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Apple Pay Sports Betting Deposits

apple pay
  • The most popular e-Wallet app in the world
  • Extra Apple security for all credit/debit/P2P transfers
  • Use with vouchers + MatchPay at Bovada LV

One of the newest and most popular way for players to top off their accounts is to use the Apple Pay digital wallet or e-Wallet service. Accounts are free and easy to use, and sports betting deposits are more and more commonly used. Best of all, when it comes to how to send money with their services to these international operators, US bettors actually have two different options.

For legal online sports bet funding, Apple Pay can be used to make traditional credit/debit deposits, though these kinds of transfers are occasionally blocked by the federal UIGEA banking regulation. This is inconvenient, so some books also allow members to make deposits and withdrawals via the Apple Cash P2P option. Still, legal sportsbooks operating internationally are not places that accept it directly.

Instead, as part of their sportsbook banking options, select sites employ a voucher system or MatchPay, letting members use Apple Cash to safely and securely fund their accounts. Here, we explain the Apple Pay betting process, how to use it to find your accounts, and get paid out winnings.

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    Best Apple Pay And Apple Cash
    Sports Betting Sites

    Site NameCurrent BonusAgeU.S.Visit Site
    Top Rated #1 IconBovada Sportsbook50% Max $1,00018+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review

    What Is Apple Pay + Apple Cash?

    Apple Pay was the first popular e-Wallet and P2P (person-to-person) transfer service to be tied to a major mobile operating system. Apple launched the service in 2014, and since then, the service has become the gold standard for online wallets. As of 2022, there are over 400 million users worldwide!

    Essentially, Apple Pay lets you digitally store your existing credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover card, etc.) on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, so you can quickly and easily make payments at retail locations and online.

    By adding two-factor authentication security measures to every transfer – including Touch ID, Face ID, passwords, and/or PINs, transactions benefit from enhanced biometric authentication.

    There is also their Apple Cash option, which works just like any other P2P service, such as PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and so on. However, there are some limits to how Apple Cash transfers can be used to move money into and out of your online sportsbook account, which is explained in detail below.

    Visit their official website for the complete picture.

    Apple Pay Phone

    Is Sports Betting WIth Apple Pay Legal?

    Yes, you can legally use any linked Apple Pay card to make deposits to legal online sportsbooks operating outside of US borders (as long as they’re valid for international purchases).

    There are no laws barring these sites or their gambling markets from US customers, as the Interstate Wire Act applies only to domestic sportsbooks, and the UIGEA banking regulation targets US-based banking institutions that knowingly process unregulated gambling transactions. Individual bettors are never targeted by these laws.

    Exceptions exist for those living in Washington. For these residents, there are state-level laws that nominally prevent access to online gambling sites, though the laws are apparently unenforced and all major operators accept members from WA. Still, you are advised to follow all local gaming laws.

    Benefits of Betting With Apple Pay

    • Make card-based transactions with enhanced security via Apple Pay
    • Earn normal card rewards + special Apple Pay credit card rewards when using the Apple Card
    • Minimal card deposit fees and friendly deposit limits
    • Apple Cash can be used to purchase sports betting vouchers from other site members (at participating online books)
    • Apple Cash can be used with the third-party MatchPay service (Bovada only)
    • Apple Cash P2P transfers can be used to claim convenient, same-day payouts via betting vouchers or MatchPay
    • No added fees when using Apple Pay to gamble online
    • The wallet is an all-in-one online banking solution with support for all major banks, credit unions, and cards
    • No app download required
    • Transfers are eligible for all standard sportsbook bonus options

    Online Sportsbook Bonuses

    Whenever you use Apple Pay with your normal cards, you’ll earn points as normal (per the terms and conditions of each individual card). Similarly, the branded Apple Card offers cashback rewards. However, these rewards aren’t the only bonuses you’ll get when using Apple Pay online to fund your bankroll.

    Every major USA sportsbook operating internationally has several sports betting bonus options to choose from, both for first-time members and returning customers. These typically include the following, and each is good for matching your deposit by 50-100% for between $250 and $1000 in free plays:

    • New Member Sports Betting Sign-Up Bonus
    • Returning Member Sports Betting Reload Bonus
    • Online Sportsbook Refer-A-Friend Bonus
    • Online Sports Betting No-Deposit Bonus*

    While online sports betting bonuses are entirely optional, their terms are friendly at the most reputable sites, making them perfect for the majority of members.

    *Sportsbook no-deposit bonuses are typically only available during special seasonal events and are not part of the normal stable of betting bonus options at the best online sportsbooks.

    Mobile Sports Betting Apps

    mobile bet iconMost sports betting takes place online, and most of that takes place via mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. Thus, bettors are more apt to use banking methods they can access from the same mobile devices they use to actually place their bets.

    In fact, because the service is built into iOS and iPadOS, you don’t even have to download an app to use it. Most modern Apple devices offer native support, and all Apple products made over the last several years allow you to set up an account and use its many features to streamline and secure your online banking and mobile sports betting experiences.

    Note: Apple Pay is currently unavailable on Android devices, so if you use mobile devices running the popular Google OS, you won’t have access to this service. However, you can use the Google Pay alternative (or Samsung Pay if you own a Samsung Galaxy device). 

    Are There Same-Day Withdrawals?

    Have you placed some winning bets online and want to withdraw your funds using Apple Cash? Then there’s good news: Thanks to the voucher system and MatchPay service at world-leading sportsbooks like Bovada LV, you can easily do this. To learn how to cash out Apple Pay sportsbook wins, the next section explains all the ins and outs of the P2P-friendly sports betting voucher system (though MatchPay simplifies the process further).

    If you know how to send money through Apple Pay Cash, it won’t be difficult to reverse the process to claim your bet winnings. That said, because Apple Cash withdrawals do require you to find buyers for your voucher code, you won’t always be able to get same-day payouts. MatchPay actually automates this step, saving you considerable time and making same-day payouts more accessible.

    If you wish to reliably get your winnings within just a few minutes of requesting them from the best online sportsbooks, you’ll want to use Bitcoin or altcoins instead.

    Bitcoin betting has a number of benefits over all other banking options, though there is a slight learning curve (which is true for all other crypto gambling, such as Litecoin betting, Ethereum betting, and Bitcoin Cash betting).

    How To Buy And Sell Sportsbook Vouchers With Apple Pay

    The only way to use the Apple Cash P2P feature of Apple Pay is to send private payments to other site members who are selling part or all of their account balances as voucher codes. You can also use MatchPay to streamline this process.

    Not all top-rated sportsbooks support vouchers or MatchPay just yet, though we expect all the best betting sites to follow Bovada’s lead in the near future and introduce similar systems. For the example below, we’re citing Bovada’s implementation, but all sportsbooks should use a similar process.

    1. Follow any link here to Bovada Sportsbook and click/tap the red “Join” button.
    2. Enter all your personal information. Please be sure to use verifiable data, as all reputable sports gambling sites use basic Know Your Customer standards. Bovada and other top sites recommended here will never sell or share your data.
    3. Skip the deposit option for now and complete your Bovada Sportsbook registration.
    4. Use the Bovada login panel to access your account, and head over to the Bovada Community forums. There, you will find Bovada Voucher codes for sale.
    5. Find a Bovada Voucher in the amount you like, and make sure the seller accepts Apple Cash payments via the platform.
    6. Once the deal is accepted, send your payment to the voucher seller’s Apple Pay contact number.
    7. The seller will then release the voucher code to you via text, Messages (iMessage), email, etc.
    8. Deposit your Bovada Voucher code ASAP, and funds will be credited to your account instantly. There are no fees attached to voucher deposits, and there are no fees for private Apple Cash transfers.

    How Apple Cash works for payouts is more or less identical to it works for buying vouchers. The only difference is that to sell a voucher, you’re on the other end of the process. Just request any amount of your eligible account funds to be withdrawn via a voucher, and your sportsbook will send a voucher code in the amount specified to your site-linked email address.

    Then, simply post an ad at the Bovada Community pages and sell your voucher. Make sure to specify that you’d like to be paid via Apple Cash instead of PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, etc. (You can also sell your voucher codes through other online forums, though we recommend using your book’s official portal.)

    Note: If you want to bypass the manual posting of ads or responding to ads in order to buy voucher codes, you can use MatchPay instead. MatchPay is a third-party service that is currently available only at Bovada LV. 

    Apple Pay vs Google Pay & Samsung Pay

    Apple Pay vs. Google Pay

    Google Pay Icon

    When it comes to regular use cases in terms of online and in-person retail purchases – as well as private P2P transfers – there isn’t much difference between Apple Pay and Google Pay. The same is true for using either service to fund your online sports betting accounts.

    However, the Google Pay vs. Apple Pay debate rages on as part of the overarching Android vs. iOS argument. However, for our purposes, it’s all academic.

    In reality, you should use the service that is best suited to your actual device. Since it is only available on Apple devices, you should probably sign up for an account if you own an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac.

    Remember, there is currently no Android app, so the decision is an easy one. That said, you can use Google Pay on iPhone and other Apple devices, so if you already have a G Pay account, you should go ahead and use it with your Apple products.

    Apple Pay vs. Samsung Pay

    Like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay is tied only to devices made by the manufacturer. You can’t use Apple Pay on Samsung phones and tablets, and you can’t use Samsung Pay on iPhones, iPads, or other Apple products. Thus, your choice of eWallet will be decided by your choice of device.

    That said, these services both work the same way, allowing you to store cards and make P2P payments safely and easily with all the benefits of extra encryption and security.

    When depositing or withdrawing at legal online sportsbooks, Apple Pay betting options and Samsung Pay betting options will both allow you to make card-based and voucher-based transactions, as well as MatchPay transactions (Bovada only).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Disclaimer: Apple Cash/Apple Pay is a third-party P2P payment processor and eWallet service. Apple Cash/Apple Pay does not endorse this site or any online sports betting site in any way. This page is for informational purposes only. 

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