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Legally Betting On San Francisco 49ers Odds

San Francisco 49ers Logo
  • San Francisco Is Favored To Win The NFC
  • 49ers Super Bowl Odds Are Live Now At Online Sportsbooks
  • Winners Of Super Bowls XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV, and XXIX

The San Francisco 49ers were the first professional team to establish themselves in the Bay Area in 1947, becoming one of the founding handful of sports franchises to exist within the state of California. Legally betting on San Francisco 49ers odds has been a pastime of Golden State gamblers since their inception, so read on to learn where it can be done legally in California and across the USA.

The 49ers became popular right as cable TV was dawning, and the 1980s were nestling in. The franchise is embedded as a part of American pop culture, so when it comes to betting on NFL teams, the San Francisco 49ers get a lot of attention. If you want to get in on the action and bet on the 49ers like a pro, the following sections have all the information you’ll need.

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    Betting On The 49ers Super Bowl Odds

    Now that the San Francisco 49ers have won the NFC Championship Game and advanced to the big game, Super Bowl betting lines have appeared that will allow action for the two weeks leading up to kickoff, and live odds allow for wagers to be placed until the fat lady sings!

    For most of the calendar year, betting on the 49ers to win the Super Bowl entails wagering on NFL futures. All teams that have yet to be eliminated from the NFL Playoffs will remain among those listed in the odds for Super Bowl betting, with each possessing a moneyline listed next to their name.

    Betting on Super Bowl futures for the 49ers is simple. Locate San Francisco among the list of active teams and place a wager on their moneyline odds to win it all. Up until the final week of the playoffs, all teams involved tend to remain positive, meaning that all options provide payouts that are more than what the customer wagered.

    Is It Legal To Wager On 49ers Betting Odds?

    Yes. Any reputable sportsbook will feature NFL betting as a part of their arsenal because it is easily the most popular team sport and attracts a similar percentage of the overall action. The availability of domestic sportsbooks varies from state to state, but the online legal sports betting sites included in the table above cover all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C.

    That’s because these legitimate online books operate offshore from legal international gaming jurisdictions and can offer web-based NFL sports betting for real money to US customers that are 18 and up.

    Nick Bosa of the 49ers

    San Francisco 49ers Info

    • Super Bowls Won: 5 (XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV, XXIX)
    • NFC Conference Championships: 8 (1981, 1984, 1988, 1989, 1994, 2012, 2019, 2023)
    • Owner: Jed York
    • Head Coach: Kyle Shanahan
    • 2022 Record: 12-5, Lost Super Bowl 58
    • Stadium: Levi’s Stadium – San Jose, California
    • San Francisco 49ers Schedule
    • San Francisco 49ers Roster

    49ers Betting Lines: Spreads, Moneylines, & Totals

    The most common element of gambling on any team sport are betting lines or game lines which consist of the point spread, moneyline odds to win, and the over/under. We break these elements of an NFL betting line down below.

    Betting On The 49ers Point Spread

    An NFL point spread is the number of points that a team is expected to win or lose by. A negative point spread is given to projected winners and a positive spread to the anticipated losers. Teams can cover the spread by winning by more or losing by less than the projected amount. A spread of EVEN means that wins are awarded to those that bet on the victorious team, with no requirement to cover.

    Betting On The 49ers Moneyline

    If you just want to bet on the 49ers to win or lose the game without worrying about point spreads, NFL moneyline odds are what you’re looking for. Favored teams will have a negative moneyline and reward less than what was wagered upon them. Odds for underdogs will be in the positive and can provide payouts that exceed the amount that was bet.

    Betting On The Over/Under

    A third option in a common football betting line is the NFL over/under betting odds. This is a number that represents the total amount of points that expected to be scored by both teams. Winning bets will correctly guess whether the final tally will fall over or under the line set by oddsmakers.

    How To Bet On 49ers Odds Online

    Online wagers cannot be made without registering as a member at a sportsbook, so we invite our readers to investigate each of the NFL betting sites listed in the table above and consider joining with more than one so that variances in the 49ers odds can be exploited to your advantage.

    Each NFL sportsbook will have a join or signup icon atop most pages that can be clicked to begin the account creation process. Enter all requested information so that new members can proceed to the deposit stage.

    Go ahead and upload funds to your sportsbook account now so that you don’t have to backtrack later once you find the 49ers betting odds you’re after. This can be completed using USD or cryptocurrency.

    Once finalized, direct your browser to the sportsbook tab or button, and then locate the football sub-section to find the latest SF 49ers odds available, including betting on the NFL Playoffs and the Super Bowl.

    Betting On The 49ers Playoff Odds

    There are several different ways to bet on the 49ers' playoff chances, so we decided to list out the most popular options below:

    San Francisco 49ers Playoff Betting Lines – Once the Niners make the postseason, playoff betting lines will be produced for each round that they make it to that will include the over/under, 49ers point spread, and moneylines

    NFC West Division Futures – Winning a division in the NFL is an automatic qualifier for a top-four seed in the playoffs. For most of the year, online sportsbooks will offer NFC West futures with moneylines offered for each of the four teams, as long as they have not been eliminated from contention

    NFC Conference Futures – A list of all NFC teams and their associated moneyline odds will be offered up for betting, and will take action in the exact same manner as Super Bowl futures until there is a winner

    San Francisco 49ers Prop Bets

    Another fun aspect of betting on the NFL are propositions that can cover any element of the game or broadcast that involves a concrete outcome.  NFL prop bets include team and player stats, but also covers activities outside the field of play as long as it is a part of the game broadcast.

    One of the biggest components of Super Bowl betting are prop bets. If the 49ers make it all the way to the big game, Super Bowl prop bets that number in the thousands will be available for online gamblers to choose from in the two weeks leading up to kickoff.

    Betting On 49ers Live Odds

    The online NFL sportsbooks we endorse allow for live betting on 49ers games or any other regular season or playoff contest while the two teams are still playing. You read that right. Bets can be made on the point spread, moneyline odds, or the over/under, all while the clock is still ticking in the San Francisco 49ers game.

    Live NFL betting odds for 49ers games remain on the boards until late in the game but can be removed without notice as the results are often certain within the last few minutes. 49ers prop bets also receive action until a conclusion is reached, allowing for in-game wagers to be placed.

    Legal 49ers Betting Apps

    mobile bet icon

    The best application for mobile betting on the 49ers does not need to be downloaded. iPhones, iPads, and other popular web-ready smartphones and tablets just need to click on any of the football betting sites in our list of top online sportsbook reviews for access to the latest props, odds, and lines on the 49ers.

    This allows gamblers to surf from book to book and shop the 49ers odds like a pro instead of loading app after app. Once the NFL app is pulled up, touch-button controls allow for single-handed navigation so customers can bet on the 49ers and hold an adult beverage at the same time from anywhere in San Francisco, or the entire United States.

    How To Fund Your 49ers Bet Legally

    Most major online sportsbook banking options are covered between the NFL betting sites linked to here, but if you want to make the fastest transactions in the most secure way possible, go with cryptocurrency.

    Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, and other popular altcoins upload to accounts in minutes, and are the only option for a same-day payout. USD methods require lengthy processing and don’t feature the same level of sportsbook bonus offers detailed in the following section.

    If you’re strictly a US dollar user, that’s no problem either, as most major credit/debit cards are accepted, as well as bank wire and money transfer services. Just be mindful that you may have to select an alternative when requesting a payout.

    2024 Sportsbook Promo Codes

    When making a deposit online for betting on the 49ers, there’ll almost always be a bonus cash offer available that matches a portion of the transaction total and awards it to members as a perk. There are conditions involved that must be completed before winnings that were captured using bonus dollars can be requested, so be aware of that before accepting.

    If all terms are met, these sportsbook bonus offers can add loads of cash to bankrolls for use in betting on Vegas 49ers odds, and as mentioned above, the offers increase when cryptocurrency is used.

    FAQs About Legally Betting on the 49ers

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