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Legal Betting On Deal Or No Deal Island

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  • NBC Deal or No Deal Island Release Date: February 26, 2024, 9:30 PM
  • 2024 Deal or No Deal Betting Odds Are Live Now
  • Watch Deal or No Deal Island Mondays At 10 PM On NBC

Supermodels holding random amounts of cash was what initially drew audiences to Deal or No Deal, and the Vegas-like gameplay kept viewers tuned in for years on NBC. Now that an official spinoff has been created in 2024, legal Deal or No Deal Island betting options are being sought after online.

If you are like thousands of other Americans who are seeking out legal entertainment sportsbooks that offer Deal or No Deal Island odds, the following guide details what options are offered right now. We also cover the legal aspects of Deal or No Deal betting across the country, and why you can wager on entertainment odds in all US states regardless of what local regulations suggest.

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    Best Sportsbooks For Betting On Reality TV Shows

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    Top Rated #1 IconBovada Sportsbook50% Max $1,00018+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
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    5MyBookie Sportsbook50% Max $1,00021+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
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    Is It Legal To Bet On Competition Reality TV Outcomes?

    Yes. There are no laws prohibiting the creation of Deal or No Deal odds and accepting bets on them at the local level. Domestic sportsbooks are permitted in over 30 US states but none of them will offer Deal or No Deal Island odds or any other type of entertainment prop bets.

    The only places offering Deal or No Deal Island prop bets in the United States are offshore sportsbook sites. Online entertainment sportsbooks that are based in other countries are able to accept players in America over the web without violating local gambling laws. The sports betting sites that we recommend here are licensed to offer web-based gambling online across most of the globe.

    What Is Deal or No Deal Island?

    Based on NBC’s hit gameshow Deal or No Deal hosted by Howie Mandell, this new iteration takes the competition offshore, literally. In February of 2024, NBC launched Deal or No Deal Island, and this time, a remote tropical destination is the setting for the reality television competition series.

    13 contestants are invited to the island where briefcases full of cash are distributed and waiting to be found. The player with the highest dollar value briefcase each week will be safe and will also get to select another contestant to enter the Temple where they will face elimination. The final player remaining will face the banker at the end of the season in what could turn out to be the most money ever awarded in the history of gameshows.

    DOND Island Promo

    How To Watch Deal or No Deal Island

    Episodes of Deal or No Deal Island air each Monday night at 8 PM on NBC. Episodes can be seen streaming after their initial air date on Peacock. Subscriptions to Peacock begin at $5.99, with ad-free services set at $11.99 monthly.

    Deal or No Deal Island Host

    The host for Deal or No Deal Island is Joe Manganiello.

    Deal or No Deal Island Cast

    • Ben Crofchick - Banker’s Assistant
    • Kamari Love - Banker’s Assistant
    • "Boston" Rob Mariano - Contestant
    • Amy McCoy - Contestant
    • Claudia Jordan - Contestant
    • Brantzen Wong - Contestant
    • Aron Barbell - Contestant
    • Alyssa Klinzing - Contestant
    • Dawson Addis - Contestant
    • Stephanie Mitchell - Contestant
    • Jamil Sipes - Contestant
    • Jordan Fowler - Contestant
    • Kim Mattina - Contestant
    • Miranda Harrison - Contestant
    • Nick Grasso - Contestant

    How To Bet On Deal Or No Deal Island Contestants

    Deal or No Deal Island prop bets take action on any potential outcome that could occur during a given episode or the entire season. Entertainment props largely focus on Deal or No Deal Island winners, but there are also odds on if the banker will be revealed, over/under totals for cash winnings, and the gender of the champion.

    No matter what outcome is being bet upon, the wager is being placed on the moneyline odds of that occurrence happening. Here is a Deal or No Deal prop to use as an example:

    Sex of DONDI winner

    • Male -150
    • Female +120

    Because the male odds are lowest, a man winning Deal or No Deal Island is the favored option of the two outcomes. Male odds are in the negative. This means the bet will be bigger than the resulting payout. A wager of $1.50 on -150 odds will result in winnings of a dollar.

    Betting on a female to win DONDI will earn more than the total bet because the odds are in the positive. A wager of $1 on the female winner odds of +120 will result in a payout of $2.20 for $1.20 in profit. No matter what type of Deal or No Deal odds you encounter, betting on the attached moneyline odds will always work as described here.

    For more details, read our guide on how to read betting odds.

    Where To Bet On Deal or No Deal Island

    As we mentioned in the legal betting section, Deal or No Deal odds are only going to be found at offshore sportsbook sites because domestic books have mutually decided against the creation of entertainment props based on reality competition shows.

    If you want to bet on Deal or No Deal Island, look no further than the online sports betting sites that we feature in this guide. Signing up for an account doesn’t take long at all, just make sure the site allows betting in your state and that you meet their minimum age requirements. Read our reviews of the top online sportsbooks to learn more.

    Deal or No Deal Island Betting Apps

    hand holding smartphone with sports betting app pulled up

    Any online sportsbook that we link to here can be pulled up and used to bet on Deal or No Deal Island using smartphones and tablets in the United States. Legal sports betting apps allow for entertainment betting anywhere members want, as long as devices are connected to the web via cell or Wi-Fi.

    Traditional applications from domestic gambling vendors require a download, but our favorite online sportsbooks merely require a click on any link we’ve posted here. Common mobile web browser apps are all that’s needed to connect to the best mobile Deal or No Deal betting sites and wager, whether you are using an Apple or an Android.

    Depositing And Getting Paid At Entertainment Sportsbooks

    The banking options at online sportsbooks allow for depositing and withdrawing via virtually any method known to mankind. Most common and some fringe options are accepted, with banking suites that vary slightly at each sportsbook that we suggest here.

    Credit cards, debit cards, cryptocurrency, sportsbook vouchers, bank wires, and eChecks are some of the most common deposit options around. Of those methods, only cryptocurrencies and vouchers offer free-free transactions.

    Credit cards and debit cards cannot be used for payouts, but cryptocurrency, bank wires, and checks by courier are options for withdrawals. Selling a sportsbook voucher to another member is a way to get paid in any currency you prefer. Voucher sales can be arranged in the user forums or by way of MatchPay, a vendor that pairs up buyers and sellers.

    Sportsbook Bonus Cash Offers – Should You Accept?

    Bonus Icon

    Each entertainment betting site that we recommend contains a promo page that details bonus cash offers and any contests that they are offering. First time and often repeat deposits are eligible for sportsbook bonus cash that is based on a percentage of the total transaction.

    This is a gift for new or continued membership, and awards bonus dollars that can be spent in the sportsbook on Deal or No Deal odds. We just ask that bettors read the terms before accepting a bonus offer. There are usually conditions that must be completed before any winnings based on bonus cash can be paid out.

    Live Deal or No Deal Betting

    At certain times, betting odds for Deal or No Deal Island may remain active while the show is on the air. This is referred to as live betting, or in the realm of pro or college sports, in-game betting. This simply means that bets can be placed on odds while the contest is ongoing.

    There are no set rules as to when live odds will be offered, or when they’ll be taken down, removed, or stricken through. Live betting odds for eventual Deal or No Deal Island winners will be the most common in-play line offered on the show. If any contestants are eliminated while their odds remain active, all associated wagers will be cancelled.

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