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South Dakota Sports Betting – Bet On Sports Legally In SD

South DakotaSouth Dakota has not been able to get a sports betting bill on the state ballot since the repeal of the PASPA act in 2018. While there have been some lawmakers seeking to pass domestic sports betting laws it seems as if most state lawmakers are not looking that direction.

South Dakotans can legally access offshore sportsbooks that will accept their registrations and allow them to bet on sports. Until the SD state legislature can pass a domestic sport betting bill the only option residents have is offshore sportsbooks.

Is Sports Betting Legal In South Dakota?

Offshore sportsbooks are allowed to accept SD residents and accept bets on sports. Since there is no domestic sports betting facilities or state-licensed online sportsbooks, the only option for sports bettors in SD is the offshore market. South Dakota has tried to present a state bill to allow domestic sports betting and to disburse the revenue among certain state resources but the bill did not make it through the state legislature.

South Dakota Sports Betting Bills

Since the repeal of PASPA in 2018, the South Dakota State Legislature has successfully killed one domestic sport betting bill. It is not clear at this time to weather another sports wagering bill will be presented. You can visit our bill tracker page to stay up to date with current sports betting legislation.

Sportsbooks That Legally Accept South Dakota Residents

If you type ‘online sportsbooks’ into a search engine, you will be flooded with results. How do you determine whether a site is legitimate?  Our team has personally vetted the following sites for trustworthiness, credentials, security, and quality. The table below is comprised of offshore sportsbooks operating legally outside of the USA that check all the boxes for us. You are encouraged to browse them for yourself via the links provided in the table or visit our US friendly sportsbook reviews page for further information.

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Site NameCurrent BonusU.S.Visit Site
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South Dakota Sports Betting Details

Since there are no state options the following details have been filled out with offshore sportsbook details. Offshore sportsbooks have accepted US citizens for almost a decade and the brands we recommend and play are the most trusted online sportsbook in the industry.

  • Legal Sports Betting: Offshore Only
  • Minimum Sports Betting Age: 18 years
  • Land-Based: n/a
  • Online: Offshore Only
  • Mobile: Offshore Only
  • In-Play: Offshore Only
  • Estimated Revenue: n/a
  • Eligible Operators: n/a
  • Commission: n/a
  • Licensing Fee: n/a
  • Tax Rate: n/a
  • Tax-Funded: n/a

What You Can Bet On In South Dakota

  • All betting lines, odds, and props for all games, teams, and players across all college and professional sports (via Offshore)

What You Can't Bet On In South Dakota

  • No restrictions (via Offshore)

Where Can I Bet On Sports In South Dakota?

  • Offshore online sportsbooks are the only option for legally betting on sports inside of South Dakota's state borders. Betting at these sites does not violate and state or federal gambling laws.

Biggest Sports Betting Cities in South Dakota

Sports Betting In Sioux Falls, SD

South Dakota is lacking in major professional and college teams though there are colleges in Sioux Falls. The colleges in SD's most populated city often plays sports, but since they are smaller schools there might not be many wagering options online. You might be able to find smaller local teams in our recommended sportsbooks, but the bulk of sports gambling revolves around teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and NCAA.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Betting In South Dakota

Will I get arrested for betting on sports in South Dakota?

No. There are no laws preventing SD residents from betting online with licensed sportsbooks. You can find yourself in some legal trouble for betting with illegal bookies operating with the state of SD but online sports betting is perfectly fine.

Are mobile sports betting apps legal in South Dakota?

Only apps that are operated outside of the United States are allowed to operate in Sout Dakota. Since there is no state regulation operating an online sportsbook within state lines can land you in some serious trouble.

What teams can I bet on in South Dakota?

Offshore sportsbooks offer just about every sport you can think of. The most popular teams to bet on are usually from USA sports including basketball, football, baseball, FIFA, and others.

What is the legal minimum sports betting age in South Dakota?

Most offshore sportsbooks will accept registrations from US residents over the age of 18.

South Dakota Legislative Resources

South Dakota Gambling Resources

We take problem gambling seriously and you should too. If you know anyone struggling with sports betting or has let their passion for gambling entertainment become a problem. We urge you to reach out to the South Dakota National Council on Problem Gambling for further assistance and immediate help.