Sports Betting In Nashville

TennesseeNashville is the capital city of Tennessee and known for its rich culture in terms of music, food, and sports. The city plays home to 2 major professional franchises, leaving plenty of action for Nashville sports betting. Residents can bet on their favorite local teams through any of our recommended offshore sportsbooks. These online betting destinations are both legally licensed and regulated by a respected government outside of the US. Since there are no physical or online betting venues in Nashville, these sportsbooks provide the only viable options. This page was generated exclusively with Nashville in mind and has relative information on sports gambling laws, the best available sportsbooks, Tennessee sports betting, and more.

Is Sports Betting Legal In Nashville?

Federal Laws In Play

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There are several US federal gambling laws that sports bettors must pay attention to. These laws form the legal framework on sports gambling in the US and each one plays an integral part. The laws are known as:

  • The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA)
  • Federal Wire Act
  • The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA)

The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act federally banned all forms of state-regulated betting when it was in effect. The law was passed in 1992 and affected a total of 46 states, including Tennessee. The PASPA act was repealed by the SCOTUS in May 2018, after they found it to be unconstitutional. The Federal Wire Act denies US-based online sportsbooks from accepting any domestic bets. Passed in 1961 in an effort to stop illegal betting through wire transmissions, the law was deemed to apply to online sports gambling thanks to a Formal Opinion from the US Department of Justice in 2011. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act monitors US banks and other financial institutions and how they process transactions with Internet gambling websites. All 3 of these federal laws do not explicitly mention offshore betting sites as being illegal (so long as they are licensed and regulated), and Tennessee has no state laws against offshore sportsbooks as well.

 Top Rated Sportsbooks That Accept Bets From Nashville Residents

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When searching for online betting sites, you will see a wide range of options. Unfortunately, a lot of these options are not safe to use if you are a US citizen. This is why our team of Internet sports gambling experts made a list of the best available sportsbooks accepting Nashville residents. You can find the results of our search in the table below.

Each one of our suggested sportsbooks has passed our inspection and are certified 100% legal for Nashville bettors to use. They boast at least 10 years of experience in the industry, accepting millions of bets daily from an international audience. You can review the sportsbooks for yourself by navigating to them via the links provided in the table.

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Nashville Sports Betting FAQs

Are There Any Nashville Teams With A Chance Of Winning A Championship?

While the Titans played well last season, they, unfortunately, play in the AFC, which means they have the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots to deal with. Even if they survive the first round of the Playoffs, the odds of them clinching the AFC are pretty slim without some more offensive help. The Predators have made it to the Playoffs several times in the last few seasons but always seem to come up short. Perhaps this will be their year. The Predators have a better chance of winning than the Titans do, even though the Titans look to be on their way to becoming a strong team in the NFL.

How Do Bonuses Work?

Bonuses are added to your sportsbook account balance, free of charge. For example, a match bonus is when a player deposit is matched by a percentage up to a predetermined amount. This percentage will be applied to your account for use within the sportsbook. Bonuses do come with their own terms and conditions, which could affect when you can request a payout. Most sportsbooks require you reach a certain amount of balance or number of bets before being able to issue a withdrawal. These policies are designed to keep people betting.

What Do I Need To Register For An Account?

All that is required to sign up for a sportsbook account is some personal information such as your name, email address, age, location, phone number, etc. This is used to verify your eligibility as a bettor. These sportsbooks must adhere to federal laws from several countries, so they screen each potential bettor before accepting them. You should not be asked for any financial information upon signing up. If you are, you can skip this step until you are ready to make a deposit.

Can I Make A Deposit From My Credit Card?

Yes. Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards are accepted—in some cases, American Express. Other USA friendly deposit types include wire transfers, prepaid options, and cryptocurrencies. You may encounter other options, but we have found that these are the most common.

Sports Teams In Nashville, TN

Tennessee Titans (NFL)

The Titans play in the AFC South and are currently enjoying a streak of good form. Their roster is stacked with talented players like Marcus Mariota, DeMarco Murray, Derrick Henry, Richard Matthews, Corey Davis and more. Mariota suffered an injury last season but is back and leading his team to a potential Playoff berth. You can find betting lines on the Titans on any of our recommended sportsbooks. Nashville residents can even bet on Memphis NBA teams such as the Memphis Grizzlies. Online sportsbooks have multiple options for Tennessee residents.

Nashville Predators (NHL)

The Predators are in the NHL’s Central Division and are considered a middle team in terms of overall quality. They have yet to clinch a Stanley Cup, but they won a Conference Championship in the 2016-2017 season. The Predators currently hold the 7th spot for longest postseason appearance record with 3 consecutive seasons. While they seem to not have a problem making the Playoffs, they cannot make a deep enough run to win it all. Still, the Predators are a solid bet in most matchups. Look out for Predator betting lines on any of the sportsbooks listed in this guide.

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