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Legal German Sports Betting

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Whilst Germany is home to millions of avid punters, many newcomers are just starting their research about sports betting in Deutschland. Fortunately, there are numerous domestic and offshore options for German sports bettors, so you should never have an issue finding a reputable, safe place to wager.

However, before you go to a German betting shop to lay down your euro, you should understand the laws in your state of residence (as well as the federal gambling laws), and you should be aware that legal offshore betting shops are also available.

In fact, offshore sportsbooks are often going to offer a more varied, comprehensive experience with fewer restrictions for Deutsch punters. To find out why, our legal German sports betting overview should answer all your questions.

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    Germany's Best Sports Betting Sites

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    Legal Offshore Sports Betting For Germans

    In your search for online sports betting reviews, you’ve probably come across a number of offshore operators that accept Deutsch bettors. However, it’s important to understand that not all German Internet betting sites are created equal. If you want the best, most convenient sites for online sports betting odds, consider the following top-tier sportsbooks for German punters.

    German Sports Betting Laws

    If you’re wondering about the current laws and sports betting legislation in Germany, the situation is complicated. There are 16 Deutsche Länder (or states), and each has its own betting rules in addition to overarching interstate treaties. Federally, Germany also has a few laws to consider, though these are more focused on casino gaming rather than sports betting.

    • Domestic Laws – The main domestic betting laws in Germany are covered under the Glücksspielstaatsvertrag, or the 2012 Interstate Treaty on Gambling. This includes sports betting, and both retail and online betting shops are allowed, though there are licensee and wagering limits (€1000/week).
    • Online Laws – Deutsche law allows for online sportsbooks, but these are limited and include the above betting limits. Fortunately, neither the Interstate Treaty nor federal German legislation bars the use of offshore betting sites, which offer many more options for German punters (18+) and none of the restrictions that domestic wagering employs.

    What Sports Can I Legally Bet On In Germany?

    At regional brick-and-mortar betting shops in Germany, you can expect the general gamut of popular European sports to make the front of the odds boards. However, most of these operators also offer a smattering of American and other international sports, though the selection is sometimes more limited than at offshore betting sites.

    If you want the biggest hero for your euro, you’ll want to use these sports betting options listed above, where you can wager on all of the following, getting thousands of odds and lines each day.

    What Are The Major Professional Sports Leagues In Germany?

    There are several major professional sports leagues in Deutschland, but none hold a candle to the Bundesliga football association. As the largest-growing football league is all of Europe, Bundesliga is considered among the most elite forms of the art in the world, and betting on Bundesliga action has grown exponentially over the last few years. The list of prominent German sports leagues follows:

    • Bundesliga Football (DFL, top-tier)
    • Bundesliga Football (DFL, relegation tier)
    • Basketball Bundesliga (BBL)
    • Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL)
    • Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM)
    • German Football League (GFL, American football)
    • Handball-Bundesliga (HBL)
    • Rugby-Bundesliga (DRV)

    German Sports Betting Odds Explained

    When you decide to bet on sports, it is crucial that you understand the different kinds of lines on an offer and the sports betting faqs associated with gambling online. Weighing the odds in sports betting should always be a key part of your overall strategy, and if you can grasp the list of basics below, you should have no problems betting on Deutsch sports.

    • Straight bets – Straight wagers are bets on the winners of a contest, straight up. Put some euro on a given club, and if that club wins, you get paid.
    • Handicap bets – Also called Asian handicap or spread bets (in the USA), handicapped wagers take points/goals from the favourite and give them to the underdog, balancing the ledger for the sportsbook to get equal action on both sides.
    • Totals bets – Totals (or over/unders) are wagers where your betting shop sets a number representing the total combined points/goals scored in a given contest, and you wager whether there will be more or less scoring than said number.
    • Prop bets – Props are bets on statistical performances of given players or teams in a game outside of final score (i.e. win/loss) considerations. There are player props and team props in most sports.
    • Futures bets – Futures betting requires punters to put money on longer-term outcomes, like league champions, award recipients, and so on.

    Sports Betting Strategies

    The strategies employed by the most successful German punters are the same as those used by profitable bettors elsewhere in the world. Though every punter will have their own style or method, these are the basic betting and banking strategies to keep in mind:

    • Know your sport – Whilst you needn’t be an expert official or uberfan to bet on sports, you need to have a solid fundamental understanding of the games you’re wagering on if you hope to reliably be in the money. Know the rules, know the players, and know your limits!
    • Consult recent records – Recent history can be a reliable indicator of immediate future success. Always consult a player’s or team’s win-loss records, handicapped records (aka ATS or Against The Spread records), and matchup records before betting.
    • Take note of the match venue – When betting, consider which club has home-field advantage, what the weather is like, what the temperature will be, and even what time of day the match is set to be played. All of these factors can affect game time performances.
    • Read injury and suspension reports – An injured star player or sudden suspension can change the lines in a hurry. To make informed wagers, stay up to date on all relevant personnel issues.
    • Shop lines – Different offshore books have different lines on just about everything. Sometimes, the prices will only have a few euro of difference, but other times – especially with futures – you can double or triple your payout simply by placing the same wager at a competing betting shop.
    • Don’t chase losses – A big loss can put punters into panic mode, coaxing them into wagering yet more money to “recover” their fresh losses. Don’t fall into this trap. Step away, regroup, research, and come back tomorrow.
    • Don’t bet with your heart – Generally, punters are also fans, and it can be tempting to bet on the teams or players you want to win rather than those you think will win. Take care to separate your fandom from your betting when you’re looking to profit.

    Offshore vs. Domestic Options

    German punters have lots of options when it comes to legal Deutsch sports betting. However, at land-based venues, the selection might be regionally limited to the most popular sports, so the international and American selection may be less than robust. Online domestic sites suffer from the same issue.

    Additionally, German law limits the amount punters can wager on sports to €1000 per week. Whilst that sounds like a lot, for even casual bettors, this handle is inadequate for frequent small-money wagering. For high rollers, it’s a downright joke. Online, offshore books don’t suffer from these issues.

    Further, when you wager on sports domestically, you are locked into your region with many bettors who are likely to favour the home team. This drives up odds prices and limits your payouts. Offshore books for Canadians and some European nations have punters all putting money on the same lines, keeping the action balanced and the payouts high.

    German Sports Betting FAQs

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