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Mezzo Parks

Mezzo Parks is one of the newer contributors here at SportsBetting.Legal. She works part-time developing news stories and curating content for our social media platforms. Mezzo has an educational background in writing and editing for digital media projects. While she continues on her path to finishing her undergraduate degree, she is honing her research and journalism skills alongside other seasoned writers at SBL. More than just enjoying athletics, Mezzo is fascinated by the whole of the industry and how sports betting can prop up an economy. Keeping up with domestic sports betting legislation has been one of her favorite tasks, as she weaves through the intricacies of lawmaking in America. When Mezzo isn’t cranking out content for work or school, she likes to spend her time cooking and listening to new music. For a brief period, she was even a disc jockey at a local alternative radio station. While she leans heavily towards fuzzy punk bands, she has the palette to listen to a bit of everything. This inclination towards diversity is one of the reasons she was invited to join the team.

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