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Kentucky Sports Betting – How To Bet On Sports Legally In KY in 2023

  • KY Online Sports Betting Available at Offshore Online Sportsbooks
  • Domestic Kentucky Sportsbooks Not Available As of January, 2023
  • Legislative Movement Toward Sports Betting: Yes

Kentucky has been putting some effort into entering the domestic US sports betting market, but unfortunately, nothing has really come of it and none of the legislation has made it far enough to make a difference.

As far as state-regulated sports betting in KY is concerned, the strong support for HB 606 in the House of Representatives wasn't enough to keep the bill from dying in the Senate.

It is likely lawmakers will revisit the topic as they have been throwing these ideas around since 2017.  Until then, residents of the Bluegrass State can enjoy legal Kentucky sports betting through online sportsbooks that are operating legally offshore.

These sportsbooks have been providing legal sports betting services to Kentucky sports fans for a long time, some brands for decades, so Kentuckians are in good hands. And who knows, lawmakers might give it another shot next year.

Is Sports Betting Legal In Kentucky 2023?

Depending on where you place your bets, yes, it is legal to bet on sports in KY. You won't find any local sportsbooks to wager at yet, but there are no prohibitions in KY state gambling laws that make it a crime to place bets at the online sportsbooks listed on this page.

This is because these betting sites are operating legally outside the United States. The gambling laws in KY only prohibit sportsbooks located within the state's borders. There are also no gambling laws at the federal level that prohibit offshore betting.

Kentucky Sports Betting Bills

The Status of Kentucky Sports Betting Legislation for 2023

The Bluegrass state continues forward on its streak of perpetually killing KY sports betting bills, a total of 9 over the last few years. Five pieces of legislation made their way into the state’s chambers, including HB606, but were unable to see the light of day.

HB606 was approved by the House but struck down in the Senate, where it died a swift death.  Also dead is any chance of seeing Kentucky sports gambling authorized before 2023. 

It is, however, important to mention that the design of these bills creates a framework for future propositions. With the Kentucky General Assembly’s green light on the subject, Kentucky residents and lawmakers just have to keep pushing forward.

You can monitor the situation using our sports wagering bill tracker.

Best Sports Betting Sites To Bet On The Super Bowl In Kentucky 2023

US sports betting sites are allowed by many states online through offshore sportsbooks. Below is a list of online sportsbooks accepting KY residents. All of these brands have been put through a comprehensive screening process by our team.

They each passed inspection with flying colors and also offer legal mobile sports betting apps and live betting capabilities. For those looking for more information, check our out sports betting site reviews of the sites recommended below.

 Site NameCurrent BonusAgeU.S.Visit Site
Top Rated #1 IconBovada Sportsbook50% Max $1,00018+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
2BetUS125% Max $3,12518+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
3MyBookie Sportsbook50% Max $1,00021+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
4xbet logo100% Max $50021+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
5Betonline Sportsbook50% Max $1,00018+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
6sports betting logo50% Max $1,00018+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review

Betting On Football In Kentucky In 2023?

How To Bet On NFL Football in Kentucky

No matter where you are in the United States, NFL betting is a big draw. If you are in KY and want to bet on the Indianapolis Colts to the north or the Tennessee Titans just south of the border, it can be done legally at the reputable offshore sportsbook sites that we list above.

All 32 teams are included, as well as options for betting on the Super Bowl, with lines and props for all regular and postseason games.

How To Bet On College Football in Kentucky

Regional sports gamblers that are interested in placing a wager on Kentucky Wildcats or Louisville Cardinals football games can do so at sportsbooks sites that base their operations offshore.

The online sportsbooks we link to above are legal to use in KY at 18 years old and they offer college football betting for all major regular season games, the ACC and SEC Championships, and the CFP.

Kentucky Sports Betting Details

The details you see below are relevant to the types of sports betting currently allowed in the state, which consists primarily of KY online sports betting provided by reputable offshore sportsbooks operating legally outside of the United States.

If state-regulated sports wagering makes it back onto the table at some point, then we will include that information in this section as well.

  • Legal Sports Betting: Offshore Only
  • Minimum Sports Betting Age: 18 years old offshore only
  • Land-Based: n/a
  • Online: Offshore Only
  • Mobile: Offshore Only
  • In-Play: Offshore Only
  • Estimated Revenue: n/a
  • Eligible Operators: n/a
  • Commission: n/a
  • Licensing Fee: n/a
  • Tax Rate: n/a
  • Tax-Funded: n/a

What You Can Bet On In Kentucky:

  • Online offshore sportsbooks allow all betting lines, odds, and props for all games, teams, and players in Alabama across all college and professional sports.

What You Can't Bet On In Kentucky: 

  • No restrictions at offshore online sportsbooks.

Where Can I Bet On Sports In Kentucky?

  • Right now, offshore online sportsbooks are the primary legal option for betting on sports inside of Kentucky's state borders. Betting at these sites does not violate any state or federal gambling laws.

Biggest Sports Betting Cities in Kentucky

Sports Betting In Lexington, KY

The University of Kentucky Wildcats is one of the most famous athletic programs in the country, particularly their men’s basketball team. The Wildcats play in the SEC and are NCAA March Madness regulars. They have won several national titles over the years.

Their football program is decent from a division standpoint, but the SEC is tough to break through in terms of the entire conference. Lexington residents can bet on the Wildcats through any of the KY online sportsbooks listed in this guide.

Sports Betting In Louisville, KY

Louisville is home to the University of Louisville Cardinals, an ACC program that has emerged as a sleeper powerhouse in recent seasons. The Cardinals are projected to do well this year, though the ACC has become the strongest conference with teams like FSU, Clemson, NC State, and Miami present. Cardinals basketball is another solid option for wagering, with the men’s team a strong member of the division.

Look for betting lines on Cardinal sports through the Kentucky online sportsbooks recommended above.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Betting In KY

Will I get arrested for betting on sports in Kentucky?

Not if you pay attention to where you place your bets. Local bookies are not legal in Kentucky and there are no domestic sportsbooks to visit yet. So as long as you place your bets at one of the reputable online sportsbooks operating offshore, you will not be violating any state or federal laws. These online sports betting sites are operating legally outside of the US.  Kentucky does not have any laws on the books that make this a criminal offense.

How To Bet on March Madness In Kentucky

Because there are no domestic sportsbooks within Kentucky, March Madness betting sites like the ones featured in the table above are the best option.

These reputable online college basketball sportsbooks offer year-round March Madness odds to 18 and over patrons in KY, as well as thousands of NCAAB prop bets, collectively.

Are mobile sports betting apps legal in Kentucky?

The online sportsbooks featured in this guide have all created their sites to be mobile optimized using responsive design technology to function as a mobile betting app from any smartphone or tablet.  As discussed above, this does not violate any of Kentucky's gambling laws, so residents are free to use these betting apps with fear of breaking the law.

What teams can I bet on in Kentucky?

While this may change once state-regulated sports betting enters the scene, at this time there are no restrictions and Kentucky sports fans can bet on any team or teams they so desire. Some states impose restrictions concerning wagering on college teams, but we'll have to wait a while to know how state lawmakers will approach that.

Are there any local sportsbooks in Kentucky?

No there are not. Any local bookies or bookmakers you come across in Kentucky are operating without a license issued by the state, which makes them illegal. It is unlawful to accept bets within state lines without a license. Since the state has not authorized the issuing of sports betting licenses yet, there is really no way around this.

What is the legal minimum sports betting age in Kentucky?

The Bluegrass state does not yet have a legal minimum sports betting age.  Establish this regulation will take place when they actually pass a bill legalizing domestic sports betting.  Until then, anyone in Kentucky who is 18 or over can legally participate in online sports betting.

Who regulates sports betting in Kentucky?

Nobody does yet. When the state gets a little further with any of their sports betting bills, they will either assign the responsibility for regulatory oversight to an existing agency or they will create a new one.  We've seen it done both ways across the states have already legalized state based sports gambling.

Kentucky Legislative Resources

Kentucky Gambling Resources acknowledges that the only healthy way to enjoy sports betting entertainment is to treat it as just that, entertainment. Responsible gambling is imperative for success and should be a priority for all gamblers. There are tools to assist with this, such as bankroll management guides and self-imposed cutoff limits at online sports betting sites.

We strongly encourage using these kinds of resources. If you or someone you know is showing signs of problem gambling symptoms, we urge you to seek assistance immediately. You can contact the Kentucky Council on Problem Gambling for help.

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