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New Hampshire Sports Betting Handle Nearly Tops $100 Million In January

revenue totals for sports betting in New Hampshire reach new high in January 22

Domestic sports betting in the United States is trending upward as more regions add regulated sportsbooks inside their borders each year.

The comfort level is growing with American audiences, and that organic foothold is starting to reflect in the state-by-state sports betting revenue reports each month.

This grassroots effort has caused an uptick nearly across the board in sports betting handle, revenue, and tax collections, and the same can be said for legal sports betting in New Hampshire.

NH set record highs in January of 2022 in the categories of handle, tax collections, and revenue.

New Hampshire Sports Betting Collection For January 2022

  • Sports Betting Handle: $99,540,825*
  • Sportsbook Revenue: $8,029,427
  • Hold Percentage: 8.07%
  • Tax Collections: $3,875,782*

*All-Time High

So, what was driving business during the month of January in New Hampshire? The final week of NFL betting as well as 3 weeks of NFL Playoff odds to wager on were certainly dominating the action.

Betting on the CFP National Championship Game on January 10th was also a factor as well, but the College Football Playoff Semifinals took place on December 31st and are a part of the prior month’s totals.

Still, there was plenty of New Year’s Day NCAA Football bowl game betting to go around in the early part of January to supplement New Hampshire’s sportsbook totals.

New Hampshire lawmakers were wise and included provisions for mobile sports betting apps which is a large reason why the financial numbers are so healthy despite the state’s relatively low population.

For instance, New Hampshire collected nearly ten times the amount that sports betting in Arkansas generated in total handle for January, and that is 100% due to AK’s lack of mobile and online sportsbooks.

There are 1.26 million people currently residing in New Hampshire. Compare that to the 3.06 million people living in Arkansas and it is easy to recognize the disparity in the financial data and its basis in mobile and online sports betting.

The reason is that it is much easier to place a bet using smartphones or tablets from anywhere that the gambler chooses. Making betting apps and online sportsbooks available domestically creates a scenario where all potential sports betting dollars are siphoned into state tax colletors’ pockets.

The only remaining outlier is offshore sportsbooks because they fall outside the jurisdiction of any state or federal governing body residing within the United States.

International betting sites provide lines and odds that domestic books either are not allowed to, or prefer not to offer for one reason or another. Political election odds are 100% exclusive to offshore betting markets, with domestic books staying far away from the action either due to restrictive local regulations or from fear of attracting too much attention from the feds.

Prop bets are also more numerous when opting for an overseas sportsbook site, with gambling odds for occurrences that fall outside the realm of stats and totals.

Still, there’s no doubt that when US states like New Hampshire legalize mobile betting apps, they cut deep into the profits of offshore sportsbook sites. The proof is in the revenue reports when comparing states that allow mobile and online betting versus the ones that do not.

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