Reviewing The Most Trusted Legal Online Sportsbooks

Review ImageMedical quackery was a plague on society for centuries because a guy going door to door with a tonic to cure what ailed you was considered a godsend to people who were sick and dying. We mention that to stress the point that if people will take advantage of the sick and dying to make a buck, they would most certainly take advantage of gung-ho gamblers to make a buck, and they wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep over robbing you of every penny you put into a website. Unfortunately for those people back in the day, there wasn’t any service like ours to warn them of the quackery. However, in today’s world, we can definitely warn you about shoddy sportsbooks and direct you to the best websites in the industry. So if you want to gamble on a site that you know you can fully trust, a site that won’t try to squeeze you for every penny, then simply let us lead the way.

As we have mentioned before in brief, we’re gamblers, not salespeople. We’re not here to sell you on any sort of product or service. We’re simply here to give you the best information pertaining to the world of legal sports betting in the United States. So not only do we want to direct you to the best sites possible, but we also want to make sure that everything is 100% legal and above boards. Someone getting scammed or a site we recommend being busted would be catastrophic to us, so we triple-check every aspect before even reviewing a site, much less posting it here. Allow us a few words to run you through our entire process.

Our List Of Reputable Legal Online Sportsbooks That Accept US Players

The following sites are all legally licensed and allow US players.  These are some of the most trusted US  friendly sportsbooks in the industry which have been around for over a decade servicing players from all over the world.  We bet on sports too, so we aren't really interested in recommending any site to our visitors that we wouldn't bet at ourselves.  It's actually the reason why there are only a handful of sportsbooks listed on our website.

Honestly I've never understood why anyone would donate their money to some shoddy site that has a bad reputation.  It only takes a few minutes to research and google a site name in quotes and learn if other players have experienced any slow payments or other issues that might raise some red flags to a potential player.

Betonline Sportsbook 50% Bonus

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How We Find The Most Reputable Online Sportsbooks In The Industry

There are a lot of different ways by which one can find various sportsbooks online, such as simply searching Google for them or finding other information resources and checking out their top lists. We take a different tact for most of our sportsbooks we rate and review. We look for the most popular networks and the sportsbooks that are part of larger companies whose reputations proceed them. We’re always in the market for a good gambling site, so this isn’t a set rule. If we can find a sportsbook through any method, we’ll definitely give it a look-see to see if it’s worth our time. But we’re definitely not just going to give a site a shout-out because it’s rated highly and popular. If it’s a sportsbook we’re covering, then you better believe that we have gambled with it and checked out all of its features intimately so that we can offer up a proper review.

If we had to guess, we’d say that about 80% of the reviews you’ll find online for gambling sites, at least for the first few pages of results, are paid for advertisements or they’re puff pieces written by affiliates who make their money only by getting others to sign up. Not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with the latter, of course; it’s just that many affiliates take it upon themselves to be a lot more flattering than they are truthful, so if there are any negative aspects of the sites in question, they typically won’t tell you about them. We don’t sit on this information. We let you know what’s what pertaining to the sportsbooks we review.

How We Review Our Sportsbooks

When we start out with a sportsbook, the first thing we want to see is how well the site is received across all platforms, so we get to digging into information about how popular a site is, how well it holds up on mobile devices, which aspects of the site are popular, etc. If it’s a company we feel we can trust, we’ll go ahead and test the book out. Rather than just browsing around and looking for a few cool features to fill up some page space with empty rhetoric, we want to see how these sites actually work. We want to sign up with them. We want to check out its different sections and see what sort of prop action and live action is going on. We want to see how the betting lines are set, if and when they change, and how well they stack up with the Vegas standard lines you can easily find for reference. In other words, we tinker around to see if the sportsbook in question would be a good home for us. If it’s good enough for us as gamblers, then we know it’s good enough for you.

If the site in question comes across as if it isn’t worth our time gambling on, or if we find features that don’t meet our high standards, then the process is simple. We trash the idea of a review and you’re never going to read about the site here. We’re not going to waste anyone’s time by creating a top list of the worst sportsbooks out there. Nobody even needs to waste their time learning these site names, much less visiting them. Instead, we focus all of our efforts on only the best sportsbooks, providing you with a list of the best in the business.

What We Look For in a Quality Sportsbook

We mentioned previously that we’re definitely out to see which sportsbooks are more popular and more well received by the public at large, but that’s far from the only criterion we’re using when judging these sites. We are on the hunt for a site that can match a broad list of criteria. A few of the things we look for in a quality sportsbook include but aren’t limited to:

• A site that has a stellar reputation for doing fair business and treating customers well
• A sportsbook that offers a whole lot of different sports and different lines, and even some unique lines
• A sportsbook that provides people with the option to bet on props and to participate in live betting
• A sportsbook that offers up lucrative bonuses and promotions so that you can actually get some more money by simply depositing with the site
• A site whose software is graphically attractive, seamless in its operation, and that can operate well on any sort of platform
• A site that is fully licensed and regulated in a locale that makes the site 100% legal to gamble with
• A sportsbook that preferably has some simulcast options if you want to get into its racebook section and bet some money on the ponies
• A site that provides you with numerous banking options for depositing and withdrawing money
• A sportsbook that has accurate lines that fall in with what the oddsmakers in Vegas and elsewhere are putting out in the real world, so you’ll know that the sports on which you’re gambling are fair

We do not think it’s a lot to ask that a site matches on all these criteria. In our opinion, it’s the least a site can do if said site actually wants your business. The site in question should be popular and expansive and work on all platforms and have banking options, etc. If it doesn’t match these criteria, we’ll move on to find a site that does.

Why You Should Heed Our Recommendations

After you’re done checking out our reviews and seeing which sites we suggest to you, you’re perfectly free to go another way if you so choose. However, we do urge some caution here. Flying solo when seeking a site could spell disaster. Remember that our sites are thoroughly vetted and must match a lot of different criteria before we’ll recommend them. If you’re on the hunt by yourself, you might not put in that amount of effort and may instead join a site just because it’s offering you X amount in a bonus. By the time you realize that the site isn’t up to snuff, your money is already deposited and you’re locked in. By going with our recommendations, you’re going to get it right the first time and find a site that’s worthy of your investment.