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Legal Betting On The UFL Online In 2024

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  • The 2024 UFL Season Kicks Off On March 30th
  • UFL Betting Odds And Futures Are Currently Offline
  • The UFL Is Comprised Of 5 XFL Teams & 3 USFL Teams

The United Football League is a combination of two former spring football organizations – the XFL and USFL. Where there is professional football, there shall be gambling on the gridiron action, and that’s the case at the legal UFL betting sites that we recommend to readers of this guide.

Keep reading to learn about all the various types of bets that can be made on UFL games, and how to read the football odds associated with each occurrence. No guide would be complete without listing somewhere to place a UFL bet, so we’ve included links to the finest online sportsbooks doing business in the USA.

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    Best UFL Betting Sites

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    Is Betting On UFL Football Games Legal?

    Yes, betting on the UFL is legal as long as you are doing business with a licensed vendor operating inside a region regulating sports gambling. Domestic and offshore sportsbooks are available in the USA, with minimum age requirements that range between 18 and 21 years old.

    No laws prohibit United Football League betting domestically in the United States as long as you are wagering at a regulated sportsbook and are of appropriate minimum age.

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    What Is The UFL?

    In 2023, the United Football League was formed following a merger of the XFL and USFL. These two spring football leagues united their efforts, creating a brand new 8-team pro football organization titled the UFL, which will begin play on March 30, 2024.

    The league intends to fill the pro football gap that exists between February and August with competitive gridiron action featuring players that need more seasoning before becoming a part of a National Football League roster. The United Football League schedule ends before betting on the NFL begins, creating an opportunity for their players to get a look in camp.

    Weekly Odds for UFL Football Teams

    UFL Teams And Divisions

    XFL Division

    • Arlington Renegades
    • DC Defenders
    • San Antonio Brahmas
    • St. Louis Battlehawks

    USFL Division

    UFL Schedule 2024

    • UFL Season Begins March 30, 2024
    • UFL Playoffs June 8-9, 2024
    • UFL Championship Game June 16, 2024

    UFL Bet Types

    Each UFL game will have a corresponding game line posted that features the following three items: a point spread, moneyline odds for betting on UFL teams, and the over/under. Here is an example of a UFL game line.

    St. Louis Battlehawks vs. Memphis Showboats Game Line

    • Point Spread: St. Louis -4.5, Memphis +4.5
    • Moneyline Odds: St. Louis -210, Memphis +190
    • Over/Under: 48.5

    A point spread is the number of points each UFL team is predicted to win or lose by. In order to cover the spread and win the bet, teams must win by more or lose by less than the difference.

    This is a simple UFL bet that is placed on a team winning the game. If the UFL team that you bet on wins, your wager is also a winner. The team with the lower odds is the favorite. Negative odds require a bigger bet than the potential payout. The Battlehawks are featured at -210 which requires a $2.10 bet to net $1. Positive moneylines reward more than what you bet. Gambling on Memphis’ +190 odds to win pays profits of $1.90 per dollar.

    The third part of a UFL betting line is the over/under. This is the projected total that both teams will score in the game. You can win the bet by correctly wagering that the final total will be over or under the projection.

    The most common type of futures bet in sports is wagering on the team that will win the championship at the end of the season. UFL championship futures feature all eight teams in the preseason, with moneyline odds based on their chances of hoisting the trophy. Teams will be listed in order of most likely to least likely to win. Franchises will be removed as they are eliminated from postseason contention. Futures lines are also offered for division winners, and other occurrences that happen at the end of the season.

    If you want to bet on player or team stats, the first team to score, total passing touchdowns, or any other odds that don’t involve game lines or futures, it is encompassed by prop bets. UFL props can cover anything that happens during the televised broadcast.

    Combining multiple occurrences into a single bet is called a parlay. Each bet (or leg) that you add to the UFL parlay must win or the entire wager is a loser. Parlay bets are attractive to gamblers because of the high payouts on a small wager. Sportsbooks like parlays for the UFL as well because they rarely win.

    How To Bet On The UFL?

    Gambling on United Football League games requires placing a wager with a legitimate and reputable sportsbook. In the USA, bets on United Football League odds can be made at offshore and domestic sportsbooks. Players in states where domestic sportsbooks exist can bet on UFL odds as long as they meet or exceed the local minimum gambling age. These types of sportsbooks can exist online, via sportsbook apps, or at brick-and-mortar locations.

    Wagering on the UFL at an offshore sportsbook site requires signing up as a member. The minimum age to join ranges between 18 and 21. Gamblers across the entire USA can join any site we recommend, but some of them do not allow wagers to be submitted in certain states. To create a sportsbook account, click the join button at the top of the homepage of any site we recommend.

    The next two steps can be completed quickly - entering your account data and submitting your first sportsbook deposit. Once you're notified that the funds have been uploaded, click on the sportsbook tab and then find the UFL game lines inside a section labeled after the league or simply titled "football."

    Betting On The UFL Playoffs

    Four teams qualify for the UFL Playoffs – the two division winners and the two franchises that finish in second place. The USFL and XFL division franchises pair off and play each other in the semifinals, and betting lines for the UFL playoffs will be created as soon as the regular season is over.

    There are also UFL Playoff prop bets that cover anything that the players achieve, as well as futures odds for division winners and wild card teams. Each of the legal online sportsbook sites that we feature here will post game lines, and there will be live odds for betting during the game at most of our favorite books.

    UFL Championship Game Betting

    The two UFL Playoff semifinal winners will earn a spot in the UFL Championship Game. Once this happens, game lines for the UFL Championship Game will appear online, as well as prop bets that take action on all aspects of the game and the televised broadcast.

    There are also UFL futures that allow betting on the championship team from the preseason all the way through the playoffs. If you want to bet on the UFL championship odds, you’re best bet is with one of the trusted online sportsbooks that we feature here at SBL.

    Mobile Football Betting Apps

    mobile bet icon

    Smartphones and tablets across the entire country can be used to bet on UFL games remotely. Some states regulate domestic betting apps that can be downloaded to Apple or Android devices. Offshore sportsbook apps can be accessed using mobile web browsers without the need for installing software.

    Touch button controls allow users to surf the latest UFL odds with their fingertips while on the go. Any of our favorite sportsbooks can be pulled up by clicking on the links provided here using your mobile phone. All of the UFL odds at the desktop sportsbook are also available through the app.

    Live UFL Betting Lines

    When each UFL game begins, online sportsbooks keep the betting lines active, often until late into the fourth quarter. This is referred to as live or in-game betting, and it is offered at all of our top sportsbooks recommended in this guide.

    Once the game begins, point spreads, moneyline odds to win, and the over/under will remain online until each sportsbook decides it is time to take it down. If you can’t find the live UFL odds you are after at a given site, check out another online sportsbook that we recommend to see if they have it posted.

    Banking Options At Online Sportsbooks

    The online UFL sportsbooks that we prefer give their members a wide variety of options for depositing and withdrawing winnings. Credit cards and debit cards are the most common methods of uploading funds, but there are fees attached. Also, no withdrawals can be issued to credit/debit cards.

    Cryptocurrency is one of our favorite deposit and payout methods because transactions are fast and there’s no added fees. Bitcoin, Tether, Cardano, Ethereum, and other popular altcoins are supported, but each sportsbook we mention here features a slightly different portfolio of options.

    For players that prefer to use PayPal, Venmo, and other popular banking apps, these brands and others can be used to purchase sportsbook vouchers from other members. MatchPay is a third-party service that will oversee voucher sales, but they don’t accept all methods of payment.

    Sportsbook Promo Codes For Free Cash

    Each online sportsbook that we suggest to our readers features a page on their website dedicated to their current sports betting promotions. This is where sportsbook promo codes can qualify you for bonus cash whenever you deposit funds into your account.

    A sportsbook bonus is usually based on a percentage of the deposit. A promo we see often is a 75% bonus on deposits up to $1,000. That means if you deposit anywhere between the minimum and $1,000, 75% of that total will be added to your account in addition to the funds you uploaded.

    This cash can be used to bet on UFL games immediately. No withdrawals can be made until the terms of the bonus are completed. Read any attached conditions before accepting an optional sportsbook promo so that you know what you’re getting into.

    UFL Football League FAQs

    Additional Betting Resources

    UFL Official Website

    UFL News