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Odds On The Next Celebrity Death Matchup

Celebrity death odds
  • Celebrity Death Match Odds Allow Betting On Who Dies First
  • Death Match Betting Lines Are Online Now
  • Use The Odds To Create Your Dead Pool And Win

The world of entertainment betting encompasses a great many options, and none has the potential to turn more away than the odds on the next celebrity death matchup. Mentioning the odds of death for anyone can be a tasteless venture, much less the odds on celebrity deaths betting, but one can’t deny the lure of raking in a large cash payout.

Read on to discover the top online sportsbooks taking bets on celebrity deaths, how to read the odds on these predictions, and the gambling laws regarding betting lines such as these. Everything you’ll need to bet on this less than tasteful niche within the sports betting market has been detailed below.

Is It Legal To Bet On Celebrity Deaths?

Yes, and those located inside of the USA can bet on celebrity death matchups, celebrity boxing, celebrity golf, British Royals, celebrity divorces, weird betting odds and celebrity wedding odds via two options – offshore and domestic sportsbooks. If you are in or near a state that offers domestic sports betting, it is certainly legal to visit one of their venues and place a bet, though you'd be hardpressed to see death matchup betting lines at any state-regulated sportsbooks.

Residents in almost all states in the USA can access overseas sportsbook sites because there are no laws in place that prevent them from taking bets from American patrons over the Internet. WA has laws that prohibit all online gambling for their residents, but the sportsbooks that we recommend on this page accept members from there.

For further details, please visit our gambling laws page which is accessible via the menu at the top of this page.

Best Sportsbooks Offering Celebrity Death Betting Odds

Site NameCurrent BonusAgeU.S.Visit Site
Top Rated #1 IconMyBookie Sportsbook50% Max $1,00021+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
2xbet logo50% Max $50021+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review

Next Celebrity To Die Betting Odds

Oddsmakers like to get creative when formulating Hollywood betting lines for celebrity death matchups, and typically have a strange or dark-humored rationale for the pairings. Below are several examples of death matchup odds that have been making the rounds over the past few months.

Some feature candidates that are of advanced age, while others feature pairings of celebrities that are afflicted with the same virus or disease. Some feature similar problems with alcohol or drug addiction, while others merely share similar professions.

Regardless of the reason the person is included in the death matchup betting odds, you can rest assured that their potential outlook is grim. Death waits for no one, so any and all popular figures in the public eye have the potential to appear in these death matchup odds eventually.

Charlie Sheen

Celebrity Deaths Betting: A Tutorial

Really, the only bet type that celebrity death matchup bettors need to become familiar with is the money line. These odds declare each candidates’ chances of “winning” (dying), and also declare how much money can be won versus the amount the bettor risks.

Most celebrity deathmatch betting lines will feature two names and will ask bettors to select the one who will die first. Other lines may include three or more names and place money line odds next to each option.

Both bet types work the same way. Select the person that you believe will die first and then decide how much money you want to risk. Take the following betting line as an example.

Who Will Die First?

  • OJ Simpson -1000
  • Rae Carruth +300
  • Ray Lewis +1600

These three death matchup contestants are placed together because they are all former NFL players with a criminal record.

OJ Simpson is the oldest on the list and the odds suggest he is a heavy favorite to die first. His -1000 will require a $1000 bet to win $100, and that is because he is favored so highly that sportsbooks aren’t willing to risk much against the possibility of it happening.

Rae Carruth has +300 to die first. That means that a wager of $100 on Carruth to die first will earn $300 if he is the earliest one to croak.

Mobile Betting Apps

mobile bet iconBetting on celebrity death matchups is no longer confined to laptops and PCs. Betting on the go can be achieved by using the web-apps offered by our top sportsbook sites. Don’t worry about any downloads, these web-based applications can be accessed with any up to date mobile browser by clicking on one of the links in the table above.

These mobile betting apps are the best around, and port over all of the odds offered on their main sportsbook sites. Whether you want to bet on Donald Trump’s death odds, or make a Prince Philip death bet, you can do so using current iPhones, iPads, and Android-based smartphones and tablets and our top celebrity death matchup betting apps.

Live Celebrity Death Betting Odds

All celebrity death matchup betting lines can be considered “live betting odds,” because the lines are live, with a no winner being declared until someone dies. In the realm of sports betting, live betting typically indicates that wagers can be made while the contest is occurring.

In celebrity death matchup odds, all contests are currently occurring and in play, qualifying them as live betting odds.

Bitcoin Betting

Bitcoin logoThe top option to fund your sportsbook account is Bitcoin (BTC). We state it flatly first and foremost to make our point. Here’s why Bitcoin is the top option for depositing and withdrawing from a premium sports betting site.

  1. Deposit – Bitcoin deposits can be made quickly due to no government oversight slowing down cryptocurrency transaction times. BTC also comes with the added benefit of additional bonus match offers – we’ve seen them as high as 3X the matching offers when compared to using USD.
  2. Withdrawal – If you’re interested in withdrawing your winnings in less than 24 hours, Bitcoin is your only solution. Withdrawal transactions can be completed in as little as 15 minutes.

Other cryptocurrencies that we’ve seen accepted at top sportsbook sites include Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, and Cardano (ADA).

Sportsbook Funding Options

When we compile our list of top sports betting sites accepting wagers on celebrity death odds, we demand that they accept a large variety of sportsbook funding options. We get it, not everyone uses cryptocurrency, so we ensure that our list of sites taking bets on who will die next also allow for the following forms of deposit and withdrawal:

  • Deposit: Credit Card, Debit Card, Wire Transfer, Cashier's Check, Zelle, Third-Party Money Transfer Services, Betting Vouchers, Cryptocurrency
  • Withdrawal: Wire Transfer, Cashier's Check By Courier, Betting Vouchers, Cryptocurrency (the only method that allows for same-day withdrawals)

Sports Betting Bonuses

When patrons make a deposit into their online account at a sportsbook that allows for the next celebrity to die betting, oftentimes promotional bonus offers will be extended that will match a portion of that total.

These promotional offers can reach up to 100% and $1,000, but be sure to read through the terms and conditions prior to accepting. Bonus offers can be refused, and are not a requisite of becoming a member with a sportsbook site accepting death bets.

Celebrity Death Betting Odds FAQs