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NFL Playoff Picture Bracket & Odds: 2021-22 Season

*2021-22 NFL Playoff Picture Odds Will Return Following Week 8 Of The Regular Season

Final 2020-21 NFL Playoff Picture Odds & Standings


Week 16 NFL Playoff Picture Odds vs. Current Standings

2020 week 16 nfl playoff bracket odds
week 16 nfl playoff bracket if season ended today

Week 15 NFL Playoff Picture Odds vs. Current Standings

NFL Playoff picture bracket week 15 2020-21
2020-21 NFL playoff picture after week 15

Week 14 NFL Playoff Picture Odds vs. Current Standings

week 14 NFL playoff picture odds
week 14 nfl playoff standings

Week 13 NFL Playoff Picture Odds vs. Current Standings

2021 NFL Playoff Picture
Playoff Bracket NFL

The above two images show the differences between what the NFL betting odds suggest in regard to which teams make the postseason and how far they’ll advance versus the current NFL Playoff bracket in 2021-22 if the season ended today. The NFL Playoff picture odds offer a glimpse into what could be and is a valuable tool for any pro football bettor.

When digging for information to make the best bet on the NFL Playoffs, it pays to have as many legitimate perspectives as possible.

Having the current NFL playoff picture presented visually alongside what the playoff bracket would look like if the season ended today gives immediate meaning to what the oddsmakers are suggesting versus the reality of the current standings in regard to which teams will make it to Super Bowl LVI.

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NFL Teams That Have Clinched A Playoff Berth In 2021-22

The postseason picture will be updated throughout the NFL season as AFC and NFC teams qualify and are eliminated from playoff contention.

AFC Playoff Teams

  1. TBD - AFC West Champion
  2. TBD - AFC East Champion
  3. TBD - AFC North Champion
  4. TBD - AFC South Champion
  5. TBD - Wild Card
  6. TBD - Wild Card
  7. TBD - Wild Card

NFC Playoff Teams

  1. TBD - NFC North Champion
  2. TBD - NFC South Champion
  3. TBD - NFC West Champion
  4. TBD - NFC East Champion
  5. TBD - Wild Card
  6. TBD - Wild Card
  7. TBD - Wild Card

Teams Eliminated From NFL Playoffs

The 2021-22 NFL season has yet to commence. NFL teams that have been eliminated from the playoffs will be added to the list below each week.

How Is The NFL Playoff Picture Calculated?

To produce the NFL Playoff picture bracket for 2020-21, we’ve taken the futures odds presented at our top-rated NFL sportsbooks and combined them together to create an image of which teams will qualify for the postseason, what seed they will earn, and how far they will advance.

We’ve used betting lines for the winner of each division, AFC and NFC championship futures, game lines, and odds for Super Bowl 56 to come up with these predictions, and they offer an interesting perspective when compared to the reality of the NFL Playoffs bracket if the season ended on a given day.

Why The NFL Playoff Picture 2021-22 Bracket Matters

Its easy to look at a list of NFL teams and their money line odds and simply select the franchise that seems to be the best among them, but only when looking at what the odds mean when applied to a potential NFL Playoff bracket in 2020-21 can a proper decision be made.

When you’re laying some action on the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl, it can seem like a sure bet, but NFL money line bets don’t capture the full picture. The oddsmakers may be painting a scenario that has New England winning on the road throughout the playoffs, and without seeing the NFL playoff bracket odds in image form, that tough road to the title may not have been as obvious to the bettor.

There may be other times where AFC playoff bracket odds reveal an incredibly tough defense on the horizon, or the NFC playoff picture may expose a wide-open path to the Super Bowl littered with duds. Both of these scenarios matter a great deal when considering NFL postseason bets.

How Does The NFL Playoff Bracket Work?

There have been a few rule changes introduced for the 2020-21 NFL Playoffs that will greatly affect the march to the postseason as well as how teams in the NFL playoff brackets are placed and will advance.

In 2020, the NFL playoffs increased from 12 to 14 total teams, as an additional wild card slot has been added to each conference. With the added wild card team comes a reduction of bye weeks offered, as now, only the team that earns the #1 seed in each conference will secure a week off during the opening round.

Once the NFL Playoffs begin, it’s win or go home. The winning teams advance toward the Super Bowl while the losing teams are sent home packing.

What do the NFL playoff picture and odds have to do with each other?

Oftentimes, the NFL Playoff odds and the NFL Playoff picture do not agree, which make them an interesting comparison to use prior to placing any bets on pro football’s postseason. Its easy to look at odds on NFL futures and select a winner, but having a visual playoff picture based on those odds reveals what the bettor is actually wagering on the occurrence of.

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