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Legal Betting on Presidential Impeachment Odds

impeachment oddsEvery US President faces talk of impeachment at some point during their term(s) in office, but impeachment betting odds are usually reserved for when there is a serious Congressional push to launch an inquiry or bring charges against a sitting head of state.

Of course, when that happens, impeachment odds become the most popular and sought-after betting lines at legal online sportsbooks, and that’s been the case in 2019 as Donald Trump faces down serious allegations of impeachable offenses.

Still, because impeachment is an intensely political process with ramifications on both sides of the aisle and with the public at large (no matter which way the proceedings go), bettors are often extremely tempered in their analysis of whether or not a President will be impeached. That said, as with all legal political betting, there is much to be gleaned about a President’s impeachment chances by looking to the odds boards.

Is It Legal To Bet On Presidential Impeachment Odds?

It is largely considered to be legal to wager on Presidential impeachment odds if you use an offshore betting site to do so. Despite the growing number of US-regulated online and brick-and-mortar sportsbooks popping up across the country, you will not find political betting odds at these locations.

This is because most state governments either disallow or discourage sportsbooks from offering election odds, entertainment betting odds or even eSports betting odds. Fortunately, political betting has always been popular at offshore sites, and those remain the only places to find odds on politics and government-related issues.

Important note: In two US states – Connecticut and Washington – there are laws on the books that ban online betting of any kind. That said, these laws are considered unenforceable, and neither state has ever arrested or fined any resident for gambling over the Internet. Still, if you live in CT or WA, we advise you to follow local and all federal betting laws and only bet online at your own risk.

Best Sportsbooks Offering Impeachment Betting Lines

 Site NameCurrent BonusU.S.Visit Site
Top Rated #1 IconBovada Sportsbook50% Max $250USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site
2MyBookie Sportsbook50% Max $1,000USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site
3Betonline Sportsbook50% Max $1,000USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site
4xbet logo50% Max $300USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site

Betting On Donald Trump's Impeachment Odds

You can bet on Donald Trump’s impeachment odds at any reputable offshore sports betting site. (There is an ironic truism in this model, as political betting is always covered under the umbrella of legal sports betting at these venues.)

Just remember that these odds change almost by the day as the news media continues to release details of and reports on the ongoing Trump impeachment push. In other words, if you see value in a line being offered, you should jump on it ASAP. Our political prop bets guide is a good tool for exploring prop bets such as impeachment odds, and other factors surrounding the 2020 Presidential election.

Current Odds for Donald Trump to be Impeached

The current odds for Donald Trump being impeached are trending at all major offshore legal sports betting sites. What’s interesting, however, is where the lines are drawn between the sites, as different operators have different impeachment odds on their betting boards.

At Bovada, for example, Trump impeachment is usually favored by bettors or tends to trend at about 50-50, while at other top books, bettors seem to indicate that they think the initiative will eventually be abandoned altogether.

Will Donald Trump be impeached before the end of his first term?

  • Bovada: TBA
  • BetOnline: TBA
  • MyBookie: Yes +175, No -250

What Is a Presidential Impeachment?

Impeachment is a largely misunderstood concept. Many people think that impeachment means that a President will be removed from office, but that’s actually never happened. Impeachment is a legal accusation of criminal malfeasance, and it is purely a political process. An analogy to Presidential impeachment is, for private citizens, a criminal or civil charge in a court of law. And like every person in America, once impeached, the President gets due process before removal can ever happen.

Throughout all of US history, only two Presidents have ever been impeached: Bill Clinton (1998-1999) and Andrew Johnson (1868). Richard Nixon was set to face impeachment in 1974, but he resigned the Presidency before any charges were brought.

How Does the Impeachment Process Work?

The Presidential impeachment process is simple enough, and it includes the following fundamental procedural steps:

  1. The US House of Representatives opens an impeachment inquiry against a sitting President after reports or evidence that said President has committed an illegal action that falls under the umbrella of “Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”
  2. The US House takes a vote on whether or not to bring Articles of Impeachment against the President. A simple majority is required to officially bring such charges.
  3. Once the Articles of Impeachment are passed, the US Senate takes over, conducting a trial of the President. This trial is overseen by the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.
  4. If the President is found guilty via a two-thirds supermajority vote in the Senate, he or she is immediately removed from office.
  5. The Vice President then becomes the President of the United States.
  6. If the VP is also impeached, the House Speaker would become President.

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