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Legal 2024 World Series Betting Guide

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  • 2024 World Series Betting Futures Are Live Now
  • Game 1 Begins October 2024
  • Online MLB Betting Sites Produce Lines For Games 1-7

The 2024 World Series will start in the first week of October, with the MLB Playoffs getting going just after the season concludes on October 5th. While baseball is a popular sport to bet on in the US, the final series sees a huge uptick in wagering across all the major legal online betting sites.

Most WS betting takes place on the futures odds, but a large handle is turned on single-game lines and in-game wagering, too.

After betting on the Super Bowl and the NBA Finals, the MLB World Series is the most popular professional championship for US sports bettors. If it’s your first trip around the bases and you’re looking for how to legally bet on baseball, our betting guide will help take the mystery out of the process.

Legal MLB postseason betting is no different than standard MLB betting during the regular season, and while the stakes might be higher for some, they don’t have to be. You can bet as much or as little as you please, and the options are virtually endless. So brush up and batter up!

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    Best World Series Betting Sites For 2024

     Site NameCurrent BonusAgeU.S.Visit Site
    Top Rated #1 IconBovada Sportsbook50% Max $1,00018+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
    2BetUS125% Max $3,12518+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
    3Betonline Sportsbook50% Max $1,00018+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
    4sports betting logo50% Max $1,00018+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
    5MyBookie Sportsbook50% Max $1,00021+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
    6xbet logo50% Max $50021+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review

    Is It Legal To Bet On The World Series? 

    Yes, it is. There are no US sports betting laws that make it a crime to bet on any professional baseball games, including spring training games, regular-season games, the MLB post-season, MLB All-Star Game, or College baseball games. Many states now have state-regulated sportsbooks, but access is limited.

    Outside of the states with legal sports betting, multiple international bookmakers will accept residents of most or all 50 states. These providers operate legally outside of US jurisdiction and are subject to regulatory oversight within the regions in which they do business.

    As long as a sportsbook, whether domestic or offshore, is operating legally within the industry, then there are no US gambling laws prohibiting their use, barring select state restrictions. The only state that has specifically outlawed online sports betting is WA, though, to our knowledge, there have not been any cases reported of this law being enforced.

    Who Will Win The 2024 World Series?

    The World Series is the biggest stage in professional baseball and is what players dream about when they are coming through the system before they finally make it to the Majors.

    Below you will find the current odds for top teams to advance through the 2024 MLB playoff bracket to win this year's title. These odds will be updated as the season unfolds, and you'll get the best payouts by wagering as early as possible.

    Right now, the MLB futures bets can be placed on the teams that are expected to make it to the 2024 World Series.

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    How To Bet On The World Series Online

    Betting on the World Series over the Internet is extremely simple. If you live in a state that has operational domestic books, you can just walk into a casino or use an app to place a wager with the bookmaker.

    If you’re going the superior offshore betting route, you can sign up at a top-tier sportsbook in just a few minutes, make a deposit via Bitcoin, credit, or debit, and then make any World Series bet you want. The sportsbooks listed on this page have all been vetted and are among the most trusted names in the industry.

    Tips And Tricks for Betting Online

    • Signing up is fast and free.
    • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.) deposits offer the best perks and bonuses, and only crypto offers same-day withdrawals/payouts.
    • Bonuses are optional – Remember to read the fine print and understand rollover requirements!
    • Every book has different odds for identical contests, so always shop lines for the best values.
    • Futures betting is the simplest way to wager, but run lines, straights, totals, and props are available for all MLB playoff contests.

    What Types Of Bets Can I Place On The World Series?

    The kinds of wagers you can place on the World Series are pretty much in line with the typical MLB betting options you get during the regular season, with the exception that there are usually lots more props available.

    Outside of these, the standard bets – like game lines and futures – are available during the championship series just as they are for baseball games all year round. Hypothetical examples of  bet type follow:

    Live Betting on the World Series

    In addition to wagering on the standard World Series odds and prop bets, you can also participate in live betting at international sportsbooks. Live betting allows you to wager on the game in real-time, with odds that adjust on the fly to reflect the status of the game.

    While most sites don’t yet offer ultra-granular live betting so you can wager on every single pitch, you will see live odds update several times per inning.

    Sportsbook Betting Apps

    At home or on the road – and even at destinations TBA – you can bet on the World Series via your mobile device from anywhere in the US. While you won’t find any of the best online sportsbooks featured in the App Store or Google Play store due to those marketplace’s policies, you don’t actually need an iPhone app or Android app to participate.

    Because overseas betting sites use web apps – or browser-based applications – to offer their odds and lines in a slick, touch-friendly package, the device you use is irrelevant. Regardless of the make or model of your phone or tablet, you can bet on WS odds using a streamlined, responsive interface that makes finding the best MLB bets a breeze. Best of all, there’s never anything to download or update.

    Wager from your easy chair, your favorite sports bar, your kid’s Little League game, or anywhere else safely and securely with premium mobile sportsbooks.

    About the World Series

    The World Series is the annual championship event for Major League Baseball. The MLB playoffs usually consist of four rounds of action, with the American League (AL) and National League (NL) champions facing off against each other in the season finale.

    Though baseball is considered America’s pastime, sports betting sites only turn a significant handle during the championship series itself. For example, more money is wagered on each championship series than on the entire MLB regular season combined.

    The series itself is played in a best-of-seven format, with the first one contested in 1903.

    This disparity can be partly attributed to the dominance of the AL’s New York Yankees, who have been to the big dance 40 times, winning 27 championships. Other arguments for AL dominance center on the designated hitter format that the league uses, albeit this can be advantageous for the NL, as well.

    World Series Fast Facts

    • The World Series got its start in 1903, when the winner of the upstart American League was slated to play the champion of the older National League for all the marbles.
    • The New York Yankees have played in 40 World Series, winning the title a whopping 27 times.
    • On the NL side, the Boston Red Sox and Oakland Athletics franchises have each won the title nine times.
    • The AL has won the title 66 times, while the NL has won it 49 times.
    • Since 1969, the team with the best record in baseball has won the championship only 12 times.
    • Only one team in the Majors has never been to the season championship: the Seattle Mariners.
    • The World Series was canceled on two occasions. In 1904, a protest about the NL-AL format caused the series to be canned, and in 1994, the MLB strike-shortened season ended before the playoffs or WS could be contested.
    • The player with the most WS Championship rings is Yankees Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra, who won 10 as a player and three more as a coach.

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