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Legal Betting On The Razzie Awards

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  • The 2024 Razzie Awards Winners Will Be Revealed In March
  • Razzie Odds For Worst Actor, Actress, And Film Are Live Now
  • Bet On Whether A Winner Will Accept Their Razzie Award In Person

While entertainment betting tends to focus on the major reality shows and industry awards, there are some more fringe Hollywood ceremonies that also get some billing at offshore sportsbooks. The biggest of these also-rans is the Golden Raspberry Awards or Razzies. You can enjoy legal Razzies betting at most online bookmakers, putting a few bucks on the worst that “Hollyweird” has to offer.

If you wish to wager on the Golden Raspberry Awards, you can do so quickly and easily by signing up with any of the major operators listed here. After all, if you’re already planning on some Oscars betting during the Academy Awards, you might as well recoup some of the cash you wasted on the worst performances and films of the year, too, right? Betting on the Razzies is the ultimate movie ticket refund, and we show you exactly how to recoup some of those box office losses!

Is It Legal To Bet On The Razzie Awards?

It is legal to bet on the Razzies in 49 of 50 US states (and Washington, DC), and you can do so at any reputable offshore betting site. Additionally, New Jersey sportsbooks may offer betting lines on the Razzies, as it’s currently the only state to support locally regulated Oscars betting and other entertainment odds.

Razzie betting online is nominally illegal in Washington, as they ban online wagering altogether. Nevertheless, the laws are historically unenforced, meaning that it’s safe to sign up at an online overseas sportsbook and wager on the Razzies if you live in WA.

Still, we recommended abiding by all local laws, and if you wager on the Razzies in WA, you do so at your own risk.

Best Online Razzies Sportsbooks

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2024 Razzies Betting Odds

Usually, the Razzies are held the night before the Oscars, and in such years, you can expect the Golden Raspberry Foundation to release their list of nominees at roughly the same time the Academy Awards finalists are presented to the public. However, this year, the Razzies will be held sometime after the Oscars, with the nominations being announced the night before the latter show.

Once the Razzie nominations hit the wire in early February. That said, entertainment prop bets on the Razzie for Worst Picture are available right now!

Music - Razzie Nomination

What Is A Razzie Award?

The Golden Raspberry Awards is an annual movie industry ceremony celebrating the “Worst in Film,” and it’s typically held on the Saturday night before the more “serious” Academy Awards. While the Razzies have fewer overall categories than the Oscars, they’re still very popular among movie fans, as they offer a tongue-in-cheek counterpoint to the typical awards season.

As a result, the Razzies are the awards show of the season for many movie fans and critics. The Oscars, though immensely popular, are more rigid and predictable, while the Razzies prove – at least most of the time – that Hollywood still has a sense of humor. Of course, Razzie winners are typically never on hand to receive their awards, and the Hollywood cognoscenti view them as something of an insult to the institution.

The Golden Raspberries were introduced in 1981 by several UCLA film school alums, as well as publicist John J.B. Wilson (who carries the mantle of “Ye Olde Head Raspberry”) and co-creator Mo Murphy. The “Raspberry” name derives from the age-old practice of audiences “blowing raspberries” to show disapproval.

About The 2024 Razzie Awards

If you’re looking for the time and place of the Razzie Awards, we’ve got all the currently available information listed here. Remember, you’ll want to get all your Razzie bets in before the show itself gets underway, as no sportsbook will likely offer live Razzie betting after the start of the ceremony.

When Are The Razzie Awards?

  • The Razzies usually announce their winners in late March

Where Are The Razzie Awards?

  • City: Los Angeles, CA
  • Venue: TBA

How To Watch The Razzie Awards

How To Bet On The Razzies

Betting on the Razzies is as simple as wagering on any other line for any sport offered by your betting site. Just sign up at one of the top-rated operators listed here, choose one of the popular banking options available, and browse the boards.

When you see a line you like, just tap or click it, type in the amount of money you wish to risk, and submit your ticket. You can even make Razzie parlay bets to increase your payouts!

Previous Razzie Award Odds And Winners

The history of the Razzie Award winners can give bettors a little insight on how to wager on the event. Below, we’ve listed the main Razzies odds with the winners in bold, so you can see how close to correct the public consensus is at offshore sports betting sites that offer Hollywood betting lines.

In most cases, the favorite seems to win, which should be quite helpful for those looking to pad their bankrolls.

The Razzie Award

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