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Kansas Sports Betting – How To Bet On Sports Legally In KS

  • Online Sports Betting Available In KS Via Offshore Sportsbooks
  • Domestic Kansas Sportsbooks Not Available At This Time
  • Legislative Movement Toward Sports Betting: Yes

Kansas is definitely interested in state-regulated sports betting, but they are having an awfully hard time getting everyone on the same page. That being the case, the primary source of legal sports betting entertainment in Kansas right now comes by way of offshore online sportsbooks that are operating legally within the industry.

As disputes continue among committee members concerning what should be in a final sports betting bill, we anticipate it may be some time before Kansas is added to the list of legal sports betting states.

The good news is that brick-and-mortar sportsbooks, online betting, and mobile betting apps are all on the table for potential domestic sports gambling options. Legal sports betting could become a reality in Kansas soon.

Is Sports Betting Legal In Kansas?

Yes.  There are no state laws or federal gambling laws that prohibit residents from visiting and placing bets at offshore online sportsbooks that are legally operating outside of the United States. PASPA's nullification has opened the door to states' rights concerning sports betting legalization.

However, Kansas has not come to any type of consensus regarding the possibility of state-regulated sports betting entertainment, so domestic or local options are still off the table.

Kansas Sports Betting Bills

HB 2740 is making the rounds during the 2022 Kansas legislative session and appears to be on the fast track for passage in both the Senate and Statehouse, making up for lost time due to the failure of 2021's efforts. 

The bill, if passed, will allow for mobile sports betting apps and wagering on sports using PCs and laptops. Sports betting in Kansas will be governed by the state's lottery system which will have the ability to place physical sports betting kiosks at racetracks. 

You can track the progress in the legislature here.

Best Sports Betting Sites In Kansas

Each one of the sportsbooks listed below is certified as USA-friendly. Our recommended sportsbooks replicate the experience of betting in a Las Vegas brick-and-mortar establishment but with a few extra perks such as online access, generous bonuses, and comprehensive coverage of sports around the globe.

If you are looking for more information about any of these sportsbooks, check out our sportsbook reviews page that provides insight into what each has to offer.

 Site NameCurrent BonusU.S.Visit Site
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2MyBookie Sportsbook50% Max $1,000USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site
3Betonline Sportsbook50% Max $1,000USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site
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Kansas Sports Betting Details

Here we will provide you with details about the sports betting that is currently permitted in Kansas, so the focus is on the offshore betting options.  The state's sports betting legislation is just too far from any kind of solidification for us to glean any reliable details.

Most of the information below that is only relevant to state-based sportsbook gambling will have a TBD next to it until these bills make it further into the legislative process.

  • Legal Sports Betting: In-state TBD, Offshore
  • Minimum Sports Betting Age: 18 years old Offshore only
  • Land-Based: TBD
  • Online: Offshore Only
  • Mobile: Offshore Only
  • In-Play: Offshore Only
  • Estimated Revenue: TBD
  • Eligible Operators: TBD
  • Commission: TBD
  • Licensing Fee: TBD
  • Tax Rate: TBD
  • Tax-Funded: TBD

How To Bet On The NBA Playoffs In Kansas

While KS lawmakers decide the fate of domestic sportsbooks, NBA Playoff betting can legally take place in Kansas using any of the online sports gambling sites we link to on this page.

Each and every NBA Playoff game will feature lines, prop bets, and moneyline odds for winners, and can be accessed using smartphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops by anyone aged 18 or older in the state of Kansas.

logo for betting on the NBA Playoffs across the USA

What You Can Bet On In Kansas:

  • All betting lines, odds, and props for all games, teams, and players in Alabama across all college and professional sports (via Offshore)

What You Can't Bet On In Kansas

  • No restrictions (via Offshore)

Where Can I Bet On Sports In Kansas?

At this point in time, you can only place bets at legitimate offshore sportsbooks that are legally operating outside of US borders. We cannot provide a guess on when the state-regulated options may be approved as state lawmakers are too far from achieving a consensus on the matter.

Once their talks and committee reviews yield some type of agreement on what they are looking for, things may begin to firm up and become more promising.

Biggest Sports Betting Cities in Kansas

Sports Betting In Wichita, KS

Wichita is the largest metro area in Kansas but has no major sports teams. Residents are allowed to wager with offshore licensed sportsbooks. Both the University of Kansas and Kansas State University are near Wichita.

Both teams are good in their respected sports and fans are allowed to get closer to the action with offshore sports betting. Domestic sportsbooks are expected to pop up in the near future now that PASPA has been repealed.

Sports Betting In Lawrence, KS

Lawrence is home to the University of Kansas Jayhawks. The Jayhawks boast one of the best NCAA basketball teams in the country and are a March Madness regular. They will most likely be present in the 2018 tournament and will be a solid wager throughout the season.

The Jayhawks are part of the Big 12 Conference. You can bet on the Jayhawks via the licensed offshore sportsbooks listed on this page.

Sports Betting In Manhattan, KS

Manhattan is home to the Kansas State Wildcats. The Wildcats have a strong basketball program, but their football program is noteworthy as well. They play in the Big 12 and are one of the most dominant teams.

You can find betting lines on both teams through our recommended sports wagering destinations.

Legal Kansas Sports Betting FAQs

Will I get arrested for betting on sports in Kansas?

Not as long as you are restricting your betting action to betting options that do not violate any state laws.  Placing bets at offshore sportsbooks does not place you at risk of being arrested because this type of betting is not prohibited by the state's gambling laws.

However, as local bookies are still prohibited at this point, it would be a crime to place bets with a bookmaker or sportsbook operating within state lines that is not licensed. You would probably not be arrested, but you would be associating with individuals who blatantly violate the state's criminal code, and that's a pretty big risk in and of itself.

How To Bet on March Madness in Kansas

Domestic March Madness betting in Kansas is not yet available as the state legislature has not yet come to an agreement on how to proceed.

18 and over gamblers inside of KS can participate in legal college basketball betting at any of the offshore sportsbooks linked to on this page. They offer extensive odds on the March Madness Tournament each year that surpass Vegas and also accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Are mobile sports betting apps legal in Kansas?

Each of the sportsbooks listed on this page offers a web-based, mobile-optimized betting app that can be legally accessed and used by Kansas bettors. Once the state legislature decides to authorize domestic sports betting, we are confident that it will also include mobile betting options.

We are hopeful that in the future Kansas sports fans will be able to choose between offshore mobile betting apps and the mobile betting options offered locally.

What teams can I bet on in Kansas?

The online sportsbooks listed on this page do not place any restrictions regarding teams, players or leagues, either for domestic leagues or international leagues. We are unclear at this point if Kansas will place any restrictions on college teams or not.

Since some of the committee members seem like they want to appease the professional leagues, it is possible to see more restrictions here than in other states. We will not know until legislative details firm up.

Are there any local sportsbooks in Kansas?

Not there are not. Bettors who prefer to place bets in person will need to travel to a neighboring state in order to do so.

What is the legal minimum sports betting age in Kansas?

Until such time that Kansas authorizes state-regulated sports betting, there is not an official legal sports gambling age in the state. The online sportsbooks recommended on this page allow bettors to register for an account who are 18 and over.

Who regulates sports betting in Kansas?

Nobody yet. If you live in Kansas and would like to see local sports betting become an option, contact your state lawmakers and let your voice be heard.

Kansas Legislative Resources

Kansas Gambling Resources

Here at, we encourage everyone to focus on responsible sports betting practices.  The truth of the matter is, like any other addiction, compulsive gambling can sneak up on you if you are not paying attention to the signs.

If you or someone you know is struggling with problem gambling, we strongly urge you to seek help at one of these resources:

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