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2024 CFP Betting Guide

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  • College Football Playoffs Futures Are Posted All Year
  • 18 And Over Bettors Can Wager On CFP Odds
  • CFP Betting Lines Debut Once Committee Reveals Final Twelve

Since the 2014-15 season, the College Football Playoffs have determined the four best NCAA Division I FBS teams that will play for a chance to win the national championship. Beginning this season, the CFP field will expand from 4 to 12 NCAAF programs.

As a result, College Football Playoff betting on semifinal matchups receives the most action out of any of the games played during the NCAAF bowl season. If you are looking to get in on the postseason wagering, read through our 2024-25 CFP betting guide to gain a competitive edge prior to laying any action.

There are some noteworthy trends you should be aware of before placing a wager on the odds for the CFP semifinals at online sportsbooks. Along with the legal status of betting on college football, we cover tips and strategies to help aid in your gambling decisions while providing the latest odds of being picked by the selection committee in December.

We'll also reveal our list of the top sportsbooks on the web that are accepting bets on the NCAAF playoffs so you can find the most advantageous CFP odds.

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    Best College Football Playoff Betting Sites

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    Top Rated #1 IconBovada Sportsbook50% Max $1,00018+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
    2BetUS125% Max $3,12518+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
    3Betonline Sportsbook50% Max $1,00018+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
    4sports betting logo50% Max $1,00018+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
    5MyBookie Sportsbook50% Max $1,00021+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review
    6xbet logo50% Max $50021+USA Players Legally AcceptedVisit Site Review

    Is It Legal To Bet On The College Football Playoffs?

    Yes, and legally betting on bowl games and the CFP postseason matchups is easier than ever at online sportsbook sites. There are two ways to bet on the CFP semifinals legally.

    Some states inside of the USA feature domestic brick-and-mortar sportsbooks or mobile apps that allow for CFP wagers to be placed, with most requiring a minimum age of 21 years old to participate.

    If access to a region with legal domestic sportsbooks is not feasible, the best option is wagering with an international gambling site that is operating outside of the jurisdiction of the United States.

    Federal gambling laws fail to mention offshore wagering, leaving a mammoth-sized loophole that allows for legal sports betting online. Washington state has made all forms of online wagering unlawful, so it is highly advisable that you become familiar with local sports betting laws prior to wagering on the CFP.

    2023-24 CFP Schedule

    CFP 1st Round

    December 20-21, 2024 - Four Games Hosted At Home Stadiums Of Seeds 5 - 8

    CFP Quarterfinals

    December 31, 2024 - Fiesta Bowl
    January 1, 2025 - Peach Bowl, Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl

    CFP Semifinals

    January 9, 2025 - Orange Bowl
    January 10, 2025 - Cotton Bowl

    CFP National Championship

    January 20, 2025 - Mercedes Benz Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia

    Who Will Make The College Football Playoffs In 2024-25?

    How To Bet On CFP Odds Legally

    Just like when wagering on football at any level, most of the action is placed on the point spread, the over/under, and straight winner odds provided by the moneyline. Readers can learn more about these types of football wagers by reading our page on how to read betting odds.

    The remainder of all CFP bracket betting opportunities at online sportsbook sites will be contained within futures odds that predict eventual NCAAF or Conference Champions, College Football prop bets that cover stats, and any other incidents that occur during the game's broadcast.

    New 12-Team CFP Format In 2024-25

    Beginning after the 2024-25 college football season, the field for the playoffs will expand from four to twelve. Seeds 1 through 4 will receive an opening week bye, and seeds 5 through 12 play each other (5 vs. 12, 6 vs. 11, 7 vs. 10, and 8 vs. 9).

    The second round is seeded where the #1 ranked team will play the winner of 8 vs. 9, #2 against the winner of 7 vs. 10, #3 against the winner of 6 vs. 11, and #4 against the winner of 5 vs. 12. New Years Six Bowl Games are used for second round CFP locations.

    In the semifinal round, the highest remaining seed plays the lowest seed on the boards, with the two leftover programs playing each other. The winner of this third round of CFP games gets to play for the National Championship.

    The Pac-2 Dillema For 2024-25

    The Power Five Conference formerly known as the Pac-12 has been reduced down to only the Oregon State Beavers and Washington State Cougars, as all other programs will be a member of a different conference next season.

    There have been talks of Oregon State and Washington State aligning with the Mountain West to create a new mega-conference. As of June 2024, that merger has not taken place and it remains to be seen if the new grouping of programs would be considered a part of the Power Five.

    The CFP Selection Committee has opted to include six automatic bids into the playoffs for the top-ranked conference winners next year. When first conceived, this most likely meant all Power Five Conference winners and the next-best overall. With the collapse of the Pac-12, the new format would include two mid-major conference winners.

    There is a chance that the committee will reconsider the new CFP format qualifiers depending on what ends up happening with the Pac-12.

    CFP Selection Trends

    The 13-member College Football Playoff selection committee has been tasked with picking which teams will play in the two semifinal games since the 2014-15 season.

    The teams are ranked starting in late October and then officially selected and seeded after the conference championship games are played at the beginning of December.

    Before betting on which college football teams will or won’t be selected, here are some trends to know ahead of time.

    1. The top four ranked conference winners will be the top four seeds.
    2. Teams seeded five through ten will be the next six ranked programs.
    3. The remaining two seeds will be granted to the next two highest-ranked conference winners.
    4. Non-conference strength of schedule matters. All teams selected so far played and beat at least one Power 5 team in non-conference play.

    Prior 4-Team CFP Semifinal Selections And Results

    Here, you can see which four college football teams have been selected each year since the inaugural season, as well as the results from those matchups.

    Season Bowl Matchup Results
    2014-15 Rose Bowl
    Sugar Bowl
    No.2 Oregon 59, No.3 Florida State 20
    No.4 Ohio State 42, No.1 Alabama 35
    2015-16 Orange Bowl
    Cotton Bowl
    No.1 Clemson 37, No.4 Oklahoma 17
    No.2 Alabama 38, No.3 Michigan State 0
    2016-17 Fiesta Bowl
    Peach Bowl
    No.2 Clemson 31, No.3 Ohio State 0
    No.1 Alabama 24, No.4 Washington 7
    2017-18 Rose Bowl
    Sugar Bowl
    No.3 Georgia 54, No.2 Oklahoma 48 2OT
    No.4 Alabama 24, No.1 Clemson 6
    2018-19 Orange Bowl
    Cotton Bowl
    No.1 Alabama 45, No.4 Oklahoma 34
    No.2 Clemson 30, No.3 Notre Dame 3
    2019-20 Fiesta Bowl
    Peach Bowl
    No. 2 Clemson 28, No. 3 Ohio State 49
    No. 1 LSU 63, No. 4 Oklahoma 28
    2020-21 Sugar Bowl
    Rose Bowl
    No. 2 Clemson 29, No. 3 Ohio State 49
    No. 1 Alabama 31, No. 4 Notre Dame 14
    2021-22 Orange Bowl
    Cotton Bowl
    No. 2 Michigan 11, No. 3 Georgia 34
    No. 1 Alabama 27, No. 4 Cincinnati 6
    2022-23 Fiesta Bowl
    Peach Bowl
    No. 2 Michigan 45, No. 3 TCU 51
    No. 1 Georgia 42, No. 4 Ohio State 41
    2023-24 Rose Bowl
    Orange Bowl
    No. 2 Washington 37, No. 3 Texas 31
    No. 1 Michigan 27, No. 4 Alabama 20

    Legal CFP Betting Apps

    Bettors no longer need to run to their nearest personal computer to place an NCAA CFP wager at an online sportsbook site. Tablets and smartphones can access the best legal mobile online sportsbooks in operation by clicking on one of the sportsbook site links we've provided above. That's right, skip past all application stores and get straight to the gambling with the web apps that our top CFP wagering sites.

    Any odds that are available on the regular website are accessible via iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, as long as you've got a solid connection to the net.  There's literally no advantage to using a laptop or a PC to wager on the CFP, and bets can be made while watching the games on TV or at the stadium.

    In-Game Live CFP Betting

    All bets are typically required to be made prior to the beginning of the game or competition that is being wagered on at online sportsbooks. In-game, live odds throw those rules out the window and allow for bets to be made on a game until all time has expired from the game clock.

    As scenarios develop in-game, odds are adjusted in real time to reflect them. In-game online betting action can be laid on winners, leaders after a given quarter, totals, as well as game or player props. Live odds can typically be accessed by venturing to where the odds are located at the legal sportsbook prior to the game beginning.

    How CFP Winners Affect National Championship Odds

    The two teams that win the college football playoffs will advance to the national championship game. Odds for the big game at online sportsbook sites can change based on how well the team performs in the CFP, injuries that may have occurred, and other deciding factors.

    Our guide to legally betting on the College Football National Championship is a helpful resource that illustrates the legal options for betting on the championship game. Preseason odds favor an Alabama and Clemson rematch, but there are a bunch of other good teams out there looking to keep them out of the college football playoffs.

    Legal CFP Betting FAQs

    The best CFP odds are the ones that deliver the most money versus the amount of the wager. The only way to consistently attain the best odds for CFP betting is to belong to multiple sportsbook sites.

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