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Bitcoin Cash Sports Betting Deposits

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  • The original Bitcoin spinoff – Faster and cheaper than BTC
  • Accepted by all major crypto sportsbook sites
  • Score the best online sports betting bonuses

When it comes to online sports betting with legal overseas operators, getting money into your account can sometimes be a headache. However, the most forward-thinking legal online sportsbooks have long offered reliable sports betting deposit methods that make the process quick and easy.

Bitcoin Cash sports betting deposits are one such highly regarded and reputable option. For those gamblers looking to wager on sporting events, there’s no faster way to get their accounts topped off than by using BCH. If you need money in your betting account ASAP, BCH is GTG!

Of course, if you don’t know how to buy Bitcoin Cash or have never used cryptocurrency before, you might be intimidated by the new concepts around digital money in general. But rest easy, because it is 100% legitimate currency, and it’s among the best banking methods going for getting your betting account ready for the big game. Our brief BCH guide has everything you need to know to start using Bitcoin Cash for all your sports betting needs.

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    Best Bitcoin Cash Betting Sites For 2024

    Site NameBitcoin BonusAgeU.S.Visit Site
    Top Rated #1 IconBovada Sportsbook50% Max $75018+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
    2BetUS125% Max $3,12518+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
    3MyBookie Sportsbook50% Max $1,00021+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
    4xbet logo50% Max $50021+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
    5Betonline Sportsbook100% Max $35018+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
    6sports betting logo50% Max $1,00018+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review

    What Is Bitcoin Cash?

    Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency alternative to Bitcoin – aka an “altcoin” – that was actually created from a Bitcoin hard fork in 2017 and often used at the fastest paying online sportsbooks. Bitcoin Cash – like its Bitcoin parent protocol – uses a proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm to verify every new block of transactions, but because of its comparative flexibility to Bitcoin, it’s able to process transactions much faster.

    BCH is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin itself, and it is regarded in the industry as a “stablecoin.” Because of this status, many online retailers and service providers accept the token, including legal offshore sports betting sites.

    Indeed, for online sports bettors, one of the best reasons to use BCH is its increased processing speed when transferring funds into and out of sportsbook accounts. All the top online sports betting sites accept Bitcoin Cash as a matter of course, just as they all accept Bitcoin sportsbook deposits.

    As a general rule, if you wish to use your crypto to make transactions, then BCH is the way to go. If you wish to “hold” your crypto as an investment, then BTC is the way to go.

    Is Bitcoin Cash Legal For Funding Online Sports Bet?

    Yes, you can legally fund your online sports bets using Bitcoin Cash at all the most trusted online sportsbook operators. Just as these sites are legal for all USA bettors to use at age 18 and up, so too is it legal to use all types of altcoins to fund online sports betting. There are no US gambling laws against using BCH, and the cryptocurrency is totally decentralized and unregulated.

    One of the best Bitcoin Cash benefits for online sports gambling is that the cryptocurrency is not tied to any bank or government entity. Thus, there is no way for USA banking regulations like the UIGEA to interrupt BCH transfers, allowing you to cut through any red tape when you want to get your sportsbook account topped off in a hurry.

    Bitcoin Cash Sports Betting Benefits

    Bitcoin IconWhenever new players sign up to bet on sports online, we always recommend using cryptocurrencies instead of typical banking methods like credit cards, debit cards, money orders, cashier’s checks, or bank wires.

    This is because crypto – in this case, Bitcoin Cash – offers USA bettors a number of benefits over depositing and withdrawing via any other sports betting banking method:

    • Legal for all US and international sports bettors aged 18+
    • Guaranteed transactions – no red tape, no declined payments
    • PayPal Bitcoin Cash support could soon allow outgoing transfers for easy first-time crypto betting transactions
    • Transfers complete in just a few minutes – bet on your favorite players and teams immediately
    • Quantum-hacking-resistant blockchain technology – the safest, most secure way to send money over the Internet
    • Increased anonymity so your private information stays private
    • Zero transfer fees for deposits or payouts
    • Highest transfer limits
    • Enhanced cryptocurrency bonuses – double your bankroll!
    • Only same-day payout option for online sports betting
    • Investment-grade crypto – BCH appreciates in value so your winning bets are worth even more

    Cryptocurrency Sportsbook Bonuses

    Every trusted online sportsbook offers its members extra perks for depositing with Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies. This is a very compelling reason on its own to always fund your online betting with crypto like BCH.

    Typically, when you sign up at an international sportsbook site, you will be offered a welcome bonus that matches a percentage of your deposit, letting you immediately grow your bankroll before ever placing a bet. But if you make a BCH deposit instead of a credit card, check, or other traditional deposit, you can often get twice the amount of bonus betting free plays. Instead of a 50% deposit match up to $500, BCH might earn you a 100% deposit match of up to $1000!

    The same is true for the sites that offer reload bonuses. Whenever you make a fresh deposit into your account, you can claim a bonus that tops off your wallet with another deposit match promo. If you use Bitcoin Cash, you’ll get that much more free cash for your trouble.

    It’s important to note that all online sports betting bonuses come with rollover requirements that must be met before you withdraw, but they’re always very favorable and easy to meet. Best of all, when you get an enhanced Bitcoin Cash gambling bonus, that rollover stays the same.

    How To Buy Bitcoin Cash

    In the early days of crypto, “mining” was a thing. However, due to increased system requirements these days, most cryptocurrency mining is a thing of the past on an individual level. Yes, it’s theoretically possible to be a Bitcoin Cash miner, but most bettors aren’t interested in the technicalities of BCH or any other crypto – They just want an easy way to buy BCH so they can deposit it at their favorite online sportsbooks and enjoy their hobby.

    If you already own another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dogecoin, you likely already know that you can trade those coins for BCH coins on any reputable exchange. But if you’re a first-time buyer, the following steps explain all you need to know to purchase Bitcoin Cash.

    1. Open an account with a cryptocurrency exchange that allows USD-to-BCH transfers. The most popular crypto buy-in exchange for US residents is Coinbase. However, there are other options available as well (see below)
    2. At your crypto exchange, link your bank account or use a credit or debit card. The current price at the time you place your order will be the price you get, regardless of how the BCH value moves between the time you buy BCH and the time it’s actually delivered to your exchange wallet. This can take up to 10 days for first-time BCH buyers, so please plan accordingly.
    3. Once your funds arrive, you can keep it on the exchange where you bought it or move it to another exchange of your liking. You can also put your crypto into a wallet, taking it off the exchanges completely. The choice is yours!

    How To Make Sportsbook Deposits Using Bitcoin Cash

    Once you’ve acquired your BCH, you need to understand how to make Bitcoin Cash deposits at your online sportsbook of choice. Fortunately, the steps are super simple:

    1. Follow any link on this page to the legal sports betting site you wish to join, find the “Sign Up” or “Join” button, and click or tap it.
    2. Enter your real credentials, including your first and last name, your email address, and your phone number. It is important that you use verifiable information, because even though you’re depositing with BCH, you still have to prove your identity in order to claim any withdrawals. All the top sportsbooks guard your private data securely, and they never share it with or sell it to third parties.
    3. Choose a username and password for the site.
    4. Choose the BCH from the selection of deposit options.
    5. Copy down the site’s Bitcoin Cash address.
    6. From your cryptocurrency exchange account or private BCH wallet, plug the above address into the “Send” option’s recipient field.
    7. Enter the BCH amount you wish to transfer to your online bookmaker, and submit the form.

    In just a few minutes, your transfer will go through, and your betting account will be credited with the amount sent. Most sites will convert deposits to their USD equivalent, though some operators will also allow you to convert it to mBTC (or milliBitcoin).

    Once your account is funded, simply browse the betting boards, click or tap on any line or lines you like, and place single wagers or parlays at your convenience. If you still need help see our how-to guide for funding online sportsbooks with cryptocurrency.

    Where To Buy Bitcoin Cash

    There are several options for where to buy Bitcoin Cash. Assuming you are trying to purchase BCH with USD via credit, debit, or bank transfers (ECH), there are numerous crypto exchanges to consider in total:

    • Binance US
    • Bittrex
    • Coinbase
    • Coinbase Pro
    • Coinmama
    • eToro
    • Kraken
    • + More

    Not all of these USA crypto exchanges will allow you to directly purchase BCH with USD, but most will. However, there's still that lengthy exchange wait time to consider for new Bitcoin Cash users. If you wish to forego the major exchange process to quickly acquire BCH, there are several alternate options to do so.

    How To Buy Bitcoin Cash With No Waiting

    If you don't want to wait on the major exchanges to credit your crypto to your account or unlock off-platform trading because the games you want to wager on are taking place today, tomorrow, or this weekend, you don't have to. You can still buy Bitcoin Cash quickly and easily through any of these alternative avenues:

    Atomic Wallet Store

    Atomic Wallet is a "universal" mobile crypto wallet app that lets you send, receive, and trade over 300 different popular cryptocurrency assets. However, Atomic also lets you buy over 30 different crypto coins directly with your Visa or Mastercard credit card.

    The Atomic store allows you to buy BCH along with every other online sports betting crypto coin featured at the sites we recommend. This includes Ripple (XRP), which is notable because Atomic is the only venue where you can readily and easily buy XRP if you live in the USA. Atomic crypto buys all come with a 5% added fee.

    Coinify Crypto Store

    Like Atomic, Coinify is a secure, easy place to buy several popular crypto coins to use for online sports betting, including Bitcoin Cash. There's no lengthy wait to worry about – just enter in your credit card number, select the amount of BCH you want, and submit your purchase.

    That said, unlike Atomic, Coinify isn't a wallet platform, so you'll need your own Bitcoin Cash wallet (see below) before you can actually buy and receive any BCH from Coinify. Coinify charges a small premium on all crypto purchases and is only available in 33 US states.


    If you have a US bank account, you likely have access to Zelle. This means you can quickly use Zelle to buy Bitcoin. While you can't buy BCH with Zelle directly, you can buy BTC with Zelle, send that BTC to any online crypto exchange, and then trade that BTC for BCH (or any other supported crypto coin).

    This is a time-consuming process, but it won't take more than 5-10 hours, which is much faster than 5-10 days. The price of Bitcoin is a little more when using Zelle, but it's not tremendously more, so the premium is worthwhile for many online gamblers.

    Cash App-To-BTC-To-BCH

    Cash App is the only P2P instant-transfer app that allows you to buy Bitcoin and then send it to any external address you wish. While you can buy BTC with PayPal and Venmo, you can't then move that BTC anywhere else. (PayPal betting and Venmo betting are still possible using sports betting vouchers and MatchPay, however).

    With Cash App, you can buy BTC immediately and then send that BTC to any other exchange where you can trade it for Bitcoin Cash. Then, just send that to your online sportsbook of choice. Cash App Bitcoin fees are about 2% of market price.

    Best Bitcoin Cash Wallets For Sports Betting

    If you plan to use BCH to fund your legal online sportsbook account, you will need a Bitcoin Cash wallet. Fortunately, there are several wallets that support Bitcoin Cash, and there are four different categories, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

    That said, because sports betting lines can change so frequently and often shift from one moment to the next, it’s very important that your BCH wallet is quick and easy to use for instant online transactions. Otherwise, you may not get money into your account to wager on a favorable line before it turns into an unfavorable one.

    Bitcoin Cash Online Wallets – Ferrari

    • Binance US
    • Bittrex
    • Coinbase
    • Other Online Exchange Wallets

    Bitcoin Cash Software Wallets – BMW

    Bitcoin Cash Hardware Wallets - Honda

    • Ledger Nano X
    • Ledger Nano S
    • Trezor One

    Bitcoin Cash Paper Wallets – Bicycle

    The fastest wallets to use for sending crypto to your legal online sportsbook are web-based online wallets. These allow you to send and receive BCH faster than any other solution. Many of them are also mobile-friendly, so they pair nicely with all the best sites’ mobile sports betting suites.

    Software wallets are a bit more secure, but they’re not quite as quick on the draw (or withdrawal!) as online BCH wallets. Still, in terms of overall security vs. performance, we typically like the software wallet route best.

    Hardware wallets allow for cold storage, letting you keep your tokens safely off the Internet altogether. If you hold your BCH this way, you will have to go through extra steps to send Bitcoin Cash to your sportsbook every time you make a deposit, but these are the most secure options.

    Paper wallets are for long-term cold storage and should only be used for ultra-secure investment, not BCH trading. We do not recommend using BCH paper wallets in general due to the heightened risk of loss: If you lose that piece of paper, you lose your money!

    Note: Please only download software wallets from their official, verified developer sites. Additionally, you should only purchase a BCH hardware wallet from the manufacturer directly rather than going through any third-party vendor like Amazon or eBay.

    Get Same-Day Sports Betting Payouts With Bitcoin Cash

    Putting all the other great reasons to use Bitcoin Cash sports betting solutions aside, the primary reason we advocate funding your sportsbook account with BCH is that the cryptocurrency allows for same-day payouts. No other deposit method besides crypto will let you receive your sports betting payouts on the same day you request them, as more traditional banking methods take between two and five days to process and show up stateside.

    In addition to same-day payouts, of course, BCH deposits and withdrawals have high limits and no added fees, which means you get to keep more of your winnings than you otherwise might should you elect to use withdrawal methods like courier checks, bank wires, or money orders.

    A Bitcoin Cash payout generally takes between 15-30 minutes, though many sites “hedge their bets” by claiming that the process takes 12-24 hours. In our experience, it almost never takes nearly that long, which means that you can use your sports betting winnings for things like paying bills, buying groceries, or funding projects that can’t wait.

    So if you can’t wait to get betting, use Bitcoin Cash and start gambling today!

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