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Political Betting Guide

Betting on political election outcomes has always been prevalent around the world, especially in the US, long before polling was available. Political betting was the first indicator of the market since there were no scientific polls and it increased public engagement in relation to the elections.

Over a hundred years ago, betting on politics was as popular as the Super Bowl is today. Patrons would gather at taverns or within town squares for betting on Presidential candidates in hopes of earning a large cash payout.

Today political wagering is still as popular as ever and there are multiple legal avenues for participating. With the legal betting market in the US expanding, additional forms of betting are surfacing, including betting on political events and elections. Presidential election betting odds and lines have become prevalent at many reputable and popular sportsbooks, and political prop bets are enjoyed by political enthusiasts from all backgrounds.

Is it Legal to Bet on Politics?

Nothing is illegal about betting on politics specifically at state-regulated or offshore sportsbooks. However, each state and offshore sportsbook applies different policies concerning what types of betting action they offer.

Political wagering is most commonly found at the offshore online sportsbooks that accept US players, including the ones we recommend on this page.

Political betting is considered a niche option of sports gambling and may not yet be easily found at domestically operated sportsbooks. Nonetheless, the US has no laws against offshore sports gambling.

Best Sportsbooks for Betting on Politics

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Legal Betting on the 2024 US Presidential Election

2024 Presidential election betting is expected to be a tight contest due to how close this past election was. Presidential betting markets should be watched as political betting odds are subject to change with the flow of information and change with the confidence of each Presidential candidate winning either their party nomination or the election.

Numerous political betting sites will be offering presidential betting lines, as well as odds on the Vice President picks for the DNC and GOP, and congressional odds.

Who is Running for President In the US?

Barring any health issues that arise between now and 2024, it is expected that President Biden, as the incumbent, would seek a second term.

Should Biden decide not to run for President in 2024, his current VP, Kamala Harris, would be a strong contender for the Democratic Party's nod, but several other candidates would likely emerge as well, including US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Former President Trump has yet to make an announcement regarding his intentions for 2024, but political election odds are already forecasting him seeking a second term as POTUS.

Should Trump decide to forgo his political career and allow the Republican Party to choose a new path, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would likely step into the fray and becoming the leading GOP candidate for President in 2024 in the odds and the polls.

To bet on any of the 2024 candidates to win their party's nomination, you can sign up for free at any reputable offshore sportsbook. Below, we take a look at each party's running candidates.

Odds for Who will win the 2024 Democratic Nomination

Democratic nomination odds are already on the boards despite no candidate throwing their hat in the ring just yet. These 2024 US Presidential betting odds will likely change drastically throughout the course of the Democratic primary debates and state-by-state elections, so betting early can reward large cash payouts if played correctly.

  • Joe Biden (Incumbent - It is assumed that he will run in 2024 as long as he is physically and mentally able to do so)

Odds for Who Will win the Republican Nomination In 2024

At this time, President Donald Trump is favored to win the Republican party nomination for the 2024 election, despite the fact that he has yet to declare his intention to run. Ron DeSantis is holding strong in the #2 spot and appears to be a lock to be the GOP nominee for President in 2024 if Trump decides to sit this one out.

Odds for Who will win the 2024 Presidential Election

At this time, oddsmakers have established several odds for running Republican and Democratic candidates as well as suspected candidates who may enter the 2024 race. Suspected candidates for winning the overall 2024 Presidential election can include any living human that the sportsbook decides to include, and the options will differ from site to site.

2024 Candidates With Betting Lines and Odds:

Odds available at Bovada

  • Donald Trump Sr. +300
  • Joe Biden +425
  • Kamala Harris +500
  • Ron DeSantis +1000
  • Nikki Haley +1500
  • Mike Pence +2500
  • Pete Buttigieg +2500
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson +3300
  • Cory Booker +4000
  • Elizabeth Warren +4000
  • John Kasich +4000
  • Ted Cruz +4000
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +5000
  • Amy Klobuchar +5000
  • Andrew Cuomo +5000
  • Dan Crenshaw +5000
  • Donald Trump Jr. +5000

Odds To Impeach Joe Biden From Office

Now that the Democrat House has set a trend for impeaching Presidents following two successful attempts during Trump's tenure, more interest has been generated in the betting world.

Odds for whether or not the President will be impeached are now commonplace at political sportsbook sites and typically offer incredibly profitable betting opportunities when wagered upon well in advance.

President Biden Impeachment Odds

Will Joe Biden leave office via Impeachment?

  • No -2000
  • Yes +700

Political Prop Bets

Political prop bets encompass minor and major events during an election cycle, including debates, rallies, town halls, speeches, political indictments, and more.

An example of a political prop is included below, but you can find all the current election props at the link above. 

US Presidential Election 2024 - Winning Party

  • Democratic -150
  • Republican +110
  • Any Other +1200

2024 Presidential Debate Prop Bets

The next Presidential debate cycle will occur in the late Summer of 2024, and we expect political prop bets to be produced just prior to each event.

For now, we've included the Presidential debate odds that were in play for the 2020 Presidential Election cycle to give bettors an idea of what to expect.

Biden agrees to 4th debate moderated by J. Rogan*

  • Yes +700
  • No -2100

Biden publicly responds to Rogan's debate offer*

  • Yes - To 4th Debate Offer  +100
  • No - To 4th Debate Offer   -140

Will Donald Trump say Qanon?*

  • Yes +300
  • No -500

Will Donald Trump say sleepy Joe?*

  • Yes +100
  • No -140

Will Donald Trump mention Joe Biden's basement?*

  • Yes -160
  • No +120

How many times will Donald Trump say China?*

  • Over 6.5 -500
  • Under 6.5 +300

Will Donald Trump say anarchists?*

  • Yes -700
  • No +400

How many times will Donald Trump say ANTIFA?*

  • Over 4.5 +155
  • Under 4.5 -220

How many times will Donald Trump say Portland?*

  • Over 2.5 -280
  • Under 2.5 +190

How many times will Donald Trump say Seattle?*

  • Over 1.5 +150
  • Under 1.5 -200

Will Donald Trump mention Ted Wheeler by name?*

  • Yes +425
  • No -800

Will Donald Trump say law and order?*

  • Yes -1100
  • No +550

How many times will Donald Trump say law and order?*

  • Over 3.5  -120
  • Under 3.5  -120

How many times will Donald Trump say Obama?*

  • Over 3.5  +100
  • Under 3.5  -140

How many times will Joe Biden say Q or Qanon?*

  • Over 1.5  +300
  • Under 1.5  -500

Will Joe Biden say very fine people?*

  • Yes +120
  • No  -160

Will Joe Biden call Donald Trump a racist?*

  • Yes +170
  • No -250

How many times will Joe Biden say Antifa?*

  • Over 1.5 +300
  • Under 1.5 -500

Will Joe Biden say fact-check?*

  • Yes -160
  • No +120

Will Joe Biden call Trump a liar?*

  • Yes  -300
  • No  +200

Will Joe Biden mention Bob Woodward?*

  • Yes +100
  • No -140

Will Joe Biden mention number of USA COVID-19 deaths?*

  • Yes -1100
  • No +550

Biden misquotes # of USA COVID deaths by over 100k?*

  • Yes +350
  • No -600

Will Joe Biden say Russia?*

  • Yes -700
  • No +400

How many times will Joe Biden say China?*

  • Over 2.5 -120
  • Under 2.5 -120

Who will CNN say won the first debate?*

  • Donald Trump +400
  • Joe Biden -700

Who will FOX News say won the first debate?*

  • Donald Trump -600
  • Joe Biden +350

Will Joe Biden participate in the second debate?*

  • Yes -350
  • No +225

Will Joe Biden participate in the third debate?*

  • Yes -300
  • No +200

*Odds from Oct. 9th, 2020

Political Futures Bets

Not all political betting lines must be timely with the event they are associated with. Many political futures odds are available well in advance of election day and can be bet upon using mobile sportsbook applications at the bettors' convenience.

Futures odds involve any occurrence that will take place tomorrow or after, and includes moneylines on each potential outcome. Below are examples of futures odds for political betting.

Joe Biden leave office via Impeachment?

  • No -5000
  • Yes +1200

Joe Biden Exit Date

  • 2025 -120
  • Not Before 2026 +275
  • 2023 +500
  • 2024 +800
  • 2022 +1200
  • 2021 +3300   

Joe Biden Approval Rating

  • Over 52½ % -135
  • Under 52½ % -105

Other Global Political Betting Options

Political betting markets and wagering are not exclusive to the United States and its political market. Prominent online sportsbooks often cover politics on a global scale, offering odds and betting lines for elections and political events in multiple countries.

Below are examples of betting odds for international political elections as well as Royal Family futures.

Political Betting News