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Xbet Sportsbook Review

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Overall Rating 4.2

100% Signup Bonus

Up To $500

Reload Bonuses

Up To $250

Xbet Sportsbook Rating

Xbet is part of the same group that operates Mybookie, so players can feel very confident that they are dealing with an extremely reputable sportsbook that always pays their winners.

New players can use Bitcoin and credit cards to deposit funds while taking advantage of their generous signup and reload bonus offers.

Payout Speed
Betting Options

Xbet Sportsbook Overview

Xbet, originally based in Costa Rica, was a relatively new site when it was purchased by the MyBookie brand in 2017. With its headquarters moved to Curacao shortly thereafter, the site has undergone a facelift in the design department, and the book itself has seen a significant boost in supported sports and leagues.

Additionally, by joining forces with MyBookie, the site has quickly become of the best online destinations for legal, safe sports betting. While Xbet offers a huge assortment of wager types and worldwide sports, the site is focused like a laser on the US betting market.

That means that the major US leagues get top billing and the lion’s share of the action, but there are also plenty of global sports to choose from, too. After all, international athletics is growing on American fans and bettors, and Xbet is the X factor to bring it all together in one easy-to-use package.

Xbet Sports Betting Options

The UI and UX at any sports betting site are critical parts of the puzzle, but without good lines and valuable odds on popular sports and matchups, they don’t amount to much. Fortunately, Xbet has those other tangibles in spades.

If you’ve ever wagered on sports before, you’ll know mostly what to expect from Xbet’s selections. You’ll get the typical major leagues in the US and abroad, but you’ll also get a host of more niche markets to wager on, too. At Xbet, you can expect full support for the following:

Of course, many of the A-rated sportsbooks online offer most of the action showcased above. However, Xbet stands apart in the odds it assigns to every contest.

One of the best strategies when legally betting on sports is to use multiple books to find the biggest possible payouts on any given wager. Because Xbet offers different odds than its competitors, you can often use the site to maximize your bankroll.

Banking Options

After ease-of-use and wagering variety, the most crucial aspect of any sportsbook review is the banking options it offers. Naturally, that’s the case for this Xbet review, as well. A sportsbook isn’t worth much if you can’t conveniently load up your betting funds, after all.


Fortunately, Xbet makes it easy for the majority of gamblers to deposit into their accounts. The main deposit methods supported include:

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Mastercard logo
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When it comes to requesting your payouts, withdrawals are easy, too. For same-day withdrawals, you will need to use Bitcoin or another supported crypto, but you can also request your winnings via bank wire transfers and eChecks.

For these latter modes of withdrawal, you can expect the process to take 3-5 days on average, though we found that we’d commonly only have to wait for about half that. To learn more about funding options visit our sportsbook banking comparison guide to see all the legal options sportsbooks offer online.

Is It Legal To Wager At Xbet Sportsbook In The US?

Yes, it is. Legality is a common question among those new to offshore sports betting in the United States, and it’s easy to answer: Effectively, in terms of existing US gambling laws, it is not illegal to use offshore sportsbooks to wager on sports over the Internet from inside the United States.

There are no US federal laws that prohibit anyone in the US from placing bets online or offline through sportsbooks that are operating legally within the industry. This includes domestic sportsbooks and offshore online sportsbooks, such as the ones you see listed on this page.

In the state of Washington, there are laws that specifically bar all forms of Internet-based gambling, regardless of the source. While it’s nominally against the law to wager on sports at Xbet if you live in WA, the prohibitions are historically unenforced.

We’ve never heard of a single WA resident getting fined or arrested for betting on sports online, and Xbet welcomes customers from the area. However, if you live in WA and wish to wager online, you do so at your own risk.

Bonuses and Promotions

Online sportsbook bonuses play a big part in any sportsbook’s customer retention plans. Because there are so many online operators to choose from (though there are only a few that meet our standards), bonuses are a way for the best books to stand out from the crowd.

Xbet offers a host of seasonal, rotating bonuses and things like refer-a-friend promotions, but there are really only two main kinds of bonuses at the site: welcome bonuses and reload bonuses for returning customers.

  • Xbet’s welcome bonus is currently a 100% deposit match offer worth up to $300 (7X rollover).
  • Returning customers can get a 25% deposit bonus worth up to $250 (5x rollover).

Wagering Requirements

You might have noticed that the “rollover” requirement in parentheses. So, what is rollover? In short, rollover shows you the terms and conditions attached to the Xbet perk in question.

Take the welcome bonus: The 7X rollover means that you must wager the sum of your deposit plus your bonus seven times over before you can withdraw any associated winnings. If you deposit $300 and get a $300 bonus, that’s $600. Thus, before you can withdraw any winnings from that deposit, you’ll have to wager $600 x 7, or $4200.

This sounds like a lot, but if you wager regularly on a sport or two all season long, you will meet the terms easily, and you should accept the bonus. If you want to wager only on a few sporadic events and get your payouts immediately, you’ll want to forego all bonuses during the deposit process.

Layout and Ease of Use

We’ve been using Xbet for nearly two years now, and we’ve watched the site morph into the mainstream powerhouse it is today. Originally, the interface was somewhat clunky, especially on mobile, but it’s now one of the smoothest Apple and Android betting experiences on the Internet.

From a usability perspective, Xbet also shines, as it runs equally well not matter what device you’re using. Whether you have an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, Android tablet, or even a deprecated Windows or Blackberry phone, you can access Xbet and be betting in seconds no matter where you are in the US. There are no apps to download – all you need is a mobile device, an Internet connection, and a modern browser!

Once you’re online, at Xbet, everything is right where you expect it to be. Account management is quick and simple on mobile and desktop alike, and you can get to just about every major wager in a tap or two. Assembling parlays is a fast one-two punch, and you can wager easily whether you’re betting pre-game or in-game.

In fact, in-game betting is especially refined at Xbet, as the book understands that live wagering is the way of the future when it comes to offshore action. By allowing bettors to place wagers on games in real-time as they unfold on the field of play, Xbet gives its members hundreds of extra betting chances for each and every supported contest!

Xbet Summary

Xbet is a solid 4.5/5 in our view, putting it right on par with its MyBookie counterpart, which is to be expected from such an up-and-coming brand. In the hierarchy of top sportsbooks, it’s first-rate all the way, and it’s one of the very few sports betting sites where we actually wager on a regular basis.

It is important that we consistently use the sites we recommend, and we’ve seen the steps Xbet has taken in just the last few years to break into the upper echelon of online betting royalty.

Xbet is great because it’s a sportsbook built from the ground up for US players, you can play from anywhere in the US excluding NY, NJ, NV, and PA without restrictions, and you can deposit using a variety of banking options that streamline the process even further.

Sure, there are a couple of things the site could do to tighten up the experience, like expanding the number of cryptocurrencies they accept or moving their menu up from the bottom of the screen, but those are quibbles and don’t impact our view of this very good overall sportsbook.

In addition to being a sportsbook, of course, Xbet offers a host of other real-money gambling products. You can crank the digital slots and hit the table games between innings or at halftime of the big game, and you can enjoy the site’s international pari-mutuel racebook to bet on the ponies when you can’t get to the track.

No matter what you want bet on, Xbet on it!