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Samantha Gordon

Samantha Gordon has been an author at for several years now. She works as Managing Editor in addition to supporting the current writing staff, but her educational background is in Marketing and Business Administration. Samantha also provides marketing support and oversees data management and bill tracking for US state-regulated sports betting legislation. Since she was a young girl, history was Samantha’s favorite subject in school. Something about following how a true story unfolded always fascinated her. At, she has a front row seat in the rapidly changing legal landscape of the US sports betting market as she observes history in the making right before her very eyes – and she feels that this kind of makes it special that she’s a part of it all. Samantha comes from a mixed ethnic background heavily influenced by Asian culture. Growing up, she was always inspired by pioneer women of color who broke barriers and norms to make way for their ideas and dreams. In her spare time, Samantha loves to watch old movies and interviews with influential actors, activists, athletes, and artists who were not scared to cut their own cloth. As one could probably guess from this and her favorite sport, Verena Mei is undeniably her favorite rally driver. Currently, Samantha lives in Tallahassee FL after relocating to work alongside However, she regularly travels back home to visit her family and reconnect after being away for long periods for work.

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