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Bovada Sportsbook Review for 2021

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Overall Rating 4.7

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Bovada Sportsbook Rating

Bovada Sportsbook is the online sports betting site that we consider to be the most reputable in the industry. They excel at everything they do across the board and routinely earn high ratings in numerous categories year after year.  Our Bovada Sportsbook Review provides an honest, inside look into the brand, including pros and cons.

New members can take advantage of an SBL exclusive welcome bonus offer at Bovada: 50% deposit bonus up to $1000 with Bonus Code: BVD1000. Bovada also has a Bitcoin bonus offering a 75% match up to $750 when using Bitcoin to fund online accounts. (You can use Bitcoin with the new exclusive bonus offer if you prefer - just insert the bonus code when making your deposit)

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Bovada Sportsbook Overview

Bovada was launched in 2011, and was previously owned and operated by Bodog. Bovada Sportsbook has since become an independent entity, and they are known for their long-term, reputable presence in the US online sportsbook industry.

Bovada offers optimum customer service and betting lines on the world's most popular sports. Today, Bovada operates out of the legal jurisdiction of Costa Rica and is able to serve the US sports betting market over the web.

Bovada's optimum customer service practices, timely and accurate payout delivery systems, and online data protection technologies are why we do business with them, and their longevity in these departments is what makes them the best online sportsbook in the game today.

Although Bovada has been around since 2011, we’ve been in the game much longer than that. Our decades of collective experience here at Sports Betting Legal grant us the knowledge and industry insight to quickly assess who the reputable and illegitimate vendors are.

When we offer our opinion on an online sportsbook, you can trust that it is because we’ve done business with them for years, and have first-hand familiarity with depositing funds, withdrawing winnings, and placing a bet.

Bovada is, in the shared opinion of our review team, the best online sportsbook taking bets over the web from US sports gamblers. We suggest that anyone who takes online sports betting seriously should become a member with Bovada today.

Bovada owns a top three ranking in just about every possible sports betting category imaginable, frequently claiming the number one spot. They aren’t the best at everything, but the total combined online sports betting experience that they provide equates to a second-to-none rating.

If you routinely bet online, on sports or anything else, then a membership with Bovada is essential for the following reasons.

  • Longevity – No other offshore sportsbook can claim a longer run in the business
  • Competitive betting odds that are in line with what Las Vegas offers
  • Guaranteed payouts with our staff’s preferred deposit and withdrawal options
  • Top-end UI with easy to find betting lines on all major college and pro sports
  • The best customer service we’ve experienced, and it’s not even close

Is Bovada Sportsbook Legal For US Players?

Yes. Bovada can, in fact, offer their services to American players over the web because they are operating legally within the industry inside a foreign jurisdiction outside of the United States.

There are no US federal gambling laws that prohibit anyone inside of the borders of the United States from placing bets at offshore sportsbooks over the Internet. Bovada also operates inside of the licensed gaming jurisdiction of Costa Rica and accepts online sports bettors from across the entire United States*.

*Please note that Bovada does not accept bettors from DE, MD, NJ, NV, or NY at this time.

Bovada Sports Betting Options

Bovada covers the most popular college and professional sports occurring around the globe. Even in niche categories like eSports, celebrity divorce odds, or professional wrestling betting, you’ll often find a full assortment of lines and odds.

Point spreads, over-unders (totals), and straight money lines, are offered for nearly every contest, as well as parlay options, prop bets, round robin bets, and more.

Bovada Live Betting

Live betting is offered for most sports at Bovada, and the bigger the matchups, the more live lines you'll get. With traditional betting, sportsbooks require that your wagers be in before the game in question gets underway.

Live betting lets gamblers put money on all kinds of in-game action as the contests play out, from the opening whistle to the closing buzzer.

Live lines are immersive and offer bettors not only extra entertainment but also the ability to make up for bad pregame bets (or double down on good ones). Our staff often takes advantage of Bovada's live odds because it allows for us to set our own bet schedule.

New Bovada Prop Builder – Make Your Own Prop Bets!

Bovada has a new tool that may interest proposition bet enthusiasts. Bovada's Prop Builder is an interactive feature that allows members to make their own props from all of the day’s or week’s action.

To access the Bovada Prop Builder, simply navigate to the Bovada Sportsbook, select the “All Sports” tab in the top menu, and click or tap on the Prop Builder icon. Access to every major sporting event on the upcoming calendar of games is available for custom prop bet selections.

Bovada’s Prop Builder offers gamblers thousands of options for every selection, and the live bet calculator shows you exactly how much you stand to win on all the permutations you select.

The following sports are available via the Prop Builder, though their presence on the list will be determined by whether or not the leagues/events are actually in season:

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • AFL
  • EPL
  • FIFA
  • UCL
  • Bundesliga
  • La Liga
  • Serie A
  • NFL Sims
  • + More

Sports You Can Bet On At Bovada

Bovada’s Betting limits

The minimum bet that can be placed at Bovada is $0.50, which is an advantage over other major online sportsbook sites that feature minimum wager requirements of $2.

The maximum bet that can be placed on a single wager varies from line to line. A nice feature of Bovada’s Sportsbook is that each maximum bet total can be tested by clicking the “bet max” button inside of the bet slip.

Members of Bovada can opt to try for a wager that is higher than the maximum bet allowance, but only when a pop up appears after selecting the bet max option.

Inside of that pop up, bettors can enter the amount they wish to bet, and the wager will be reviewed by Bovada’s internal team. The bet will appear as “under review” until it has either been approved or declined.

Bovada’s Layout & Design

The sportsbook section of Bovada’s website is usually the first stop for many of our team members when they want to cruise the betting odds, and that is because of their well-designed user interface.

All the day’s major betting lines can be accessed via the drop-down menu at the top-right of the page that says “All Sports A-Z.”

Bovada also features a search function for easy navigation of betting lines, and although not as intuitive as crawlers on other online sportsbook sites, can be fairly accurate as long as you know what you’re looking for.

The “bet max” button in the bet slip is a nice feature so that members can quickly access their maximum payout options should they secure a win.

We also get a lot of mileage out of the travelling bet slip that moves with members throughout the site like a shopping cart that never leaves your side. It creates for convenient cross-sport parlays with on-the-fly calculations.

Banking Options

Sure, Bovada has all the usual suspects here, like credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express), bank transfers, cashier's checks, etc., but what makes Bovada a premium banking suite is their convenient cryptocurrency options.

Online sports gambling banking methods have really evolved well past credit cards and bank transfers. Some people are looking for payment options that are more reliable, quicker, and more secure.

The list of such newer options currently available at Bovada includes the following:

To learn more about all the banking options offered by legal sportsbooks see our detailed comparison guide to online sportsbook banking options.

At Bovada, you don’t have to hand over your CC info or your bank’s routing numbers. Like most reputable online sportsbooks, Bovada is considered a Bitcoin betting site.

That means members can simply enter their BTC or Bitcoin Cash wallet address (or the address for any other supported cryptocurrency at Bovada, such as Litecoin or Ethereum) and deposit and/or withdraw whatever they want without ever having to hand over their personal financial information.

Bitcoin/crypto is perhaps the most secure payment method on the planet, and it’s also 100% free. Plus, the transfers go through in an instant! As soon as you deposit your money with crypto, you can start gambling.

For those who are brand new to using Bitcoin/crypto for legal online sports betting, we've explained how easy it is to do just below.

How To Deposit Crypto To Bovada

This section explains how to deposit Bitcoin at Bovada, but the process works the same way for all supported cryptocurrencies (BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH).

In order to make a Bitcoin deposit at Bovada, simply go to the deposits section of the site and select the Bitcoin option. From there, you'll enter Bovada's BTC wallet address in your own wallet or exchange software, select the amount you wish to send, and initiate the transfer. It's just that easy.

For players who don't have a Bitcoin wallet or have never bought Bitcoin before, there is the Zelle option. With Zelle sportsbook deposits, users can purchase Bitcoin and deposit into Bovada in a matter of minutes, without having to wait for multi-day Bitcoin buy-ins at regular commercial exchanges. Please note that this option is exclusive to BTC and does not work for other cryptocurrencies.

We could go on about some of the other options at Bovada, but other than CC and crypto options, there’s not much more Americans typically use (though vouchers and MatchPay could change that – see below). Regardless, our team suggests that you use the Bitcoin/crypto option, as it is the most beneficial all-around deposit and withdrawal method.

How To Withdraw Crypto From Bovada

Using BTC to withdraw money from Bovada lets you take your money out right away, as Bitcoin payouts are added to your digital wallet in just 30-60 minutes after approval. Bovada's effective integration of Bitcoin and other cryptos is one reason that Bovada is rated among sportsbooks with the fastest payouts.

To claim a Bovada Bitcoin withdrawal – or any Bovada crypto withdrawal – you no longer have to actually deposit in crypto. This used to be mandatory, but site members can now claim payouts in BTC/crypto no matter what mode of deposit was used initially. Crypto is your only reliable option for same-day payouts at Bovada, and such payouts come with no added transaction fees.

If you don't want to withdraw in BTC or crypto, you can choose to withdraw your money via Check by Courier instead. With this method, you will receive a check via a delivery courier within about a week. Bovada offers one free check by courier withdrawal per 90 days. Additional checks requested within this timeframe may incur associated fees.

Bovada Voucher Deposits And Withdrawals

Sportsbook vouchers are one of the newest banking options at the Bovada sportsbook, and these player-to-player transfers work for both deposits and withdrawals.

Existing members can post any portion of their eligible balances to the Bovada Community boards, where other members can purchase these for instant deposits into their own accounts. Sales are made at member discretion via PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, or other P2P services.

To buy a voucher, simply browse the community posts (or the Bovada Reddit page), find a seller, and purchase their Bovada Voucher code.

Once the transaction is complete, you’ll enter this code into the Voucher field via the Bovada Cashier page, and the amount will be instantly credited to your bankroll.

For sellers, Bovada Vouchers can sometimes allow for same-day payouts (this depends on how quickly you find a buyer), and the process is just as easy. There are no fees for buying or selling Vouchers at Bovada.

Bovada MatchPay Banking Options - New For 2021

Bovada MatchPay is once again available for making deposits and claiming payouts. Essentially, MatchPay works the same way as vouchers or player transfers. That is, MatchPay lets site members buy and sell their account balances between one another.

However, MatchPay is actually its own third-party service, and it streamlines the voucher/transfer process considerably. Instead of requiring site members to post voucher codes for sale or browse message boards whenever they want to make deposits, MatchPay handles this automatically.

To use Bovada MatchPay, you can sign up for the service for free right from the Bovada Cashier page. Just make your account to become a MatchPay Trader, and you're good to go. Then, when you want to use the service to facilitate online betting via PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, etc., simply select the MatchPay option, put in the amount of money you wish to buy or sell, and check all the different P2P services you use.

The only downside with MatchPay is that the limits are lower. That is, you can only deposit or withdraw up to $1000 at a time with the service, whereas vouchers have a $3000 limit and player transfers have a $15,000 limit. Otherwise, as with vouchers and transfers, there are no added fees of any kind.

Bovada Bonuses and Promotions

 How To Get Free Money on Bovada

Bovada doesn't offer the most promos compared to many other top betting sites, but they're a lot more generous in their terms and conditions.

Bovada sports bonuses and promotions come attached to wagering requirements that are reasonable and transparent and in line with industry standards. Their sportsbook bonus money promotions are definitely worth considering when making a deposit.

Bovada $1000 Exclusive Welcome Bonus

This is a 50% deposit match bonus that will earn you up to $1000 to use on any sports bets (or virtual sports bets) you wish. You will need to use Bonus Code: BVD1000 when you make your deposit to claim the bonus offer.

If you use Bitcoin (or any supported cryptocurrency, like BCH, LTC, or ETH) for your initial deposit, your Bovada Welcome Bonus is a nice 75% match worth up to $750.

Now, Bovada isn’t setting any records with this sort of bonus, but one thing you’ll notice about this site is that the sports betting bonus is a lot easier to clear than other bonuses.  Their sports bonus' 5X rollover is one of the least stringent offers in the industry.

Bovada is known to offer seasonal and special promotions throughout the year, so be sure to check the promotions section of their site before adding funds to your account.

Bovada Premium Bitcoin-Exclusive Membership

Bovada users have long been depositing with Bitcoin to get the best online sports betting bonuses, the highest limits, no-fee transfers, and same-day payouts.

Current members can now upgrade to this new membership level for free and get all of the following benefits just for making the same weekly BTC deposits you already do!

  • Weekly Deposit Match Bonus – 50% Up To $500
  • Weekly Free Spins – 25 Free Spins w/ min. $30 BTC deposit
  • Bonus Reward Points – 15,000 extra Bovada Rewards points w/ min. $30 BTC deposit

While the weekly free spins are limited to Bovada Casino action, even if you’re just at Bovada for sports betting, these offers should be strongly considered.

The weekly deposit match bonus can be used for sports betting, and it’s only available via the Bovada Premium Bitcoin-Exclusive Membership..

Plus, the additional Bovada Reward points are good for a whole host of benefits, and they apply to your account across the board, no matter your game. These points add up quickly, and our staff have already opted in and are taking advantage of the benefits.

Bovada Refer-A-Friend Bonus Offer

Bovada's refer-a-friend bonus offers existing account holders a 200% bonus up to $100 (with an extra $25 if they deposit via Bitcoin) for every account you get to sign up and deposit through your referral link.

More information on the referral bonus and other offers can be found on the promotions page.

Bovada Mobile Betting

In terms of both presentation and user interface, Bovada's mobile sportsbook app is the best we have encountered.

When it comes to how to use Bovada app betting solutions, there's nothing to it – not even a download! That's because you won't find a Bovada iPhone app or Bovada Android app in the App Store or Google Play.

Bovada's mobile betting application is web-based for quick access from any current mobile browser on an up-to-date smartphone or tablet (Apple, Android).

No matter what make or model of mobile device you have – and no matter how big or small your phone or tablet screen is – Bovada's browser-based web app will conform to fit those dimensions perfectly, and secure SSL technology ensures a hassle-free, safe betting experience.

You can bet on sports at Bovada from anywhere with a connection to the web.  Learn more about legal mobile sports betting to find out the upside to placing bets from your smartphone and/or tablet.

Bovada Summary

We’d say that Bovada has earned a 4.7/5, at least in our estimation. It all starts with the massive amount of betting options you find on the site. You can bet on politics, all sorts of e-sports, international sports, sports sims, and most other subgenres that are currently grabbing headlines.

Most of their odds are available to bet on live. They’re also generous with their bonuses and promotions, offering them to new members and long-term customers via reload promos.

Their banking methods are plentiful, and although we prefer Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals, there are several other options that are just as advantageous to use.

We can't oversell Bovada's customer support enough. They're good at what they do and have come through quickly in a pinch for us on a couple of occasions over our ten years of doing business with them.

Any serious online sports bettor in the United States should consider becoming a member with Bovada before making another wager.

Bovada Sportsbook