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Future Bets – How To Bet On Sportsbook Future Odds

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  • Future odds offer great value if locked in early
  • NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and NCAA championship odds are available now.
  • Betting strategies include underdog betting, line shopping, and more.

Anyone familiar with legal online sportsbooks has seen numerous futures and likely laid some action on the odds. Our team likes to look at these odds as they can give insight into who the public favors to win an upcoming event. Betting on the favorite is not always a great strategy, but with these odds, it can still be a good payday.

Below, we will discuss in detail the many ways to bet on sportsbook odds online and some of the best practices for betting on futures. We will also answer the question how do betting futures work.

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    Is Online Future Betting Legal In The USA?

    Yes, there are no laws that ban online sports gambling in the United States. In fact, most states now offer either in-person or online sportsbooks to their residents. While some sports betting states offer their sportsbook services to players over the age of 18, most states set the minimum gambling age to 21.

    Federal gambling laws also allow offshore sportsbook sites to service US players as there are no laws that police online gambling activities. States are free to decide and pass laws concerning online sports gambling, but none have explicitly outlawed out-of-state online sports betting sites.

    What Are Future Odds?

    The word "future" is the basis for "future odds" and indicates what could happen if the cards fall right. You will find these odds for every team and top players in each of the professional leagues from around the world.

    While there are many others, these examples should give you a clear idea of what defines the bet type. Popular future options include "who will win the Super Bowl", "who will win the league MVP" and "who will be named coach of the year".

    Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, and since there are hundreds of players competing against each other in a given tournament, future bets are often plentiful.

    When betting on golf, you will find that there are no game lines and only a few props. Most golf odds are represented in futures.

    Future Odds Explained

    Betting on future odds is one of the easiest ways to bet on professional sports. These sportsbook odds also hold some of the most value when bets are locked in early.

    Since future odds are not tied to vig or juice, what you see is what you get. So, if a line is set at +700, a $100 winning bet yields $700, which is great value, but futures are often considered risky. Below you will see an online NHL bet I recently placed for next season.

    Stanley Cup Future odds

    As you can see the Florida Panthers are at +900 to win the 2024-25 Stanley Cup. Since the team has been playing well the last two years and reached the Stanley Cup Finals in 2023-24, I wanted to put some money on them to win it all next year. I risked $20 on the Panthers and if they win the Stanley Cup in 2025, I will receive $180 to my account.

    Online Sports Betting Strategies - Futures

    Strategies for betting on the best future bets are general knowledge. Before placing a bet, I like to research the previous matchups and history of the two teams and look at current rosters. Of course, different factors come into play with different sports and league rules, however, I always look for favorable odds and only bet on odds I believe have a 1-in-3 chance of winning.

    Below are some basic strategies that can be employed when betting on sports online or in person.

    With futures, the underdog is any team or player not favored to win, however, if locked in early, betting on the favorite can also hold good value.

    Advantages Of Betting On Sportsbook Futures

    The best advantage of sportsbook futures is the value they hold and how straightforward they are for new and seasoned bettors alike. Futures are alluring because of the winning potential; however, the downside is the wait.

    Entertainment gambling and Political futures betting do not include game lines, as no team matchups or games exist. These future odds are updated often and can vary from week to week as different circumstances arise.

    Professional bettors know that locking in a bet early is key and will often set aside an allotment of money just for those bets, as one good win could cover all your losses.

    Other Ways To Bet On Sportsbook Odds

    Game lines are popular with competition sports and feature three ways to bet on the action: moneyline betting odds, point spread betting odds, and total (over/under) betting odds. While each of the bet types are very different, they offer different scenarios for bettors and more ways to win.

    Mobile Sportsbook Apps For 2024

    mobile bet icon

    Each of the sites you will find below have mobile capabilities and can be accessed over the web. Mobile sportsbook sites offer convenience and fast access to new odds posted on the site.

    The mobile sports betting sites we use are not found in the App or Google store as they restrict real-money gambling sites. Below, you can click on our favorite sites and see the odds before you decide to sign up. You will want access to your funds on your phone anyway, so you might as well set a bookmark on your desktop and go.

    Online Sports Betting Bonus Offers

    Bonus Icon

    Sportsbook bonus offers are available from all the sites you will find on this page. Most sites even offer bigger bonuses for sportsbook deposits with Bitcoin and other popular altcoins.

    Bonus offers are plentiful and should only be accepted if you can meet the wagering requirements. If you accept a bonus and try to pull the funds before fulfilling the terms it can result in delayed withdrawals or a locked account until the issue is resolved with customer service.

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