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Sports Betting Bill Tracker

Sports betting legislation in the US has quite literally exploded following the nullification of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in May of 2018, allowing all states to legalize state-regulated sports betting within their borders. The legal sports betting landscape looks completely different than it did prior to May 2018, and nearly every corner of the country represents a ripe potential betting opportunity for American sports fans and gamblers.

While some states passed sports betting laws in anticipation of the SCOTUS ruling on PASPA, since that beautiful day in May, most US states have either passed laws allowing sportsbook gambling in their state or have pending legislation on the docket, with only a handful of states completely not yet interested.

On The Docket This Week - Sports Betting Legislative Hearings By State

3/31/2020 - TBD

Due to social distancing and stay home mandates in response to the COVID19 pandemic, there are no sports betting legislative hearings taking place for the dates listed above.  This information is updated weekly when state legislative sessions are active. To get more information on each bill, you can scroll down to the US map and click on the state in which you are searching.  You will be given a link to each bill that is active for any given state.

LouisianaSB378, SB1305/19/2020House Committee on Criminal Justice


States With Active Pending Sports Betting Legislation

States That Have Passed Legislation For Legal Sports Betting

The following states have passed legislation specifically making sports betting legal in one or more forms. Some of these states have not yet launched their betting operations or infrastructure, as indicated with a ** notation.

Arkansas Sports Betting

Colorado Sports Betting**

Delaware Sports Betting

District of Columbia Sports Betting**

Illinois Sports Betting

Indiana Sports Betting

Iowa Sports Betting

Michigan Sports Betting

Mississippi Sports Betting

Montana Sports Betting**


Nevada Sports Betting

New Hampshire Sports Betting

New Jersey Sports Betting

North Carolina Sports Betting

Pennsylvania Sports Betting

Rhode Island Sports Betting

Tennessee Sports Betting**

Washington Sports Betting

West Virginia Sports Betting





The following states are offering sports wagering through existing laws or tribal compacts that allow betting.

New York Sports Betting

New Mexico Sports Betting

Oregon Sports Betting

2020 Sports Betting Bills By State

This map includes all state sports betting legislative action for 2019-2020. Hovering over the state will display how many bills have been involved during this time period, and clicking on a state will provide specific bill detail and information.  All pending bill information is updated in real time.  All states with pending sports betting bills are included as well as states with legal sports betting that have pending legislation to expand and/or change existing regulations.

States With No Sports Betting Legislation

There are less than a dozen states that have not yet hopped on the sports betting bandwagon.  Their disinterest or hesitation could stem from a variety of reasons, but it is possible they want to sit back and see how this plays out for other states.  One of the strongest motivating factors for many of the states that have moved forward is the economic benefit.

States struggling financially see the benefit of this type of massive revenue stream.  Smaller states may hesitate simply due to facing a small customer base.  With interstate gambling compacts now in question due to the reinterpretation of the Wire Act, sharing bettor pools is off the table until that is sorted out, which could deter state lawmakers in smaller or less populous states.

Sports bettors in these states still have some options though.  With the exception of Connecticut and Washington state, placing bets online through offshore sportsbooks that are operating legally within the industry is not legally prohibited.  You can find our recommendations for legitimate US online sports betting in our sportsbook reviews section.

New Jersey's Contribution As The Pioneer of United States Sports Betting Legalization

Anyone who enjoys state-regulated sports betting outside of Nevada will owe a debt of gratitude to New Jersey. It is their willingness to take on the establishment that resulted in this newfound freedom American bettors now have to partake in domestic sports gambling. NJ's tenacious court battles against US professional and collegiate sports leagues brought us to where we are today. While they were being told to sit down and shut up over and over, the Garden State refused and kept pushing back against the unfair regulations imposed by the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act.

None of the legislation or sports betting bills mentioned on this page would exist were it not for New Jersey fighting the good fight on behalf of states' rights. NJ has undeniably brought unprecedented transformation to the US betting market, and personally, we thank them for it.