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Legal Betting On Presidential Candidates

  • Donald Trump Is Favored To Win The 2024 GOP Nomination
  • Kamala Harris Odds Place Her As The 2024 DNC Frontrunner
  • Trump selected J.D. Vance As His 2024 Running Mate.

Betting on politics is a popular market, and the action has never been as brisk as it is right now for election results across the board. However, the only way to wager on elections – and the only place to find legitimate 2024 Presidential candidate odds – is to use an offshore sportsbook.

These sites are unbound by the US laws banning political wagering, and they are safe and legal for most American gamblers to join. 

While it may be too early to know exactly how the election will unfold, that hasn't stopped online political sportsbook sites from producing a bevy of odds on potential outcomes for the nominees.

Read on to find out how and where to make the best Biden and Trump Presidential bets.

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    Best Online Election Betting Sites

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    Is It Legal To Bet On Presidential Candidates?

    Yes, it is legal to wager on political candidates, political props, debate odds, and elections, but only if you use an offshore betting site like those listed here.

    Political betting is not available at domestic sportsbooks, and while you may find Vegas election odds advertised, these are merely hypothetical hot takes, as NV does not allow political wagering of any kind.

    The only caveat is that the US state of Washington has laws barring all forms of online gambling on their books, which includes election betting. While unenforced, these laws do exist and have potentially steep penalties, so residents of WA must sign up and gamble only at their own risk.  

    Candidates For President 2024

    President Biden officially dropped out of the 2024 presidential election and endorsed his VP Kamala Harris for president. While she still has to secure the Democratic party's nomination, odds favor her to prevail at the Democratic National COnvention in August.

    Donald Trump has already been named the Republican nominee and selected J.D. Vance, a senator from Ohio, as his running mate. Early odds favor Trump over Harris and with only four months until the general vote, Trump is poised to serve another term.

    2024 GOP Presidential Candidates

    Donald Trump

    Donald TrumpDonald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is one of the most famous people in the world. He lost the election in 2024, and his defeat ushered in Joe Biden's regime.

    Trump came up as a real estate magnate in New York, his home state, and was a B-list celebrity for most of his life due to his wild success in the property development industry. He was the host of the reality TV show The Apprentice, owned the Miss America Pageant for many years, and was generally well-liked until he ran on the Republican ticket in 2016. Since then, Trump has become a true A-list celebrity, and he’s the most popular GOP politician – and the most polarizing one – in US history.

    The Donald—aka the Teflon Don, Agent Orange, and other monikers—was the third US President to be impeached and the first to be impeached twice, though the US Senate acquitted him on both occasions.

    While scandals often surrounded Trump's term, with his Presidential impeachment odds paying out on "yes" twice, it has not seemed to lessen his influence on the right side of the political aisle. Trump's betting odds can still be found at offshore books, and he is favored to be the GOP nominee in 2024 at this time.

    We must also advise that Donald Trump is currently favored to face charges in the most recent political indictment betting odds, so any potential candidacy may require him to clear some legal hurdles prior to 2024.

    2024 DNC Presidential Candidates

    Kamala Harris

    icon for betting on Kamala Harris odds to become President in 2024Joe Biden has dropped out of the 2024 election after pressure from the Democratic party following his disastrous debate against former President Trump. Biden has also endorsed Kamala Harris, his Vice President, for the party's nomination.

    Harris will have to mount a flawless campaign to derail the support Trump has rallied, and with only four months, the odds are stacked against her. Online sportsbook sites have produced a slew of odds for Harris and other potential Democratic nominees.

    Kamala has a distinguished political career aside from her time as Vice President. Before taking her position at the Oval Office, she was the district attorney for San Francisco and the Attorney General for the state of California.


    2024 Independent Candidates

    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.While he has shown no real voter support at the polls, will not likely be invited to any debates, and is not endorsed by his own family, we must mention Robert Kennedy, Jr. and his independent campaign to become President in 2024. Kennedy is the son of former US Attorney Robert F. Kennedy, and he is running as an independent candidate even though he's been a career Democrat.

    He may have a chance at making an impact if he can manage to get his name placed on the ballot in all 50 US states. For now, Robert Kennedy, Jr.'s election odds suggest that he will come nowhere near Trump or Biden in any territory around the nation, but there is still time on the clock to make up ground.

    Republican Candidates Who Dropped Out

    Ron DeSantis

    Governor DeSantis was once the go-to, default contender for the GOP, but he's now a clear second-fiddle at best to Trump in the Republican Party and has dropped out of the 2024 Presidential race. betting on Ron DeSantis for President iconDeSantis rose to prominence during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic by being one of the first US Governors to ease restrictions for public venues.

    What at first appeared to be a risky proposal wrought with rising infection levels transitioned into a favorable scenario for the Sunshine State that included similar COVID-19 contamination rates as other regions but better death ratios - all while businesses stayed open and Florida enjoyed a relatively healthy economy.

    Ron DeSantis will most likely run again in 2028, but a Trump conviction between now and election day could propel the Florida Governor back into relevance for this election cycle.

    Nikki Haley

    Nikki Haley giving a thumbs upNimarata Nikki Haley (born January 20, 1972) is a former United States Ambassador to the United Nations under President Trump, former Governor of South Carolina, and has dropped out as a Republican Candidate for the 2024 Presidency.

    Although Haley was an early entrant into the 2024 race, her candidacy did not draw much attention, and according to the election betting odds, she was not given much of a chance.

    Haley once appeared to have a legitimate shot at becoming the VP running mate of Trump or the eventual GOP candidate, but those hopes have vanished as well.

    Vivek Ramaswamy

    Vivek Ramaswamy icon

    Ramaswamy (born August 9, 1985) is an American business owner who has never held an election position before. He was one of the top Republican presidential candidates until he suspended his campaign in January 2024 after finishing fourth during the Iowa Caucus.

    Vivek is a vocal supporter of Donald Trump, even offering praise during the GOP debates. Although largely unknown in the political spectrum before 2023, Ramaswamy has quickly risen to the top of the pack in the GOP.

    Due to his loyalty to Donald Trump, there is a chance that Vivek could be selected as his VP. This outside potential is reflected in the current VP odds for the Republican Party.

    2024 US Presidential Election Odds

    Republican Vice President Selection

    J.D. VanceJ.D. Vance - Current Senator from Ohio.

    Right before the Republican National Convention (RNC) Trump selected Ohio Senator J.D Vance as his Vice President pick for 2024.

    Vance was once a critic of Trump but has since been passed the MAGA torch and is considered a young protege.

    Democratic VP Candidates

    With Biden officially out of the race and all signs pointing to Kamala Harris as the Democratic nominee, VP odds have shifted to include the following Democratic VP candidates.

    • Josh Shapiro +200
    • Roy Cooper +250
    • Mark Kelly +350
    • Andy Beshear +500
    • Pete Buttigieg +1600
    • Michelle Obama +2000
    • Gavin Newsom +2500
    • Gretchen Whitmer +2500

    🇺🇸 odds via Bovada


    Potential Future POTUS Candidates

    Republican Party

    • Ron DeSantis - Current Governor of Florida
    • Glenn Youngkin - Current Governor of Virginia

    Democratic Party

    icon for betting on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to become the next President of the United StatesAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez - Current US Representative From New York

    While the Notorious A.O.C. has not announced her intentions to run for the Oval Office, her popularity, or lack thereof, on a national scale has her listed prominently in the Presidential Election odds.

    She is a member of the aforementioned "Squad" in the US House of Representatives and is currently serving her second term for her constituents in New York state.

    2028 could be the year for Rep. Alexandria-Cortez, as she could be inclined to go all-in and put the National Democratic Committee's allegiance to a vote to determine whether they back the old or the new guard.

    Other Potential DNC Candidates

    • Gavin Newsom - Current Governor of California
    • Kamala Harris - Current VP under President Biden - Harris will likely run for President in 2028 regardless of the result of the 2024 election.

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