available. That’s because, most of the time, there’s just nothing all that interesting to wager on. Most of the rulings today are mundane and procedural.

    It’s comparatively rare that truly notable or odd cases rise to the highest court in the land, but online election betting sites can offer compelling lines in those cases.

    Similarly, Justice retirements and replacements are fairly rare. That said, during Donald Trump’s presidency, we saw three separate batches of SCOTUS odds followed by three successful appointments.

    Now, during Biden’s first term, another new Supreme Court nomination is being considered in the wake of Justice Stephen Breyer’s impending retirement. That would make four new Justices in about five years!

    Current Supreme Court Justices

    How To Bet On Odds For Supreme Court Justices

    Each upcoming Supreme Court Justice opening that comes up will produce odds for the next SCOTUS Judge to be nominated and/or confirmed. These SCOTUS odds will be presented as entertainment prop bets and will include either a yes and no outcome or a list of possible results with moneylines next to each. Here is an example:

    Next Supreme Court Justice To Retire

    • Clarence Thomas +200
    • John G. Roberts, Jr. +450
    • Any Other Justice +850

    The most favored option above is Clarence Thomas with a +200 moneyline. That means a one-dollar wager will net a $2 gain if he retires first. For more detailed information on how moneylines work, take in our guide on how to read betting odds.

    Where To Bet On Supreme Court Justices Legally

    Because entertainment and political betting odds are not available domestically, the best option for wagering on US Supreme Court odds is with any of the top offshore sportsbooks listed and linked to on this page. Before any SCOTUS bets can be made, an account must be created first. Use these steps to complete the process:

    1. Browse through each of the online SCOTUS betting sites we recommend to find the book that gears itself most to your needs. Ultimately, it pays to join up with more than one sports betting site because members can shop the odds for the best payouts possible. That can't happen when you limit your options to one sportsbook site.
    2. Locate the join or sign-up button atop most pages at the offshore political betting site, click it, enter the account profile data and create a sportsbook login.
    3. Make the first sportsbook deposit and consider using cryptocurrency over USD for its security superiority with faster approval processes and resulting transaction speeds.
    4. Locate the political tab within the sportsbook section of the betting site and wager on the odds for the next Supreme Court Justice to be confirmed, retire, die, and more!

    Betting On Supreme Court Justices

    The most common kind of Supreme Court bet is wagering on the next Judge to be confirmed by the US Senate. Such bets have two main flavors: nominations and retirements. And more often than not, the latter precedes the former, so you’ll find plenty of legal online SCOTUS betting opportunities for both.

    But while these kinds of political odds are related, they’re also separate and distinct. As such, in the following two sections, we break SCOTUS Justice odds down into their requisite betting categories.

    Supreme Court Nominee Odds

    Over the last few years, the most common kind of Supreme Court betting lines have been SCOUTS nominee odds. That’s usually not the case, as there are only nine Justices at any given time, and they serve lifetime terms. Typically, only advanced ages or untimely passings cause new appointments.

    Of course, whenever there’s a vacancy – or impending vacancy – on the bench, the odds on the next Supreme Court Justice generally get top billing among all the other political props and political futures bets on the boards.

    Supreme Court Retirement Odds

    SCOTUS retirement odds go hand in hand with the above, and we saw plenty of these in the mid-2010s when late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was frequently sidelined by several different serious health issues.

    Whenever a Supreme Court member gets too old or infirm – even when such is simply rumored to be the case – the talking heads in the MSM bleat endlessly about retirement, replacement, etc. As such, it makes sense that online politics betting sites would cater to that curiosity with all kinds of different SCOUTS betting lines.

    Betting On Supreme Court Cases

    Usually, Supreme Court cases are pretty darn boring. However, every year or so, there’s at least one case that piques the public’s interest. For such cases, then, you can always expect a significant amount of attention to be paid to the daily news by both interested private parties and the best online election sportsbooks.

    For example, in 2018, you could – with no small irony – legally bet online as to whether or not the PASPA sports gambling case would be resolved by a certain date and have favorable or unfavorable ramifications for the sports betting industry.

    Similarly, any time Supreme Court abortion cases, Obamacare cases, and other landmark challenges (or derivatives thereof) come up on the docket, you can expect a host of SCOTUS odds to be posted.

    Betting On Supreme Court Decisions

    More than anything else, the SCOTUS is known for setting the legal standard by which American law is interpreted and enforced. Thus, whenever major laws are contested, there’s always keen interest on all sides to see just what the outcome holds.

    Rulings of interest – for American residents, sportsbooks, and sports bettors alike – include potential COVID decisions, any challenges to the Roe vs. Wade decision, etc. Not every decision will have associated betting odds, but the most famous cases always will.

    As a bettor, you can get an edge gambling on SCOTUS odds by paying close attention to the latest decisions as well as ongoing oral arguments.

    (The latter is especially true whenever litigants are asked questions from the bench. A Justice’s line of inquiry will often be a “tell” about how they’re likely to rule.)

    Supreme Court Betting Lines

    Some Supreme Court odds have nothing to do with the jurists or their decisions. Instead, these are more akin to current events odds in that they’re lines about related issues but aren’t predicated on actual court actions or court decisions themselves.

    The best example in recent memory has to do with all the talk of “packing” that came up during the 2020 Presidential election and in the first few months of the Biden administration.

    Indeed, any time the US legislature threatens to change the Supreme Court rules, you can expect to see all kinds of direct, indirect, and tangentially related betting lines to surface.

    Betting Apps

    There is no longer any need to rely on laptops and PCs for betting on Supreme Court odds. A majority of online wagering occurs on smartphones and tablets these days, so why not take advantage of what mobile sportsbooks can deliver in the realm of political betting.

    Using any current mobile web-ready device, click on any political sportsbook link on this page and gain immediate access to the latest SCOTUS betting odds without downloading any software.

    Users will also be given access to betting on all major pro and college sports, plus a full casino and real money poker room.


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