Sports Betting In Los Angeles

CaliforniaLos Angeles is a huge town for sports. There are teams in each of the major professional leagues based in LA, in some cases two teams, creating a huge market for sports and sports betting. The city is also one of the most densely populated in the nation, with supportive fans stretching to every far-reaching corner.

With so many teams packed into one area, sports betting was destined to become part of the environment. Some LA teams are so famous they’ve garnered support from around the world. The NBA’s Lakers are an example of this, as they are on one of the most successful franchises in the league’s history. The city also plays home to the LA Clippers, who share the Staples Center. LA now plays host to two relocated NFL teams in the Rams and the Chargers, which should make for an interesting hometown rivalry. The two-team theme extends to the MLB, with the Angels and Dodgers fighting for the spotlight. The Kings and Galaxy make up the city’s NHL and MLS presence, respectively. There are also several successful college programs in the state. There are enough sports teams to keep any fan engaged, and California sports betting only adds to the experience.

Is Sports Betting Legal In Los Angeles?

Federal Laws In Play

Book Of LawThere are currently no legal domestic sportsbook options at this time but since PASPA has been repealed states can enact laws to allow domestic sports betting operations if they choose to do so. There are a couple of US gambling laws in place that prevents online sportsbooks based in California. However, sports betting is both possible and legal with offshore sportsbooks. These sportsbooks are legally sanctioned and are used to dealing with US bettors, including California residents. California state law doesn’t mention anything about using these offshore sportsbooks, so residents are safe to use them.

Legally Licensed Sportsbooks That Accepts Los Angeles Residents

Review ImageBelow is a list of the best online sportsbooks that accept Los Angeles residents. These sites have been servicing the US sports betting industry for a very long time and are considered to be the most trusted and reliable options for US players. We've thoroughly vetted each of these sites and have found them all to have the necessary legal licensing, strong security features, enticing bonuses and other characteristics necessary to provide a high-quality betting experience similar to ones you’d find in a Las Vegas sportsbook. As a matter of fact, you will get a lot more bang for your buck by using a trusted online bookmaker compared to Vegas sportsbooks or your local bookie.

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Los Angeles Sports Betting FAQs

Are There Any Licensed Sportsbooks in LA?

The Federal Wire Act prevents US-based online sportsbooks from operating within the USA. PASPA was repealed in May 2018, and since California has drafted legislation to allow domestic sports betting in the near future. Until laws are enacted and systems are in place, there is currently no legal domestic sports betting in the Golden State. That’s why we recommend these offshore sportsbooks for residents interested in betting. These are all reputable legally licensed sports betting options and have been servicing California for many years.

Can I Bet On The Popular Sports Teams of LA?

Yes. These sportsbooks have betting lines and wagering types for all the LA sports teams. You can bet on any team in the state, in the country and in most of the world through these sportsbooks. There is no limit to how many bets you can place on however many teams, so technically you can bet on all your favorite LA teams if you wanted to. The wagering types range from a regular point spread bets to future bets, prop bets, parlays and more. Fans looking to bet on San Diego, San Francisco, and other area teams can do so legally with the use of online sportsbooks.

Popular LA Football Teams To Bet On

Los Angeles is home to two NFL and two college football programs. The Rams and Chargers relocated to the city this decade and will both play home games at the Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park when it opens in 2020. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Southern California (USC) are the two Power 5 Conference football programs located in LA and both compete in the Pac-12 Conference.

Popular Basketball Teams To Bet On In LA

LA’s basketball world is split into two factions who play in the same arena - the Lakers and the Clippers. The Lakers are arguably the most famous franchise in league history, though it’s the Clippers who have been more successful in recent seasons. Fans can bet on either team using the offshore sportsbooks we’ve recommended throughout the regular season and postseason should either team make the Playoffs.

Popular Baseball Teams To Bet On In LA

Just like with football and basketball, LA is home to two MLB franchises in the Angels of Anaheim and the Dodgers. The amount of games in the regular season gives bettors a wide range of betting lines to choose from. The offshore sportsbooks in this guide have lots of options for residents looking to place bets on their favorite local MLB team.

Popular Hockey Teams To Bet On In LA

LA only has one team in the city, so that narrows down betting options for local fans. The Kings are a fan favorite because of how successful they’ve been in recent years. They’ve brought home two Stanley Cup championships since 2012 and are a powerhouse in the Western Conference. Our offshore sportsbook picks have betting lines for NHL games as well.

Popular Soccer Teams To Bet On In LA

The MLS is an increasingly popular league, and LA plays host to one of the most famous teams in the LA Galaxy. The franchise has won 5 MLS Cup titles, the most recent in 2014. Fans have grown to love the franchise, highlighting the growing interest in American soccer. Offshore sportsbooks have betting lines for the MLS in addition to international leagues.

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