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Legally Betting on America’s Got Talent

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Betting on reality television and competition shows is becoming more popular all the time. Shows like Big Brother, The Voice, and American Idol are inspiring the masses to place some action on legal entertainment betting lines, and America’s Got Talent is no exception. This guide will help you in navigating the stage for betting on AGT.

AGT odds typically surface after all the auditions are complete and the contestants start progressing or being eliminated through subsequent rounds. You can find out below where you can legally bet on AGT through reputable online sportsbooks operating legitimately offshore.

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    Best AGT Betting Sites

    These recommended sportsbooks have passed our vigorous vetting process that ensures that each has longevity in the industry, the latest cybersecurity, and encryption methodologies, and processes millions of dollars in transactions per day. You don't have to join any of these sportsbooks to browse, so shop the betting lines on each before betting on AGT.

    Site NameCurrent BonusAgeU.S.Visit Site
    Top Rated #1 IconBetUS125% Max $3,12518+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
    2Betonline Sportsbook50% Max $1,00018+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
    3Bovada Sportsbook50% Max $1,00018+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
    4MyBookie Sportsbook50% Max $1,00021+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
    5xbet logo50% Max $50021+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
    6sports betting logo50% Max $1,00018+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review

    Is Entertainment Betting Legal?

    Betting on AGT is legal for USA bettors. There have been no US gambling laws enacted that prevent those in the United States from betting on America’s Got Talent as long as the wager is placed with a legitimate sportsbook that is operating legally, either domestically or offshore.

    We have found so far that most domestic, state-regulated sportsbooks simply don’t cover TV, music, and film odds and lines for AGT or other competition and reality shows.  This may change as sports betting gains momentum in the US, but for now, online sportsbook sites seem to be the best option for this type of wagering.

    AGT All-Stars Judges Cowell, Klum, Mandell, and Crews

    What is the Golden Buzzer?

    The Golden Buzzer was introduced in Season 9 of America’s Got Talent. Each judge has a golden buzzer and is allowed to use it once per season. Pressing the golden buzzer allows for the contestant to pass to the next level of competition regardless of what the other judges vote.

    2024 Golden Buzzers

    Once contestants advance beyond the judges' panel, they are then matched up against other competitors. America then votes on which contestant they think performed better, and the winner advances to the next level of competition. The loser is eliminated from the competition.

    The live shows aren’t presented live as the competition occurs. Shows are pre-taped and performed in front of a live audience.

    Check out this season's Golden Buzzer winners at AGT's official website and YouTube page.

    Betting On AGT

    To find America's Got Talent All-Stars betting odds on a given online sportsbook, you'll need to navigate to the Entertainment section of the sports betting site. Sportsbooks are likely to offer betting lines and odds that differ from each other, so you'll need to shop around to get the best action.

    The join an online sportsbook for AGT wagering, follow these simple steps:

    1. Registering for an account will require you to create a login and password and enter information about yourself, such as your address. Simply registering for an account allows you access to all of the site’s betting lines, odds and features. You don’t have to actually make a deposit until you’re ready to place your bets.
    2. The next screen will prompt you to make a monetary deposit into your account. Popular banking options include major debit or credit cards, wire transfers, or Bitcoin. Some bonuses are offered that match a portion of your deposit. Be sure to investigate these bonuses and read the fine print. Most bonuses require designated rollovers before you can collect a payout. You can skip the deposit step and supplement your account later if desired. We recommend you do this initially so you can explore the different sportsbooks before committing any real money.
    3. Make your way to the Entertainment betting section of the sportsbook and locate America's Got Talent betting odds.
    4. Select the odds you want to bet on, choose the amount you wish to wager, complete your bet slip and submit.

    America’s Got Talent Betting Tips

    The best advice we can offer to those who are just starting with wagering is to set a betting limit. Usually, this limit will be based on a percentage of the bettors’ total bankroll. A 3% maximum bet is a good starting point. As you become more familiar with betting strategies, you can adjust that percentage to your liking.

    Also, never bet more than you can afford to lose. Make sure your bills are paid, and all of your needs are taken care of before indulging in Entertainment betting. Again, budgeting is critical. Set aside a monthly allowance for wagering, and don't let yourself go beyond it.

    Finally, bettors should shop for the best odds. Your favorite performer on America’s Got Talent may be worth betting on, but each sportsbook will offer different odds. Unless you shop the odds, you won’t be giving yourself an opportunity for the best payout. We highly recommend joining multiple sportsbooks for this purpose.

    Bet Types For America’s Got Talent

    The most common bet we’ve seen with AGT is which performer will be eliminated on a given show, and which performer will win the AGT championship, but new entertainment prop bets are appearing all the time. Others we've seen are:

    • Which judge will press the Golden Buzzer?
    • Which type of performer will win AGT?
    • AGT champion’s audition city?

    About The Show

    America’s Got Talent debuted in 2006. The show operates similarly to American Idol and the Masked Singer, except that the competition is not limited to singing. Auditions are open to all types of performances, but top competitors tend to practice in the fields of vocal performance, dance, magic, and ventriloquism. Contestants are given a point score by a panel of celebrity judges.

    The show has recently created a spinoff and now consists of two entities, America's Got Talent and America's Got Talent: All-Stars. All-Stars contestants include former participants of America's Got Talent that won, performed well, or were memorable.

    Judges for America’s Got Talent

    • Simon Cowell
    • Howie Mandell
    • Heidi Klum

    Host for AGT

    • Terry Crews

    AGT Champions

    FAQs About The Show