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Legal XFL Betting Guide

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Set to begin in February, immediately after the Super Bowl concludes, the XFL began its second rebirth in 2023. More pro football equals more action for legal betting on the XFL - something that should be very well received despite more competition this time around.

Sharing its name with the defunct league that played a single season in 2001 and the 2020 version that concluded after 5 games due to COVID-19, The XFL is now headed up by Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson and Dany Garcia, two visionaries who have plans for the pro football league to last for many years.

This guide will help sports bettors of all types capitalize on this American professional football league when they return in 2023 and beyond. We provide recommended XFL betting sites, the history, and the latest trends of the XFL, plus any extra information and resources needed to maximize bankroll throughout the season.

Is XFL Betting Legal?

The XFL offers a unique opportunity to fans of pro football betting.

First, like most sports, entertainment, and political wagering, Americans can gamble on outcomes in two ways: domestically and offshore. For certain fans, their home state may already allow locally licensed sports betting, meaning they can bet with a few clicks on a mobile app or by visiting their local sportsbook.

For everyone else, the second option is to gamble at offshore, online XFL betting sites. According to US federal gambling laws, there are no prohibitions for placing bets at offshore sportsbooks that are operating legally within the industry.

Not only that, but the league also hopes states with domestic sports betting will expand to every state that hosts a team, allowing the XFL to fully integrate sports wagering into the game.

Best Online XFL Betting Sites

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Examples Of XFL Betting Odds

The XFL resumed operations in 2023, with new franchises announced for Orlando, Las Vegas, and San Antonio. The league took the same format and built upon what we saw in 2020. Our XFL Playoffs betting guide goes into further detail about betting in the postseason.

What is the XFL?

Although it shares its name and trademark with the defunct 2001 iteration of the XFL, the 2020 revitalization of the league represented a brand new look.

On January 25, 2018, the newly formed Alpha Entertainment, a media investment conglomerate founded by McMahon, announced a revival of the XFL.

Five weeks into the 2020 season, COVID-19 caused the entire league to shut down indefinitely. The XFL then filed for bankruptcy and, in late 2020, was purchased by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and a group of investors with the intention of renewing play in 2023.

The XFL had eight teams in its inaugural season, all of which are owned by the league, which intended to play a 10-week season with a two-week postseason.

The XFL did not allow cheerleaders, political protests, or convicted felons because, as McMahon put it: “people don't want social and political issues coming into play when they are trying to be entertained.” However, players will not be barred from using cannabis, nor will they be tested for it.

The Rock announced that the XFL in 2023 will once again allow for political protests, but a full doctrine of rules and regulations has yet to be provided.

Aside from trying to make the XFL more compact on the outside, the league’s goal is to also make their game runtimes more concise, too. Originally shooting for a two-hour window, the XFL now plans to finish their game in less than two-and-a-half hours. For comparison, a standard NFL game runs a little over three hours.

The XFL is now competing with the newly rebooted USFL football league that launched in 2022 and also plays the schedule in the spring.

XFL teams

The first season of the XFL featured eight teams, split up evenly into North and South Divisions. The league has also already started to plan its expansion, investigating new markets they can infiltrate in the future.

XFL North

  • St. Louis Battlehawks - Head Coach: Anthony Becht
  • DC Defenders - Head Coach: Reggie Barlow
  • Las Vegas Vipers - Head Coach: Rod Woodson
  • Seattle Sea Dragons - Head Coach: Jim Haslett

XFL South

  • San Antonio Brahmas - Head Coach: Hines Ward
  • Orlando Guardians - Head Coach: Terrell Buckley
  • Arlington Renegades - Head Coach Bob Stoops
  • Houston Roughnecks - Head Coach: Wade Phillips

Practice Squad

  • Dallas

Former XFL Teams (2020)

  • Tampa Bay Vipers
  • Los Angeles Wildcats
  • New York Guardians

2023 XFL Schedule

  • XFL Draft: November 2023
  • 2023 XFL Season: February - April 2023
  • XFL Playoffs/Semifinals: April 2023
  • XFL Championship Game: May 2023

Mobile XFL Betting Apps

Betting on XFL games can be done anywhere gamblers want to when opting for the best sports betting apps that have earned a spot among our highest rankings. All current Apple and Android smartphones and tablets that have an onboard mobile web browser are equipped with all that is needed to make an XFL bet on the go.

The XFL apps that we recommend in this guide are accessed via the web without needing to download any software to mobile devices. The latest XFL odds, lines, props, and futures pull up on phones immediately, and all that is required is a click on one of the top online sportsbooks listed above.

Live Betting On XFL Games

After any XFL game has kicked off, the point spread, moneyline, and the over/under can still receive action at the online pro football sportsbooks we endorse in this guide. In-game betting on XFL games allows wagers to be placed from the first through fourth quarters with football odds that shift with the momentum of the contest.

Most of the XFL betting sites that top our list of online sportsbook reviews place their in-play lines prominently upon entering their website, while others place them in a subcategory. Live XFL wagering allows gamblers to set their own bet schedule and lay some action at the time of their choosing.

XFL Bet Types

  • Point Spread- the set margin of victory needed for the favored team. (ex. Dallas -5.5; Dallas must win by 6 or more.)
  • Moneyline- a bet solely on the winner and loser of the matchup in which odds determine the payout for the winning team. (ex. New York -300; a $300 bet on New York’s win would payout $100.)
  • Over/Under- the total number of points expected to be scored by one or both teams for a specific time frame. (ex. over/under 49.5 total points for Tampa Bay vs. Houston; betting on the over means a prediction of 50 or more points.)
  • Prop Bets- bets made on anything not directly affecting the outcome of the game. (ex. the total number of times the DC quarterback is sacked.)
  • Parlays- betting on multiple lines in an attempt to earn a larger payout. All bets must win for the bet to pay.
  • Futures - bets made as long-term predictions. (ex. Los Angeles +225 for the XFL Championship.)

The XFL Draft Format (2020)

Before the start of the draft, coaches submitted their lists of preferred quarterbacks. After the submissions, the league allocated each team one “tier 1” QB to each of the eight teams.

After the quarterback allocation, the official draft began. Done through a snake format similar to fantasy football drafts, each phase of the draft featured a different selection of specific positions.

  • Phase 1: 10 rounds for offensive skill positions (quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends)
  • Phase 2: 10 rounds for offensive linemen (offensive tackles, guards, and centers)
  • Phase 3: 10 rounds for the defensive front seven (defensive linemen and linebackers)
  • Phase 4: 10 rounds for defensive backs (cornerbacks and safeties)
  • Phase 5: 30 rounds for the open draft (any position, including special teams)

Resources for the XFL

As the XFL is a new league, one of the best sources available is their official website. Information on the league, its teams, and its players are all available on the site. Once the season officially begins, expect to see statistics, standings, and win/loss records here, too.

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