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New Hampshire Sports Betting – Bet On Sports Legally In NH

New HampshireNew Hampshire is considering joining other US states with legal sports betting as a handful of bills relevant to legal sports betting have been introduced to the state's legislature as of 2019. If successful, these NH sports gambling bills could become law and introduce domestic sports wagering options as early as 2020.

While no bill has become law as of yet, New Hampshire players can use offshore sportsbooks to wager on sports in the meantime. These online sportsbooks are not considered illegal in the eyes of the state and federal government. Once NH does legalize domestic sports wagering, residents will have access to an expanded range of options that includes online sportsbooks operating legally offshore as well as sportsbooks licensed and regulated by the state.

Is Sports Betting Legal In New Hampshire?

New Hampshire has no state-authorized sports wagering operations currently being conducted. While domestic sports wagering options are limited, no US federal gambling law or state law directly prohibits the use of offshore sportsbooks. This means until the state passes legislation authorizing domestic sports betting, NH players can use offshore sportsbooks to satisfy their immediate betting needs.

Offshore sportsbooks are outside of US jurisdiction and legally permitted to offer betting services to New Hampshire players based on free trade laws. Unless the state of New Hampshire directly prohibits their use, online offshore sportsbooks are permissible to use.

New Hampshire Sports Betting Bills

New Hampshire currently has three pending sports gambling legalization bills in its legislature. Two of them are expected to pass following amendments that were approved, and one of them has been indefinitely postponed. As of this writing, the state still has a few weeks until session ends to finalize these bills. To get more information on the details of these bills, their status, and sponsors we recommend utilizing our US sports gambling bill tracker page.

Best Online Sportsbooks For New Hampshire Residents

Below is a table made up of the best available sportsbooks accepting New Hampshire bettors. Our verification checklist looks for things like legal licensing, regulation, wagering type and betting line selection, mobile/live betting capabilities, a strong security presence, reliable customer service, and generous bonus incentives. Want more information? Check out our reviews page where our industry professionals have written detailed reviews about the brands listed below.

Betonline Sportsbook 50% Bonus

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NH Sports Betting Details

Below NH players can find current details on the state's available sports wagering market. The following information details available offshore sportsbook options since the state has yet to authorize domestic sports betting at the legislative level. However, once they do we will populate the below section with up to date information.

  • Legal Sports Betting: Offshore Only
  • New Hampshire Minimum Sports Betting Age: 18 years old (via Offshore)
  • Land-Based Sportsbooks: TBD
  • Online Sportsbook: Offshore Only
  • Mobile Betting App: Offshore Only
  • In-Play/Live Betting: Offshore Only
  • Estimated Revenue: TBD
  • Eligible Operators: TBD
  • Licensing Fee: TBD
  • Tax Rate: TBD
  • Tax-Funded: TBD

What You Can Bet On In New Hampshire:

  • All betting lines, odds, and props for all games, teams, and players in New Hampshire across all college and professional sports (via Offshore)

What You Can't Bet On In New Hampshire: 

  • No restrictions (via Offshore)

Where Can I Bet On Sports In New Hampshire?

State-regulated sportsbooks are not available at this time since the state has not legalized domestic sports wagering. However, offshore online sportsbooks are perfectly legal and available for NH players to utilize in the meantime.

Biggest Sports Betting City in New Hampshire


The lack of any major professional or college teams may seem off-putting regarding betting, but New Hampshire is bordered by Massachusetts, one of the best sports states in the country. The New England Patriots (NFL) are the closest thing to a home team to Manchester residents. Our suggested offshore sportsbooks offer betting lines on the Patriots, Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, and every other major professional and college team in the country.

You can even bet on teams from international leagues.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Hampshire Sports Betting

Will I Get Arrested for Betting on Sports in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire players can only be charged for illegal gambling by wagering on sports through unlicensed and unregulated NH-based bookies and sportsbooks. NH players will not be in violation of any state or federal laws if they bet through offshore sportsbooks.

Are Mobile Sports Betting Apps Legal in New Hampshire?

There are currently no state-licensed mobile sports wagering apps available to NH players. However, offshore sportsbooks offer mobile sports wagering capabilities and are considered legal to use according to state and federal law.

What Teams Can I Bet on in New Hampshire?

There are no restrictions on the types of teams NH players can bet on through offshore sportsbooks. States with legal sports betting sometimes prohibit sports wagering on local professional or collegiate teams, however, NH has no law which details their stance on this issue.

Are There Any Local Sportsbooks in New Hampshire?

At this time, there are no local sportsbooks in the state legally operating. Any sportsbook based in New Hampshire accepting bets is considered an illegal operation as the state has not authorized the regulation or licensing of these services.

What is the Legal Minimum Sports Betting Age in New Hampshire?

Since New Hampshire has not legalized domestic sports gambling as of yet, there are no NH laws detailing the state's minimum sports wagering age. However, offshore sportsbooks accept Nh players as young as 18. If the state were to legalize domestic sports betting they would have the option between setting their minimum betting age to 18 or 21.

New Hampshire Legislative Resources

New Hampshire residents seeking to contact their local representatives in either support for domestic sports wagering legalization or against it, can use the following resources to search for local politicians, bill sponsors, and get their contact information.

New Hampshire Gambling Resources

Individuals who believe they are experiences signs of problem gambling or know someone developing a problem gambling habit are encouraged to seek local resources provided by the New Hampshire Council on Problem Gambling.

New Hampshire News