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Sports Betting Deposits Using Quickbit

  • UPDATE MAY 2021:  At this time, none of our recommended sportsbooks accept Quickbit deposits.  You can find other options in the sidebar menu.

For new online sports bettors, it can be a challenge to pick the most valuable and efficient deposit method for your needs. That’s why the best online sportsbooks offer their customers several different betting banking options, as there is no one-size-fits-all approach to bet funding. However, some methods are clearly better than others, and sports betting deposits using Quickbit fall into this category.

While Quickbit is not itself a gambling or betting product, the third-party payment platform is used by some of the top legal sports betting sites in the business. Quickbit is the best, fastest way for first-timers to deposit using cryptocurrency (in this case, Litecoin) without having to jump through all the hoops associated with acquiring crypto on the big exchanges. To learn more about the Quickbit platform, our quick, bite-sized guide has all the answers.

Legal US Online Sportsbooks Accepting Quickbit Deposits

Our recommended online sportsbooks have stopped processing QuickBit deposits and payouts, so we don't have any brands to refer you to if you are seeking to use QuickBit to fund your online sports betting.  If this changes at any time, we will update this information accordingly.  You can see other trusted account funding options in the menu.

What Is Quickbit?

Quickbit is a cryptocurrency exchange startup based in Sweden. The service’s main mission is to provide a crypto-based person-to-person (P2P) payment service that anyone in the world can use to buy crypto and send crypto to other parties for goods and services.

With Apple Pay and Google Pay integration, Quickbit offers online P2P transfers (like PayPal for crypto) and features Visa and Mastercard integration.

However, Quickbit is also a platform that various online vendors – such as legal online sports betting sites – can use to help members make credit or debit purchases that are immediately converted to crypto (in this case, Litecoin) before being deposited.

This gives sports bettors all the benefits of making crypto deposits – like zero added fees, the biggest sports betting bonuses, and same-day payout eligibility – without any of the lengthy wait times usually required for buying crypto for the first time.

Is Quickbit Legal To Use For Online Bet Funding?

Yes! As long as it’s legal for you to bet online in your region, it is legal to use Quickbit at participating sites that accept the payment option. In the United States, that means you can use Quickbit to enjoy legal mobile sports betting in most US states. Internationally, Quickbit is also available in most nations accepted by the sportsbooks in question.

Note: In the USA, one state – Washington – nominally bars all online gambling, including online sports betting. However, these laws are not historically enforced, and all betting sites that accept Quickbit also accept members from WA (18+). Still, please follow all local gaming mandates and proceed only at your own discretion if you live iin WA.

How Does Quickbit Work For Legal Online Sports Betting?

Quickbit works like a charm for sports wagering, and it’s extremely simple. When you join a sportsbook that employs the Quickbit payment system, you can select the option from the site’s sign-up panel. Existing members can find the option on the Cashier page or through their account portal.

Then, just use the secure Quickbit popup to enter the amount you wish to deposit, your credit/debit card number, and submit the form. From there, your funds will automatically be converted to Litecoin (LTC) at the current market price, where it is then deposited directly into your betting account.

Since Quickbit is technically a LTC deposit, you get all the perks of betting with crypto – including huge sports betting bonuses and same-day payouts – when you use this banking option.

Quickbit Deposit Benefits At USA Sportsbooks

We’ve briefly touched on the benefits of using Quickbit at the sportsbooks supporting the service, but it bears repeating, so we’ll do just that.

First of all, it’s important to remember that Quickbit deposits at legal online sportsbooks are actually cryptocurrency deposits. For those who already deposit with Bitcoin, Stellar, or Bitcoin Cash, Quickbit is unnecessary.

However, if you don’t yet own any crypto or are uninterested in buying Bitcoin et al., Quickbit is the best deposit option, as you’ll get all of the following perks:

  • Instant deposits so you don’t miss out on valuable odds for today’s big games
  • No waiting days or weeks to buy crypto from traditional exchanges
  • Make crypto deposits using credit or debit cards you already own
  • Deposits secured by quantum-hacking-resistant blockchain technology
  • Deposits have 100% success rates – No UIGEA red tape to get between you and the best betting lines
  • Enhanced sports betting bonuses – Double your money!
  • Access to same-day payouts (requires free online Litecoin wallet)

Same-Day Litecoin Payouts With Quickbit Deposits

Offshore sportsbooks have only one basic “weakness” compared to domestic options (in those states with legal sports betting laws on the books), and it has to do with the time it typically takes members to receive their withdrawals.

With most bet funding options, payouts take about 2-5 days on average, depending on the method you choose. However, cryptocurrency changes all that. Because crypto betting payouts are disbursed immediately and don’t have to go through any banks, you can receive same-day payouts from legal online betting sites operating internationally.

This, even more than the bigger bonuses crypto earns its users at the top Internet sportsbooks, is the primary reason to use Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other altcoin solutions. Remember, Quickbit deposits are technically Litecoin deposits, so same-day payouts are in play!

Just one thing: To receive same-day payouts after depositing with Quickbit, you cannot be paid through the Quickbit service. You will be paid out in the Litecoin cryptocurrency and will need a Litecoin wallet (see FAQs below for more information).

Crypto Sports Betting Bonus Options

Sportsbook bonuses are one of the most compelling reasons to use international sports betting sites instead of local options (where available), as they can double or even triple your bankroll right from the get-go.

And when you use cryptocurrency to make your deposits, that advantage is even more pronounced, as crypto deposits allow members to claim the biggest possible online sportsbook bonuses.

Plus, because crypto bonuses come with the exact same minimal rollover requirements (5-10X) that the best online sports betting sites are known for, it’s literally that much more free money!

If you want to make the most of your sports betting experience, crypto bonuses – like those you’ll get with Litecoin-based Quickbit deposits – are the gold standard, and you’ll only find them at the top international betting sites listed here.

Quickbit Deposit FAQs

Is Quickbit safe?

Yes! Quickbit deposits are safe, legal, and guaranteed.

Because you use your existing Visa or Mastercard to kick off Quickbit transactions, you’re protected by your bank’s or issuer’s SSL/TLS encryption standards and anti-fraud protections.

Additionally, since Quickbit deposits then complete your transactions using the Litecoin blockchain, you’ll get even more protections and anonymity.

Quickbit is among the safest possible ways to send money online.

Is Quickbit legitimate?

Absolutely. Quickbit is a legitimate crypto exchange and P2P instant-pay service.

While the startup is relatively new, it has already established itself in the crypto industry, and it’s making waves in the world of online finance in general.

Also, the most reputable online sportsbooks would not offer any payment option that isn’t tried and true, as these sites live and die on their reputations for efficient, fair, consistent banking options first and foremost.

The simple fact that these sites have chosen to implement Quickbit speaks volumes about Quickbit’s legitimacy.

Where is Quickbit based?

Quickbit eu AB is incorporated in Sweden and is headquartered in Stockholm. The company uses industrial KYC (Know Your Customer) standards and is bound by Swedish law as a recognized financial institution. 

Is Quickbit the same thing as QB Direct?

Essentially, yes. the QB Direct sportsbook funding option is a branded service mark owned by the Quickbit brand, and you may see “QB Direct” in the banking suite of your sportsbook instead of “Quickbit.” These are the same services.  

Is Quickbit only for online sports betting deposits?

No! Quickbit is a universal international cryptocurrency exchange and P2P payment platform that can be used by individuals and companies anywhere in the world.

Sportsbooks that accept Quickbit do so as a simple service for their members, and Quickbit has no special relationship with these or any betting/gambling sites.

Why doesn’t Quickbit use Bitcoin for sports betting deposits instead of Litecoin?

While Quickbit is a Bitcoin exchange (in addition to a Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin exchange), the reason why Litecoin was selected by legal online sportsbooks instead of Bitcoin is due to the fact that a Bitcoin transaction has higher built-in blockchain fees and longer transfer times.

While a Bitcoin deposit using Quickbit would take up to 15 minutes and cost up to several dollars in blockchain fees, Litecoin is practically instantaneous and costs just pennies for most transactions.

Plus, sportsbook operators know their bettors want to wager ASAP because lines and odds can shift from one minute to the next. Because time is of the essence, these books opted to use Quickbit for LTC transactions only.

Is Quickbit US-only or international?

Quickbit is available to users in the United States and internationally.

While some countries may not allow their residents to use Quickbit, that is not the case in any nation served by the legal online sportsbooks recommended here.

Why can’t I claim legal sports betting payouts through Quickbit?

Right now, Quickbit is only used as a deposit method at select top online sports betting sites.

Because Quickbit is a P2P service and a crypto exchange, it is conceivable that in the future, you’ll be able to request Quickbit payouts or withdrawals.

However, since Quickbit deposits are LTC deposits, you can already claim same-day payouts via Litecoin and have those sent directly to your LTC wallet of choice.

What is the best Litecoin wallet for same-day payouts?

There are several excellent Litecoin crypto wallets to choose from, and they are each safe and secure.

The best software LTC wallets (Electrum LTC, Atomic Wallet, etc.) are freely available online, and hardware LTC wallets (Ledger Nano S, Trezor One, etc.) can be purchased.

Please always download or purchase Litecoin wallets only from their official developer or manufacturer pages.

What else can I use Quickbit for?

Ideally, you’ll one day be able to use Quickbit for any P2P crypto transaction with any individual or service provider in the world. However, adoption on this scale will take time.

For now, Quickbit is mostly used as a crypto exchange, with retailers offering Quickbit support still operating at a limited capacity.

Online sports betting sites were among the first Internet-based service providers to employ the Quickbit platform, but they surely won’t be the last!

Disclaimer: Quickbit is a third-party payment processor and does not endorse this site or any online sports betting site in any way. This page is for informational purposes only. 

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