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Sports Betting Deposits Using QB Direct

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  • UPDATE: The two sportsbook brands accepting QB Direct stopped supporting it in Q4 2021. At this time, none of our most recommended online sportsbooks accept QB Direct deposits or payouts. 

Most sports players already know they’ll get the best odds and lines by gambling at overseas gambling sites, but if they aren’t depositing with Bitcoin or another supported cryptocurrency, they’re still not getting the best possible deals.

Crypto is by far the fastest and most valuable legal sportsbook banking method to get your account loaded up and ready so you can wager on tonight’s game or this weekend’s primetime contest. But for those who aren’t familiar with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and various other altcoins, the process can be intimidating.

Fortunately, several of the top international sportsbooks in the business now utilize QB Direct sports betting deposits, so you can get all the benefits of cryptocurrency without worrying about exchanges, e-wallets, and all the technojargon that’s usually associated with crypto. While QuickBit's QB Direct service isn't related to gambling in any way, its ability to help account holders quickly buy crypto is being leveraged by some of the most trusted sites in the world.

If you want the best bonuses and same-day payouts but only have a credit or debit card, now you can get both. Read on to learn more about QB Direct and how this new sportsbook funding method can work for you!

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    The Best QB Direct Sportsbooks For 2024

    At this time none of our recommended online sportsbooks are accepting QB Direct deposits.  We will update this section if the situation changes. There are some great alternatives - just check out the list of options in the menu.

    What Is QB Direct?

    QB Direct circle logoQB Direct (not to be confused with QuickBooks Direct Deposit, which is an entirely different product in an entirely different market) is a newly developed platform that – in this application – lets legal online sports bettors make crypto deposits using Litecoin at overseas sportsbooks without actually owning any crypto. The service, powered by QuickBit, takes all the hassle out of buying into crypto when all you want to do is bet on the game.

    Remember, while Bitcoin sports betting (and betting on sports with other cryptocurrencies) earns you the best limits, highest bonuses, fee-free transactions, and same-day payouts, there’s a learning curve involved.

    To avoid that, QB Direct lets US gamblers make instant credit or debit charges to their favorite betting sites by doing all the legwork of converting that money to crypto before sending it overseas and crediting it to your account. Like a stud rookie quarterback, QB Direct is truly a gamechanger!

    Is It Legal To Use QB Direct To Fund Your Sportsbook Account?

    Yes! There are no US gambling laws against making cryptocurrency transactions, and there are no laws against using the QB Direct service. QB Direct is a legitimate money processor that takes your electronic deposits (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover card, etc.) and converts them to crypto – in this case Litecoin (LTC) – before sending them to online retailers or service providers such as your legal online sportsbook.

    In fact, sportsbooks have embraced QB Direct because it makes it much easier for US sports bettors to lawfully bypass the UIGEA banking law, which occasionally impacts international fiat money deposits. While the UIGEA does not penalize US residents for using traditional banking methods to fund offshore sports betting, it does sometimes cause such transactions to be delayed or declined.

    QB Direct is a "direct" way around this annoyance, because when you see a betting line you like, the last thing you need is for a card payment to get caught in red tape when your team’s in the red zone.

    How It Works For Legal Online Sports Betting

    QB Direct by QuickBit is extremely simple to use for online sports bet funding. You don’t need an account with the service, nor do you need to hold any Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA), Stellar (XLM), or any other accepted altcoin.

    All you need is a credit card or debit card, and you can make instant crypto deposits and get all the associated perks that are unavailable to those using more traditional banking options. In this way, QB Direct is akin to Zelle money transfers, but there are even fewer hoops to jump through.

    Benefits Of Using QB Direct For Sportsbook Deposits

    There are numerous benefits of using QB Direct to fund your legal online sports wagering, but to summarize them, the list below hits the high points.

    • Requires no cryptocurrency background or knowledge
    • Requires no cryptocurrency exchange account
    • Requires no lengthy buy-in time to use crypto
    • Instantly processes credit or debit transactions
    • Loads your account with crypto within minutes
    • Grants members enhanced crypto sportsbook bonuses for $100s in extra cash!
    • No added transfer fees for deposits or withdrawals
    • Same-day payouts – cryptocurrency exclusive!
    • 100% compatible with mobile sportsbook apps – use QB Direct from anywhere!

    Get Same-Day Crypto Payouts

    Aside from the fact that you can use QB Direct to make immediate crypto deposits at your favorite online sportsbooks even if you aren’t a crypto user and have no interest in alternative currencies outside of sports betting, QB Direct also allows you to claim same-day withdrawals via cryptocurrency.

    Because you can only get same-day payouts when you’ve deposited with cryptocurrency – and because no other banking method allows for such (other methods take between 3-5 days on average) – this alone is reason enough to give QB Direct more than a quick once-over.

    Note: You can only receive same-day sports betting payouts if you request your payout in the same exact crypto with which you first deposited. Currently, QB Direct deposits at the sportsbooks that accept them are Litecoin (LTC) deposits. To receive same-day payouts after making a QB Direct deposit, you must have a Litecoin receiving wallet. Fortunately, these are free, and there are several excellent options available online. 

    Crypto Sports Betting Bonuses

    As stated, one of the biggest reasons sports gamblers use crypto for their betting banking needs is the enhanced sportsbook bonuses they get for doing so. These vary by site, but in every case, just for using crypto instead of fiat money, you’ll get at least 50% more free cash added to any perk you choose.

    Best of all, you get this extra cash without incurring any increases to the bonus rollover requirements themselves, which makes it a no-brainer for any bettor who intends to pad their bankroll with a season’s worth of winning bets.

    Regardless of what cryptocurrency you use, all crypto bonuses are the same, and we advise accepting these. While online sportsbook bonuses come with some terms and conditions, they are easy to understand and even easier to meet.

    Disclaimer: QB Direct is a third-party payment processor and does not endorse this site or any online sports betting site in any way. This page is for informational purposes only. 

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