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Political Odds Heat Up After Trump Wins New Hampshire Primary

Trump, Biden, Haley

Over the span of a week, the Republican candidates for the 2024 US Presidential election were cut down to just two, Donald Trump and Nikki Haley. Trump won the New Hampshire primary over Haley by a 10-point margin, sparking a Biden vs. Trump rematch for 2024.

When it comes to betting on politics, online sportsbooks offer the most favorable and only odds in most cases, as states often restrict political betting. Now that it seems inevitable that Trump will win the Republican nomination, the odds for 2024 are taking off, and there are many ways to bet on the upcoming 2024 Presidential election.

Will Donald Trump Win The Republican Nomination In 2024?

As of now, Nikki Haley is the only candidate standing in Donald Trump’s way to the nomination, but she is trailing behind in national polls and has yet to win a state primary. However, that can change with South Carolina’s primary, Haley’s home state, coming up on February 24th. 

With Haley trailing so far behind Trump in national polls, many political pundits predict she will bow out and throw her support behind Trump after she loses the South Carolina primary. However, with Trump’s legal troubles brewing, she might try to ride it to the end, hoping he gets disqualified from the election or the publics opinion will change in her favor.

2024 Political Odds

The abundance of US political odds suggest a rematch between Biden and Trump. Popular betting options include candidate odds, impeachment odds, popular vote odds, winning party odds, and much more. Below are some odds you can find at Bovada’s online sportsbook.

US Presidential Election 2024 – Winning Party

  • Republican -120
  • Democratic +105
  • Any Other +2500

Republican Candidate

  • Donald Trump -2000
  • The Field +800

Will Donald Trump Be Found Guilty Of One Or More Of The 2020 Presidential Election Georgia Result Charges?

  • Yes -400
  • No +275

Joe Biden Approval Rating June 30th 2024

  • 40% Or Over-115
  • Under 40%-115

Is Betting On The 2024 Presidential Election Legal?

No federal gambling laws make betting on elections illegal; however, some states restrict their domestic sportsbooks from offering political odds. 

Legal sports betting sites have offered odds on US and International elections for years and have developed trust among bettors. A trusted gaming regulator licenses all the sportsbook sites featured on our reviews page. They also hold compliance records, indicating that their security protocols are working correctly and that their odds and systems are fair and up to standard.

If you plan on betting on the upcoming election, we suggest you only wager what you can afford to lose, as politics are as unpredictable as traditional sports. There is never a sure bet, but with some knowledge and luck, you can win money betting on US election odds.

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