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Legal Sports Betting Age By State In 2024

US States
  • Domestic Sportsbook Minimum Age Requirements Vary By State
  • Offshore Sports Betting Sites Accept US-Based Members At 18
  • 7 States Currently Offer Domestic Sports Betting At 18 Years Old

The landscape of sports betting across America changes from state-to-state, but the details become easier to follow when considering offshore sportsbook sites. The legal sports betting age by state in the USA fluctuates from 18 to 21, but most legal offshore sportsbook sites favor eighteen-year-old customers.

The following guide reveals the differences between the legal sports betting age using domestic and offshore sportsbooks in each state, and also details the advantages that international online gambling sites hold over their state-based counterparts.

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    List of Legal Sports Betting Age By State

    This list provides a bird's eye view of the minimum age required to legally bet on sports in each state and covers both state-licensed sports betting and legitimate offshore online sportsbooks. While most local sportsbooks in the US impose a minimum gambling age of 21, most offshore sportsbooks will welcome you at age 18, with a few exceptions.

    US States Where The Minimum Legal Gambling Age For Sports Betting Is 18 for 2024

    States With Local 18+ Sportsbooks

    What states can you gamble at 18 on pro and college sports? The following states feature local sportsbooks that allow for eighteen and over players to legally bet on sports.

    • Kentucky (Online/Mobile/In-Person): Local 18+ / Offshore 18+
    • Montana (Mobile/Online): Local 18+ / Offshore 18+
    • New Hampshire (Online/Mobile/In-Person): Local 18+ / Offshore 18+
    • New Mexico (In-Person): Local 18+ / Offshore 18+
    • Rhode Island (Online/Mobile/In-Person): Local 18+ / Offshore 18+
    • Tennessee (Online/Mobile): Local 18+ / Offshore 18+
    • Washington, D.C. (Online/Mobile/In-Person): Local 18+ / Offshore 18+
    • Wyoming (Online/Mobile): Local 18+ / Offshore 18+

    Offshore Sportsbooks That Allow For 18 & Over Betting

    Because offshore sportsbooks like the ones we link to on this page operate from within regulated gambling jurisdictions that fall outside of the United States, they are able to accept bets online over the Internet without violating any state or federal laws that are currently in place.

    Most of these international sports betting sites chose to designate 18 as their minimum gambling age, however, a few do require bettors to be 21.

    The only state that has a prohibition on all online gambling is Washington, however, their legislature is considering legalizing web-based sportsbooks which will remove this law from the books. Furthermore, there have yet to be any arrests made in WA for online sports betting with an offshore book, and several of the sites listed among our sportsbook reviews accept members from there.

    US States Where The Minimum Legal Betting Age Is 21 At Local Sportsbooks For 2024

    States With Regulated 21+ Sportsbooks

    A majority of the domestic sportsbooks that are currently operating in the USA are limited to 21 and older patrons. These state-regulated sports betting venues are open to residents and visitors to the region.

    Customers can travel to any local brick-and-mortar sportsbook, or one that is located in another state, but online sports betting cannot take place across state lines because of the Federal Wire Act and UIGEA.

    The following states feature state-regulated in-person, online, or mobile sports betting to 21+ gamblers and are all accepted at the legal online sportsbooks we feature on this page:

    • Arizona (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • Arkansas (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • Colorado (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • Connecticut (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • Delaware (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • Florida (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • Illinois (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • Indiana (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • Iowa (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • Kansas (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • Louisiana (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • Maine (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • Maryland (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • Massachusettes (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • Michigan (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • Mississippi (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • Nevada (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • Nebraska (In-Person)
    • New Jersey (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • New York (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • North Carolina (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • North Dakota (In-Person)
    • Ohio (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • Oregon (Online/Mobile)
    • Pennsylvania (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • South Dakota (In-Person)
    • Vermont (Online, Mobile)
    • Virginia (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • Washington (In-Person)
    • West Virginia (In-Person, Online, Mobile)
    • Wisconsin (In-Person, Online, Mobile)

    What Is The Legal Age For Betting On Sports At Offshore Sportsbooks?

    18 years old is the legal age to become a member with most offshore sportsbooks, but a small number do require customers to be 21 to place a wager online. Most of the international sports betting sites that have earned our highest ratings feature a minimum age of 18 to join and lay some action on favorite teams, players, and games. Here we've broken it down for you by bookmaker:

    18 and Up Sports Betting Apps

    Legal sports betting can take place on mobile devices across the entire country at 18 years of age when using our top sportsbook apps that are based in a regulated international gambling jurisdiction.

    Offshore sportsbook sites do things a little bit differently when it comes to mobile sports betting - there is no download required to Apple or Android devices.

    All that is mandatory is a connection to the web and the best in online sports betting can be instantly accessed in any US state by clicking on the sportsbook links provided above using iPhones, iPads, or any other current smartphone or tablet.

    How To Bet On Sports If You're Under 21

    While online sports betting sites can be pulled up in seconds, no bets can be placed until you create an account. 18 and over sports bettors can create a new account within a minute or two – here’s how:

    • Before signing up as a new user with an offshore sportsbook site, have a look through each one of our top online sports betting options listed above. The perks, features, and wagering options differ across the board so consider becoming a member with multiple books to exploit them all.
    • At the top of any page within the online sportsbook site will be a join button that can be clicked to initiate the new member process.
    • Type in the requested information to create an account and sportsbook login.
    • The next page will ask for the first deposit that must be made before any bets can be submitted. There will be several sportsbook banking options in play that include cryptocurrency and USD.
    • Now that sportsbook accounts are funded with betting cash, new account holders can wager on the sport of choice at 18 from anywhere inside the United States at 18 as long as the site serves that region.

    Can You Bet On Sports At Age 18?

    Yes. There are some states that regulate local sportsbooks with an allowance for 18-year-old customers to partake. Most state-regulated books require a minimum age of 21 to enter and place a bet on sports, largely due to alignment with the local drinking age.

    While some offshore sports betting sites require minimum ages that exceed eighteen, most of the premium online sportsbooks we include and link to on this page are all 18-friendly, and between them, they cover every single state in the USA.

    Legal Sports Betting At 18 vs. 21

    The options for legal sports betting differs across each US state, and that includes the minimum age to lay some action at a regulated sportsbook. For a detailed breakdown of which states offer legal sports betting through domestic means at the age of 18 and 21, refer to the sections above.

    If you’re 21 and located inside of the USA, any legitimate sportsbook (mobile/online/in-person/offshore) can be legally accessed and utilized to bet on sports depending on which state you’re in.

    It gets tricky when dealing with betting on sports legally between ages 18 and 20, which is a major factor as to why we so strongly endorse overseas gambling sites like the ones above.

    There’s no need to worry about state-to-state regulations when using our top offshore sportsbook sites as they all allow for eighteen-year-old members to join. Legally betting at 18 at domestic sportsbooks is a much more limited prospect.

    Can You Sports Bet At Age 18 At Offshore Sportsbooks?

    Yes, 18 and over sports bettors located inside of the United States are legally able to wager on pro or college athletics over the web using an offshore sportsbook that is operating from within a regulated gaming jurisdiction.

    Not all international sports betting sites allow members at the age of 18 from within the United States. However, most of the online sportsbooks we feature in this guide all allow for 18+ members to join and bet on sports 24/7/365.

    Why Is The Legal Gambling Age 21 At State Regulated Sportsbooks Across Most Of The USA?

    21+ iconThe decision-making process that leads regional politicians to place a 21 and older requirement on legal sports betting at domestic sportsbooks is largely due to the minimum age to drink alcohol. Because domestic books often reside or are operated from within a retail casino that serves alcohol, it makes sense to forbid 20-and-under customers.

    Even in states where 18+ sports betting is legal, domestic sportsbooks may still restrict their services to 21 and older patrons to avoid any complications with serving alcoholic beverages on site.

    Do You Have To Be 21 To Bet On Sports?

    No. Some states and most offshore sportsbooks allow for legal sports betting at the age of 18 or older. A majority of domestic sportsbooks require a minimum age of 21 to wager on pro or college sports. The online sportsbooks we link to above are located overseas and serve 18 and older gamblers across every state in the USA between them.

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