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How To Legally Bet On NFL Offensive Player Of The Year Odds

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  • Christian McCaffrey Is The Preseason OPOY Odds Leader
  • Earl Campbell And Marshall Faulk Tied With 3 OPOY Wins
  • Offensive Player of the Year Is Awarded At NFL Honors In February

At the end of each season, the National Football League honors the best player on offense based on their statistical output and how they impacted their team's win-loss record. If you want to learn how to legally bet on Offensive Player of the Year odds in 2024, immerse yourself in this playbook immediately.

Betting on OPOY odds can be done at any reputable sportsbook because gambling on the National Football League is so popular. OPOY odds can be scarce, but not at the online sportsbooks we recommend. Each of our favorite online betting sites offers NFL prop bets for the OPOY and most other awards given out by the league.

When you wager on the Offensive Player of the Year and other NFL bet types with our top operators, you’re doing business with a reliable sportsbook with years in the industry and a history of fast payouts. The following sections let you know what NFL OPOY odds are, how to bet on them, where to lay your action, and the perks these online sportsbooks deliver.

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    Is It Legal To Bet On The NFL Offensive Player Of The Year?

    Yes, betting on the NFL, including Offensive Rookie of the Year odds, is legal. Professional football is the dominant sport in the United States for total viewers and how much money is wagered. Sportsbooks targeting American bettors will always include football odds and feature them prominently where they can be easily found.

    Domestic sportsbooks are regulated in most US states. These local sportsbook venues are primarily 21+ establishments, but some states allow sports betting at 18. Offshore sportsbook sites can accept members in any state they wish, but some online sportsbooks do not allow gambling in a few states. The minimum age to join an offshore gambling site ranges between 18 and 21.

    NFL Offensive Player Of The Year Odds

    Christian McCaffrey

    How To Bet On NFL Props For OPOY

    NFL Offensive Player of the Year odds operate similarly to NFL futures. Each offensive player who is a contender to win will be included in the betting line. Next to their name will be NFL moneyline odds, which is the probability that the player will win OPOY.

    The player at the top of the list will be the favorite to win. Each player that follows will rank in order of second through last. The moneyline will impact how much you get paid based on the sum of the bet. Negative moneylines payout less than what was bet, while positive odds deliver exponential gains.

    Using the example below, a bet on Running Back to win NFL OPOY will need to be $2.20 to gain a dollar. Betting a dollar on a Quarterback to win will double your money, and that same dollar will win $4.50 in profits if you wager on a Wide Receiver and one wins.

    2024 NFL OPOY Odds For Winner’s Position

    • Running Back –220
    • Quarterback +200
    • Wide Receiver +450
    • Tight End +1150

    How To Bet On Offensive Player Of The Year Online

    We mentioned earlier that you should be able to find OPOY odds at any legally operating sportsbook. The differences between the Offensive Player of the Year betting lines at the sites we prefer and any other book are slim.

    Where the true difference lies between the sites included in our legal online sportsbook reviews and other options are the people behind the operations. We do business with sports betting sites that take care of us, and that's why we recommend them to you.

    Have a look through each of the online gambling sites that we suggest and follow these procedures to sign up for an account when you’ve made your decision on which one to join.

    1. By clicking on any sportsbook link we've posted in this guide, you can access the homepage, where you'll find a button at the top labeled "join."
    2. After pressing the "join" button, new members will be taken to the account profile section where information can be typed in.
    3. Create a sportsbook login and verify your account using your smartphone or email address.
    4. Deposit money into your account for football betting.
    5. After you receive notice that your deposit transaction has been completed, click on the sportsbook to find the football odds.
    6. Inside a subsection labeled NFL, you'll find Offensive Player of the Year odds posted for most of the regular season and possibly as soon as the draft completes.
    7. Click on the odds for the player you want to bet on and enter the dollar amount of the wager.
    8. Wait for the award to be handed out and collect your payout if you are correct.

    When Is The Offensive Player of the Year Announced?

    Right before the Super Bowl each year, the NFL Honors program awards the season’s on-field and off-field achievements in front of a live audience and broadcast worldwide. The 2024 NFL Honors ceremony airs on the CBS Network on February 8, 2024.

    2025 NFL Honors Schedule

    • February 6, 2025 – NFL Network
    • 2024: TBA
    • 2023: Christian McCaffrey, Running Back, San Francisco 49ers
    • 2022: Justin Jefferson, Wide Receiver, Minnesota Vikings
    • 2021: Cooper Kupp, Wide Receiver, Los Angeles Rams
    • 2020: Derrick Henry, Running Back, Tennessee Titans
    • 2019: Michael Thomas, Wide Receiver, New Orleans Saints
    • 2018: Patrick Mahomes, Quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs
    • 2017: Todd Gurley, Running Back, Los Angeles Rams
    • 2016: Matt Ryan, Quarterback, Atlanta Falcons
    • 2015: Cam Newton, Quarterback, Carolina Panthers
    • 2014: DeMarco Murray, Running Back, Dallas Cowboys
    • 2013: Peyton Manning, Quarterback, Denver Broncos
    • 2012: Adrian Peterson, Running Back, Minnesota Vikings
    • 2011: Drew Brees, Quarterback, New Orleans Saints
    • 2010: Tom Brady, Quarterback, New England Patriots
    • 2009: Chris Johnson, Running Back, Tennessee Titans
    • 2008: Drew Brees, Quarterback, New Orleans Saints
    • 2007: Tom Brady, Quarterback, New England Patriots
    • 2006: LaDainian Tomlinson, Running Back, San Diego Chargers
    • 2005: Shaun Alexander, Running Back, Seattle Seahawks
    • 2004: Peyton Manning, Quarterback, Indianapolis Colts
    • 2003: Jamal Lewis, Running Back, Baltimore Ravens
    • 2002: Priest Holmes, Running Back, Kansas City Chiefs
    • 2001: Marshall Faulk, Running Back, St. Louis Rams
    • 2000: Marshall Faulk, Running Back, St. Louis Rams
    • 1999: Marshall Faulk, Running Back, St. Louis Rams
    • 1998: Terrell Davis, Running Back, Denver Broncos
    • 1997: Barry Sanders, Running Back, Detroit Lions
    • 1996: Terrell Davis, Running Back, Denver Broncos
    • 1995: Brett Favre, Quarterback, Green Bay Packers
    • 1994: Barry Sanders, Running Back, Detroit Lions
    • 1993: Jerry Rice, Wide Receiver, San Francisco 49ers
    • 1992: Steve Young, Quarterback, San Francisco 49ers
    • 1991: Thurman Thomas, Running Back, Buffalo Bills
    • 1990: Warren Moon, Quarterback, Houston Oilers
    • 1989: Joe Montana, Quarterback, San Francisco 49ers
    • 1988: Roger Craig, Running Back, San Francisco 49ers
    • 1987: Jerry Rice, Wide Receiver, San Francisco 49ers
    • 1986: Eric Dickerson, Running Back, Los Angeles Rams
    • 1985: Marcus Allen, Running Back, Los Angeles Raiders
    • 1984: Dan Marino, Quarterback, Miami Dolphins
    • 1983: Joe Theismann, Quarterback, Washington Redskins
    • 1982: Dan Fouts, Quarterback, San Diego Chargers
    • 1981: Ken Anderson, Quarterback, Cincinnati Bengals
    • 1980: Earl Campbell, Running Back, Houston Oilers
    • 1979: Earl Campbell, Running Back, Houston Oilers
    • 1978: Earl Campbell, Running Back, Houston Oilers
    • 1977: Walter Payton, Running Back, Chicago Bears
    • 1976: Bert Jones, Quarterback, Baltimore Colts
    • 1975: Fran Tarkenton, Quarterback, Minnesota Vikings
    • 1974: Ken Stabler, Quarterback, Oakland Raiders
    • 1973: O. J. Simpson, Running Back, Buffalo Bills
    • 1972: Larry Brown, Running Back, Washington Redskins

    NFL Betting Apps That Offer OPOY Props

    Mobile sports betting apps are a major reason the hobby is gaining so much nationwide momentum. The ability to bet on your mobile device allows players to focus on other things and wager wherever they like.

    Our favorite sportsbook apps are offered from the online sportsbooks that we rank the highest. The ability to pull up these apps using mobile web browsers is a major plus because it gets us to the latest version without updating any software on our end.

    We also prefer the touchscreen controls through mobile use over betting on the NFL using a desktop sportsbook site. Betting on the OPOY can be done with one hand, and you can do it wherever you want in the United States if you have a cell or a Wi-Fi signal.

    Live Wagering ON NFL OPOY Odds

    When most people talk about live NFL betting, it means gambling on a pro football game between the beginning of the first quarter and the end of the fourth. There is no game involved when you're betting on the NFL Offensive Player of the Year winner, so the odds can be considered live the moment they are posted.

    The Offensive Player of the Year NFL odds may come and go throughout the season, but no payouts will occur until the winner is made known at NFL Honors. There is a chance that betting lines for the NFL OPOY will remain available for wagering while the ceremony is underway. Keep in mind the amount of time involved between placing the bet and getting paid because if could be a while before the award is handed out.

    Depositing Money And Getting Paid At Online Sportsbooks

    Most people like to use cash when making transactions and purchases on the web, but cryptocurrency is making huge gains in the online marketplace. NFL bettors can deposit cash into their accounts at any site we suggest using major credit and debit cards, but they are not available as a means of getting a payout.

    Bank wires are a fast way to deposit cash at sportsbooks that accept them, but the institution and the betting site attach fees. Some sites offer bank wire withdrawals, but not many. When you deposit with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, the funds arrive quickly and securely.

    Any altcoin that a sportsbook site accepts as a form of deposit can also be used for a same-day payout (in most cases). Rarely are any fees attached to crypto payouts or deposits, and it is by far the most anonymous way to do your online sports betting.

    If none of the above methods are at the top of your list, you can always buy or sell a sportsbook voucher via any exchange you and the other party prefer. Voucher sales and purchases can be arranged on a member-to-member basis in the sportsbook forums, or a vendor like MatchPay can oversee the transaction.

    NFL Sportsbook Promo Codes

    When you are ready to deposit money into your NFL sportsbook account, be sure to visit the promo page and see if any bonus cash offers are on the table. First-time deposits and often reloads are eligible for a matching bonus that places a percentage of the total into accounts as free money.

    Online sportsbook bonuses usually require a code to be entered when making a deposit. The free cash will arrive as soon as the deposit uploads and can be used to bet on Offensive Player of the Year 2024 odds immediately.

    There are typically completion conditions that members must finalize before withdrawing money won using promo cash. This involves rollover – the number of times the money must be bet in the sportsbook (or in the casino where eligible). Read the terms before accepting any sports betting bonus offers so you know what you are getting into.

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