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Nevada Sports Betting – Bet On Sports Legally In NV

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  • Online Sports Betting Available In NV Via Offshore Sportsbooks
  • Domestic Sportsbooks Are Available At Nevada Casinos
  • Mobile And Online Sports Betting Are Legal In Nevada

Nevada has offered legal sports wagering since 1949 and until recently, held a monopoly on the US sports betting market, recently expanding its offerings to include mobile and online sports betting options.

Though they have been the sports gambling hot spot for all these years, they are having to get used to the idea of competition.

Nevada has worked hard to stay on top in the gambling arena, being one of the early states to legalize state-regulated online poker gambling. Having already entered the online gambling market, it was not surprising to see the state embrace online sports betting as well.

The state's residents also have the option of betting on sports from any of the reputable online sportsbooks that are operating legally outside of the United States, such as the ones listed on this page.

Is Sports Betting Legal In Nevada?

Yes.  Nevada allows multiple forms of sports betting, including brick and mortar sportsbooks, online sports betting and mobile sports betting apps. The Nevada Gaming Control Board has the sole authority to regulate domestic sports wagering activities.

Offshore sportsbooks are also legally available to residents since no state or Federal gambling law directly prohibits their use. Nevada is one of the multiple states that allow online sports betting.

Nevada Sports Betting Laws

In 1931, multiple forms of gambling were legalized in Nevada, but it wasn't until 1949 that the state legalized sports betting.  Until then, illegal bookies associated with organized crime handled the majority of sports betting action.

Due to their already thriving sports betting industry, Nevada was exempted from PASPA's restrictions and was virtually handed a monopoly on US sports gambling. The repeal of PASPA has allowed Nevada to venture into online and mobile sports betting, seeing them partner with industry giants such as DraftKings.

Nevada Sports Betting Bills

Nevada does not currently have any pending sports betting legislation. Having had domestic legal sports betting for some time, they did not require a complete legal overhaul like other states did post-PASPA.

However, if lawmakers decide to adjust any of Nevada's existing gambling laws, we will provide that information on our US betting bill tracker page.

Top Online Sportsbooks For Nevada Residents

Our team represents a combined range of experience in the sports betting arena that spans decades. During this time, we have learned a lot about what types of sportsbooks deliver an authentic, secure, and high-quality betting experience that is comparable to the Vegas bookmakers, and we've learned what to avoid.

This list represents the best online sportsbooks accepting Nevada residents. Some of them have been providing online betting services to US gamblers for close to 20 years.  You can learn more about these brands by visiting our USA sportsbook reviews page.

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Nevada Sportsbooks

Nevada's sportsbooks are located within the region's brick and mortar casinos. Many of the popular casinos in Vegas offer a sportsbook as well. Below we list 3 out of hundreds of available local sportsbooks in the state.

  • Laughlin Casino Resorts
  • Wynn Las Vegas
  • Caesar's Palace

NV Sports Betting Details

Below you can find details on Nevada's legal sports betting market. If Nevada were to adjust its sports betting industry you could find the new updates below.

  • Legal Sports Betting: Yes, In-state; Offshore
  • Launch Date: 1949
  • Nevada Minimum Sports Betting Age: 21 years old; 18 (via offshore)
  • Land-Based Sportsbooks: In-state
  • Online Sportsbook: In-state; Offshore
  • Mobile Betting App: In-state; Offshore
  • In-Play/Live Betting: Land-based locations; Offshore
  • State Sportsbook Revenue: $61,807,000
  • Eligible Operators: Multiple Casinos
  • Commission: Nevada Gaming Control Board
  • Licensing Fee: $6,000
  • Tax Rate: 6.75%
  • Tax-Funded: General Fund; Health and Human Services, and Education

What You Can Bet On In Nevada:

  • In-state: All bet types and professional and college sports are allowed
  • Offshore: All betting lines, odds, and props for all games, teams, and players across all college and professional sports

What You Can't Bet On In Nevada: 

  • In-state: No restrictions.
  • Offshore: No restrictions

Where Can I Bet On Sports In Nevada?

Nevada casinos typically offer sports betting options. There are also Nevada mobile betting apps and online sportsbooks available, as well as, offshore sportsbooks which legally provide extended betting options.

Biggest Sports Betting Cities In Nevada

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the USA. Sin City is sprawling with casinos, sportsbooks and other gambling venues for your entertainment. Outside of their sports betting options, NV was never considered a sports state because of its lack of franchises. However, the NHL and NFL both made headlines by announcing new franchises—the Golden Knights and the Raiders, respectively.

The Golden Knights will be starting in 2017, but the Raiders are still in the process of moving from Oakland. Betting lines for both these local teams, as well as any other sports team, are available through the licensed offshore sportsbooks suggested above.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nevada Sports Betting

Will I Get Arrested for Betting on Sports in Nevada?

No, so long as you wager through legally licensed domestic sports wagering options or through offshore sportsbooks that are operating legally. Betting at unregulated sportsbooks in Nevada may not get you arrested, but it certainly puts you in contact with individuals involved in criminal activities, which can be dangerous.

Are Mobile Sports Betting Apps Legal in Nevada?

Yes, Nevada licenses and offers numerous mobile sports betting applications for Nevada players aged 21 and older. These betting apps are associated with brick and mortar sportsbooks operating within the state. These apps use geotargeting technology to ensure only Nevada residents and those individuals located within Nevada's borders have access tot he state's mobile betting platform.

In addition, the offshore sportsbooks listed on this page also offer mobile sports betting access through their websites that are optimized for mobile use with responsive design technology. These web-based apps are compatible with all major manufacturers, operating systems and networks and do not require any downloads.

What Teams Can I Bet on in Nevada?

There are no restrictions in Nevada for players to wager on domestic or local professional or collegiate teams. Offshore sportsbooks do not have any restrictions on what NV players can ager on either.

Are There Any Local Sportsbooks in Nevada?

Yes, there are literally hundreds of local brick and mortar sportsbooks in the Silver State, with the majority located in Las Vegas.

What is the Legal Minimum Sports Betting Age in Nevada?

The minimum sports wagering age in Nevada is 21. All of Nevada gambling forms require players to be at least twenty-one years old. However, offshore sportsbooks accept players as young as 18.

Who Regulates Sports Betting in Nevada?

The Nevada Gaming Control Board regulates all domestic sports gambling activities. They are the sole licensor for all sports betting activities in the state. If you have an issue or would like to report an illegal operation you can contact the board,

Nevada Legislative Resources

If you would like to contact your Nevada legislators we recommend using the below resources to find their contact information and learn about the gaming bills they support.

Nevada Gambling Resources

The State of Nevada Department of Health and Human Services Problem Gambling Services is a great resource for NV players who feel they are developing signs of problem gambling or people who know someone with a gambling problem.

Nevada News