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Comparing Legal Sports Betting Deposit & Payout Options


At any reputable online sportsbook, the first thing you have to do before you can bet real money is deposit real money.

For USA players, the UIGEA domestic banking regulation has made transfers difficult in the past, but the best sports betting sites now offer numerous reliable, safe, legal options that are much more UIGEA-friendly.

The site comparison below covers the basics of which venues accept which payment types, but for more detailed information, the chart at the bottom of the bottom of the page includes all our ratings and other pertinent data for each bet funding method.

Online Bet Funding Site Comparisons

Bovada brand logoBest Bonus:
: 75% Up To $750
Sign-Up: 50% Up To $250

Bitcoin + BCH, LTC
Visa, MC, AmEx
Apple Pay + eWallets
PayPal + P2P Apps
Bovada Vouchers

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MyBookie LogoBest Bonus:
Sign-Up: 50% Up To $1000
Cash: 10% Up To $200

Bitcoin + Bitcoin Cash
Litecoin + Ripple
Visa, Mastercard
QuickBit + QB Direct
Bank Wire

Enhanced Bitcoin Bonuses Available On All Deposits!

BetOnline LogoBest Bonus:
Bitcoin: 100% Up To $1000
Sign-Up: 50% Up To $1000

Bitcoin + Bitcoin Cash
Visa, MC, AmEx, Discover
QuickBit + QB Direct
Ria Money Transfer

All Players Get BetOnline Reload Bonuses For Life!

Xbet LogoBest Bonus:
: 100% Up To $500
Reload: 25% Up To $250

Bitcoin + Bitcoin Cash
Ripple (XRP)
Visa, Mastercard
QuickBit + QB Direct
Money Order

Unlimited Refer-A-Friend Bonuses - $250 Each!

Online Bet Funding Methods Explained

CalculatorThe following sportsbook banking options are what you’ll find at most legal sports betting sites that serve US customers. Many of these can be used for both deposits and payouts, though some are deposit-only or withdrawal-only. Each banking option listed below comes with different benefits, transfer times, bonus options, and processing fees.

The chart at the bottom of this page provides a comprehensive comparison of each payment type for safe, secure online sports gambling, and it should answer any questions you may have about which of the following bet funding options are right for you.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer the best balance of any legal bet funding option. With crypto, you’ll get quick, guaranteed deposits as well as the biggest sports betting bonuses, same-day withdrawals, and no added fees. Plus, thanks to blockchain technology, crypto is also the safest and most secure way to get your sports betting account topped off.

Note: All cryptocurrency transactions have small built-in fees as part of their native transaction processes. These are assessed for all crypto transfers and are not charged by any legal online betting site. Different cryptocurrencies carry different fees depending on the complexities of their “mining” protocols, which is something savvy sports bettors should take into account.

  • Bitcoin (BTC) ­ - Accepted at all legal online sportsbooks. Highest blockchain fees, longest processing times, highest investment potential.
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – Accepted at all legal online sportsbooks. Moderate blockchain fees, fast processing times, high investment potential.
  • Ethereum (ETH) – Accepted at most legal online sportsbooks. Moderate blockchain fees, moderate processing times, high investment potential.
  • Litecoin (LTC) – Accepted at all legal online sportsbooks. Low blockchain fees, fastest processing times, high investment potential.
  • Ripple (XRP) – Limited support at online betting sites. Low blockchain fees, fast processing times, moderate investment potential.
  • Stellar (XLM) – Limited support at online betting sites. Lowest blockchain fees, fastest processing times, moderate investment potential.

Credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards (i.e. secured credit cards), and gift cards are accepted by all reputable sports betting sites for USA players. Every operator takes Visa and Mastercard, and some also take AmEx and Discover. Visa cards have the highest UIGEA rejection rates, while prepaid cards and gift cards have the lowest rejection rates. All gift cards used for online sports betting must be rated for international transactions.

Reputable online sportsbooks do not charge added fees. However, typical card fees and select international transfer fees apply per the terms of your card issuer. Please consult your card’s terms of service for more details about fees.

  • Visa – Accepted everywhere, lowest success rate, moderate fees.
  • Mastercard – Accepted everywhere, high success rate, moderate fees.
  • American Express – Limited acceptance, high success rate, highest fees.
  • Discover – Limited acceptance, high success rate, moderate fees.
  • Prepaid Credit – Accepted everywhere, high success rate, low fees.
  • Debit – Accepted everywhere, high success rate, moderate fees.
  • Gift Cards – Accepted everywhere, highest success rate, lowest fees.

Mobile wallets, also called digital wallets or e-Wallets, are services used by the biggest mobile device manufacturers (Apple, Google, Samsung) to organize your credit, debit, prepaid, and gift cards. These make online banking and bet funding more convenient for most users.

Cards stored in your eWallet can be used for legal online bet funding, provided they’re good for international purchases (all typical card fees apply). You can also use eWallets to make instant P2P cash transfers, but sportsbook deposits via P2P are limited to operators that support betting vouchers or player transfers.

  • Apple Pay – Most popular eWallet platform, excellent added security. Only compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers.
  • Google Pay – Popular eWallet platform, adequate added security. Compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Samsung Pay – Popular eWallet platform, excellent added security. Only compatible with select modern Samsung Galaxy smartphones and smartwatches.

Person-to-person, or P2P, apps are financial services that allow you to send money to other app users. These are mostly US-only, but some services are good for international transfers (though added fees typically apply to cross-border transactions).

Currently, no legal online sports betting site can accept P2P deposits directly, which is why these apps can only be used for bet funding purposes at sites that support sportsbook vouchers or player transfers. Some P2P services have branded credit cards you can sign up for, but these are usually not useful for online sports betting deposits. 

  • PayPal – The most popular P2P app. Used by most betting voucher/transfer sellers. US and international support.
  • Venmo – Popular P2P app. Used by many betting voucher/transfer sellers. US-only.
  • Cash App – Popular P2P app. Used by some betting voucher/transfer sellers. US-only, UK-only.
  • Zelle – Popular P2P app. Used by many betting voucher/transfer sellers. US-only.

For P2P transfers, platforms like e-Wallets and PayPal et al. are viable for online sports betting deposits and withdrawals, but only at sites that support sports betting vouchers and player transfers. Currently, Bovada is the only reputable online sportsbook for US customers that makes use of the voucher/transfer system.

There are a few extra steps involved when using this bet funding method, but if you wish to use P2P payments to top off your betting account or to sell your eligible account balance to claim convenient, same-day payouts, account transfers are the only way to do so. Most legal online sportsbooks should support similar transfer options soon. 

  • Sportsbook Vouchers – Limited support (Bovada only). No fees, lower deposit and withdrawal limits.
  • Player Transfers – Limited support (Bovada only). No fees, higher deposit and withdrawal limits.

While less popular than modern payment options, the top-rated online sports gambling websites still accept a variety of “old school” banking methods. These are mostly reliable and always guaranteed, though they have much longer processing times and much higher associated transfer fees for both deposits and withdrawals.

As such, they are less than ideal for bettors who wish to wager immediately. If you intend to use any of these banking options, please be sure to factor in the fees and wait times so you don’t miss out on valuable, time-sensitive betting opportunities.

  • Courier Check – Withdrawals only. Moderate fees, low limits, moderate transfer times.
  • e-Check – Deposits and withdrawals. Moderate fees, low limits, low transfer times.
  • Bank Wire – Deposits and withdrawals. High fees, high limits, long transfer times.
  • Money Order – Deposits only. High fees, variable limits, moderate transfer times.
  • Money Transfer – Deposits only. Variable fees, low limits, moderate transfer times.

In addition to various combinations of the above, many legal betting sites offer a selection of miscellaneous banking services you may prefer. These run the gamut in terms of accessibility and acceptance, but some of them make good sense for users in certain situations. The use cases for each option are explained below.

  • Zelle-To-Bitcoin – Deposits only. Allows first-time crypto bettors to buy Bitcoin without the multi-day wait times associated with commercial cryptocurrency exchanges. US players can use Zelle to purchase BTC on the exchange and get their accounts funded in under an hour. All overseas betting sites support the Zelle-To-BTC process. Same-day payouts can be requested in Bitcoin.
  • QuickBit – Deposits only. Allows those who do not own cryptocurrency to use their Visa or Mastercard credit or debit cards to make deposits that are converted to the Litecoin cryptocurrency and deposited into their betting accounts as such. Same-day payouts can be requested in Litecoin.
  • QB Direct – Deposits only. This is the same service as QuickBit under different branding, as some US online sportsbooks still use the QB Direct name in their deposit menus. You may also come across references to “BitQuick” at some sportsbooks, which is also the same service. Same-day payouts can be requested in Litecoin.
  • Ria – Deposits only. Allows bettors to make private money transfers to online sportsbook representatives overseas, which are then credited to their betting accounts. Transfers must be initiated and concluded using the Ria app. Payouts can be requested via courier check, e-Check, or bank wire.

Sports Betting Banking Options Compared – At-A-Glance

If you just want a quick breakdown of each legal online sportsbook’s basic banking suite and a general overview of what each deposit and withdrawal type offers, you’ll be able to get that information quickly and easily using the chart below.

For a more detailed analysis of online sports bet funding, the master chart further down the page offers more granular insight on the best methods to use. Jump to Comprehensive Analysis.

Deposit TypeBovadaBetOnlineMyBookieXbetRatingMax Dep.Max WDSame Day PayoutsFeesBonus RatingEase of Use
P2P AppsYesNoNoNo9$15,000$15,000YesNone85

Sports Betting Payouts By Deposit Type

When you’ve won your wagers and are ready to be paid out, the best legal sportsbooks online allow you claim withdrawals in several different ways. However, not all deposits are eligible for all payout methods.

Since getting paid in a timely manner and in a method that works best for your needs is a major consideration for sports gambling fans, it’s important that you choose a deposit option that supports the type of payout you wish to receive.

  • Bitcoin
  • Altcoins
  • Betting Vouchers
  • Player Transfers
  • P2P Apps
  • eWallets
  • Checks
  • Bank Wires

Important Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Withdrawal Notes:

Depositing with cryptocurrency allows you to claim withdrawals through any supported method. However, if you deposit using crypto and request a payout with a non-crypto option, you will have to pay the standard fees associated with that method, and multi-day wait times will be involved. 

To get same-day payouts with no added fees, you must withdraw in cryptocurrency. At most legal online betting sites, you must also withdraw in the same cryptocurrency with which you deposited.

For example, if you deposit in Litecoin, you cannot then withdraw in Bitcoin (or any different altcoin). This is to keep players from taking advantage of the fluid cryptocurrency marketplace to the sportsbook's financial detriment. 

  • Betting Vouchers
  • Player Transfers
  • P2P Apps
  • eWallets
  • Checks
  • Bank Wires

Important Credit/Debit Withdrawal Notes:

Credit cards, debit cards, prepaid credit cards (aka secured credit cards), and gift cards* allow you to claim withdrawals by any supported method except for cryptocurrency. Online sportsbooks used to allow card chargebacks as payouts, but this is no longer supported. 

In general, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover have higher success rates than Visa, as Visa deposits are slightly more likely to be delayed or declined due to the UIGEA.

For the best success rates, gift cards are recommended, but these require you to purchase such cards through retail channels, adding another step to the deposit process that may prove inconvenient for some bettors.

*Gift cards used to make legal online sports betting deposits must be rated for international transactions. 

  • Betting Vouchers
  • Player Transfers
  • P2P Apps
  • eWallets
  • Checks
  • Bank Wires

Important e-Wallet Withdrawal Notes:

The most popular and widely supported e-Wallet platforms include services like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. These add hardware-enabled security features to your typical card-based transactions, but they also allow you to buy and sell sports betting vouchers or player transfers with their built-in P2P features. 

When using a linked card, you will be eligible for the same withdrawal methods as you would when using eWallet P2P services. However, you can only get same-day payouts when selling your account balance via vouchers/P2P apps (which is not guaranteed but will sometimes be possible). Otherwise, payouts will be disbursed through traditional methods and will come with all typical fees and wait times.  

  • Betting Vouchers
  • Player Transfers
  • P2P Apps
  • eWallets
  • Checks
  • Bank Wires

Important Person-To-Person Withdrawal Notes:

To withdraw your sports betting winnings after making a P2P deposit (via vouchers or player transfers), you can choose any non-crypto option supported by your sportsbook. These all come with added fees and wait times, with the exception of voucher/transfer-based withdrawals (using P2P apps or e-Wallets). There are no fees for these kinds of withdrawals. 

That said, while bettors can sometimes get same-day payouts via P2P/voucher/eWallet, these are not guaranteed, as it may be several days before a buyer contacts you to purchase your voucher code. Once they do, however, you can arrange the sale using PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.  

  • Betting Vouchers
  • Player Transfers
  • P2P Apps
  • eWallets
  • Checks
  • Bank Wires

Important Voucher/Transfer Withdrawal Notes: 

Sports betting vouchers and player transfers aren't available at all sites yet, but they're a convenient option for users at venues that support them. When depositing using this method, you can withdraw your winnings via any normal non-crypto payout option. 

When withdrawing by selling all or part of your eligible account balance using vouchers or player transfers, there are no added fees, and payouts can sometimes be same-day. However, you won't always get a buyer the same day you post your voucher code or player transfer code for sale. 

Remember, the only reliable way to claim same-day payouts is to deposit and withdraw using cryptocurrency. 

  • Betting Vouchers
  • Player Transfers
  • P2P Apps
  • eWallets
  • Checks
  • Bank Wires

Important Traditional Banking Withdrawal Notes: 

Traditional banking methods used for withdrawals include courier checks, e-Checks, and bank wires. However, these are the most expensive options for collecting your legal betting winnings, and they should only be used if no other options are appealing to you. 

You can deposit using traditional methods and claim payouts via vouchers/transfers (using P2P apps or eWallet services) to save money and expedite the withdrawal process. Of course, if you're willing to do this, you should seriously consider depositing using a faster and higher-value method in the first place. 

  • Bitcoin
  • Betting Vouchers
  • Player Transfers
  • P2P Apps
  • eWallets
  • Checks
  • Bank Wires

Important Zelle-To-Bitcoin Withdrawal Notes: 

When you deposit using the Zelle-to-BTC process, you are ultimately making a Bitcoin deposit. Thus, you will be eligible for most supported payout options, including Bitcoin. This is the primary allure of the Zelle-Bitcoin method. 

However, please note that most sites will not allow you to withdraw in any other cryptocurrency except Bitcoin when you've made a corresponding Bitcoin deposit. While that shouldn't be a problem for most sports bettors, it's just something to keep in mind.  

  • Litecoin
  • Checks
  • Bank Wires

Important QuickBit/QB Direct Withdrawal Notes:

You cannot withdraw funds using the QuickBit or QB Direct service. However, because this deposit method actually turns your Visa or Mastercard deposit into the Litecoin cryptocurrency (which is credited to your account as such), you are eligible for Litecoin withdrawals and all other typical withdrawal methods supported by your sportsbook. 

Currently, the sportsbooks that accept QuickBit and QB Direct do not support the voucher or player transfer option, which means that you cannot use these methods (including P2P apps or eWallets) for withdrawals at this time. 

  • Checks
  • Bank Wires

Important Ria Money Transfer Withdrawal Notes:

The Ria Money Transfer option is available only at select sportsbooks, and the sites currently accepting Ria do not support vouchers or player transfers. This means that you cannot make Ria deposits and then withdraw your winnings using P2P apps or eWallet platforms. 

Ultimately, Ria is a specialty deposit method that should only be used when no other options are available. It is the most limited in terms of support, and the payout avenues associated with Ria have the least flexibility. 

For some sports bettors, Ria is absolutely the best option, but most players will be much better off using any other bet funding method described on this page. 

Sports Betting Banking Options Compared – Comprehensive Analysis

The following comprehensive banking comparison features everything you need to know about each supported deposit and withdrawal method available at the best online sports betting sites.

The key beneath the chart explains each criterion and the scoring grades used (where applicable). The chart is sortable and scrollable (left to right), so you can immediately arrange these bet funding methods in accordance with your preferences.

Bitcoin (BTC)YesYesYesYes107Yes$10$5,000-$500,000None30-60 min.Yes10$5,000-No LimitNone2-4 hoursYesYes100%1010Yes18+Yes4
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)YesYesYesYes107Yes$10$5,000-$100,000None5-10 min.Yes10No LimitNone1-2 hoursYesYes100%910Yes18+Yes4
Ethereum (ETH)NoYesNoNo107Yes$20$5,000-$100,000None30-60 min.Yes20$100,000None1-2 hoursYesYes100%910Yes18+Yes1
Litecoin (LTC)YesYesYesYes107Yes$10$5,000-$100,000None3-5 min.Yes10No LimitNone1-2 hoursYesYes100%910Yes18+Yes4
Ripple (XRP)NoYesYesNo107Yes$20$5,000-$100,000None5-10 min.Yes20$100,000None1-2 hoursYesYes100%910Yes18+Yes2
Stellar (XLM)NoYesNoNo107Yes$20$5,000-$100,000None3-5 min.Yes20$100,000None1-2 hoursYesYes100%910Yes18+Yes1
USD Coin (USDC)No YesNoNo107Yes$100,000$20None3-5 min.Non/an/an/an/an/aYes100%910Yes18+Yes1
MastercardYesYesYesYes610Yes$20-$45$1500-$25003-5%InstantNon/an/an/an/an/aNo 90%88Yes18+Yes4
American ExpressYesYesNoNo610Yes$20-$45$1500-$25003-9%InstantNon/an/an/an/an/aNo90%88Yes18+Yes2
Prepaid CreditYesYesYesYes69Yes$20-$45$1500-$25003-5%InstantNon/an/an/an/an/aNo90%88Yes18+Yes4
Gift CardsYesYesYesYes57Yes$20-$45$1500-$25003-5%InstantNon/an/an/an/an/aNo90%88Yes18+Yes4
Apple Pay YesNoNoNo95Yes$10$3,000-$15,000NoneVariesYes10$3,000-$15,000NoneVariesYesYes100%89Yes18+Yes1
Google Pay YesNoNoNo95Yes$10$3,000-$15,000NoneVariesYes10$3,000-$15,000NoneVariesYesYes100%89Yes18+Yes1
Samsung Pay YesNoNoNo95Yes$10$3,000-$15,000NoneVariesYes10$3,000-$15,000NoneVariesYesYes100%89Yes18+Yes1
Cash App YesNoNoNo95Yes$10$3,000-$15,000NoneVariesYes10$3,000-$15,000NoneVariesYesYes100%88Yes18+Yes1
Zelle-To-BitcoinYesYesYesYes106Yes$10$5,000None1-2 hoursNon/an/an/an/an/aYes100%99Yes18+Yes4
Sportsbook VouchersYesNoNoNo95Yes$10$3,000NoneInstantYes10$3,000None1-2 daysYesYes100%88Yes18+Yes1
Player TransfersYesNoNoNo95Yes$10$15,000NoneInstantYes10$15,000NoneInstantYesYes100%88Yes18+Yes1
QB DirectNoYesYesYes109Yes$30-$45$100-$5003-5%10-15 min.Non/an/an/an/an/aYes100%99Yes18+Yes3
QuickBitNoYesYesYes109Yes$30-$45$100-$5003-5%10-15 min.Non/an/an/an/an/aYes100%99Yes18+Yes3
RiaNoYesNoNo63Yes$50$500Varies1-2 daysNon/an/an/an/an/aYes100%85Yes18+Yes1
Courier CheckYesYesNoNo75Non/an/an/an/aYes100$3,000None3-5 daysNoNo95%83Yes18+No4
e-CheckNoYesYesYes35Yes$50$450None2-5 daysYes100$1,000$20 + 2.5% 3-5 daysNoNo95%83Yes18+No2
Bank WireNoYesYesYes35Yes$1000No Limit$35+ 5-7 daysYes500$5,000-$25,000$35+5-7 daysNoNo95%83Yes18+No3
Money OrderNoYesNoNo23YesVariesVariesVaries3-7 daysNon/an/an/an/aNoYes100%83Yes18+No1
Money TransferNoYesYesYes53Yes$100$500-$600Varies3-7 daysNon/an/an/an/aNoYes100%83Yes18+No2

Chart Key - How We Grade Each Online Sports Betting Banking Option

The big chart above covers all possible data points relevant to choosing the best online sports betting banking option for your situation. This key briefly explains the meaning of each column. In some categories, you’ll see a grading system used. The rationale for each grade level is included in the key description for the column in question.

Overall Rating

Overall rating of the banking method, based on a 10-point scale. A rating of 10 is the top option, offering the best success rates, transfer times, banking limits, and same-day payouts. Methods rated at 9 are viable for most users. Options with ratings between 9 and 7 are typically effective but can occasionally be delayed. Options rated 6 and below should be avoided if possible. That said, all methods listed will work – the rating is simply a measure of how quickly and conveniently they work. 

Ease Of Use

How easy it is to use a given deposit method or payout method. Credit and debit card deposits are the easiest ways to move money into your account, but such transfers can occasionally be decline. Cryptocurrencies are our preferred overall banking option, but there are extra steps involved in making a crypto deposit if you don't already own crypto. Similarly, vouchers/transfers, P2P apps, and eWallets all require players to go through their site classified ads to coordinate with other site members, which can take extra time and effort. Services like Ria and traditional banking methods all involve extra legwork, as well. 


Whether or not the banking method can be used for sports betting deposits.  

Deposit Min

The minimum amount you must deposit using the banking method. A range of values indicates that different sites have different deposit minimums.

Deposit Max

The maximum amount you can deposit using the banking method. A range of values indicates that different sites have different deposit maximums.

Deposit Fees

The typical fees associated with the banking method.

Deposit Time

The amount of time a typical deposit takes using the banking method. This is how long you’ll usually have to wait before you can start betting.


Whether or not the banking method can be used for sports betting payouts.

Withdrawal Min

The minimum amount of money you must withdraw using the banking method. A range of values indicates that different sites have different payout minimums.

Withdrawal Max

The maximum amount of money you can withdraw using the banking method. A range of values indicates that different sites have different payout maximums.

Withdrawal Fees

The typical fees associated with this banking method.

Withdrawal Time

The amount of time a typical withdrawal takes using the banking method. This is how long you’ll usually have to wait to receive your payouts stateside.

Same-Day Payouts

Whether or not the banking method allows for same-day payouts.


Whether or not the banking method is susceptible to UIGEA interference.

Success Rate

How often you can expect the banking method to go through without any delays or issues as a result of the UIGEA.

Bonus Rating

How valuable the bonus options are for each deposit method, on a 10-point scale. Sites with a score of 10 offer the best betting promos that add the most money to your bankroll, usually reserved for exclusive cryptocurrency deposits. Sites with bonuses rated at 9 offer normal enhanced crypto bonuses, while those rated at 8 feature basic bonuses available for all non-crypto deposits. All sports betting bonuses are optional and come with fair rollover requirements.

Security Rating

How secure the banking method is, on a 10-point scale. Methods rated with a 10 are reserved for cryptocurrencies that add blockchain technology to standard banking encryption. Ratings of 9 are for those methods that add extra layers of security (passcodes or biometrics) to standard payment types. 8-point ratings reflect those methods that use typical industry best practices (SSL/TLS encryption). Methods with ratings of 5 and below are the least secure and are recommended only for special cases.

USA Legal

Whether or not the sports betting bet funding method is legal to use for USA residents. 

Minimum Age

How old you have to be to legally use the bet funding method supported by your sportsbook. All legal USA online sports betting sites require their members to be at least 18 years of age, and most banking options have a similar age minimum. 

Number Of Sites

How many of our recommended legal online sportsbooks use the banking option in question.