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The Top 10 Hottest Super Bowl LIV 2020 Prop Bets

will smith super bowl thats hot

The odds of sportsbooks rolling out a slew of sizzling Super Bowl prop bets were already pretty good before the matchup was decided last Sunday.

And after installing the Chiefs as the favorite over the 49ers, oddsmakers got to work on the proposition wagers for what will and won’t go down—both on and off the field—during Super Bowl LIV at Hard Rock Stadium on February 2, 2020.

For those who don’t know, all of the top-rated online sportsbooks from around the world post hundreds of prop bets for the Super Bowl each year.

From the length of the national anthem to the color Gatorade bath the winning coach will receive, wagering money on the Super Bowl props are a legal sports betting tradition unlike any other.

While those prop wagers are once again posted for the 2020 Super Bowl, there are dozens of odds unique to the 54th NFL title game played down in Miami, Florida.

To help you sift through what’s hot and what’s not, we scoured through all the books and present you with our Top 10 HOTTEST Super Bowl prop bets for 2020! 🔥

Top 10 Super Bowl Prop Bets 2020

*All Super Bowl 2020 prop bets listed can be found at Bovada and BetOnline

Honorable Mention: Will Michael Vick tweet about Puppy Bowl XVI?

Need I say more? Now on to the top 10…

10. Will Shakira and Jennifer Lopez twerk during the Halftime Show?

  • Yes +190
  • No -290

Perhaps the most intriguing part of this Super Bowl prop bet is how Bovada says it will be graded: “Both must twerk for “Yes” to be graded the winner. Twerk is defined as a dance move involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.”

For those of you need a lesson on twerking, I’ll leave this one to Lexy Panterra.

9. What will be the largest bet placed by “Vegas Dave” Oancea?

  • Under $500,000 wager -140
  • Over $500,000 wager +100

Even though the odds are against Vegas Dave and Holly Sonders marrying (after getting engaged less than a month of dating), the notorious high roller—who’s banned from Las Vegas sportsbooks for three years—is favored at BetOnline to keep a single bet on the Super Bowl under half a mil. After all, he can’t be blowing all money on bets now that you’ve decided to settle down!

Shower Thought: If a bettor is betting on another bettors’ bet, is that betception?

8. Will MC Hammer say “hammer time” in the Cheetos commercial?

  • Yes -200
  • No +150

Chester Cheetah recently hinted at having the Cheetos commercial tell the story of how MC Hammer wrote the hit song “U Can’t Touch This,” and BetOnline has odds on whether he’ll say “hammer time” during the ad. Stop, hammer “Yes” on this prop.

7. Length of the final word ‘Brave’ during Demi Lavato’s National Anthem performance?

  • Over 5.5 seconds -175
  • Under 5.5 seconds +135

The length of the national anthem from Demi Lavato is set at roughly over/under 2 minutes, but this BetOnline prop is unique because it’s specifically on the last word “brave,” which singers typically hold as long as they can.

Lavato sang the national anthem before the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight, and “brave” clocks in at around 6 seconds. Since this is the Super Bowl, bank on her going all out and definitely hitting “Over” 5.5 seconds.

6. Will Drake pick or promote a team on Instagram?

  • Yes -130
  • No -110

The “Drake Curse” is a well-known sports meme at this point, and although he was seen rocking some Rams swag before later year’s Super Bowl LIII snoozefest, he didn’t “pick or promote” either of the two teams. If he does make a prediction, then bet the opposite for your wallet’s sake.

5. Which 2020 presidential election Super Bowl commercial will appear first?

  • Donald Trump -350
  • Michael Bloomberg +225

It’s an election year, but for the first time ever, the Super Bowl will feature not one but two presidential campaign commercials from two billionaires—President Donald Trump and former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg.

But which candidate will have his ad air first? No one knows for sure, but I’m betting it will be on the guy who’s favored to get reelected, according to the political betting odds for the 2020 election.

4. Will Kiara Mia tweet about Jimmy Garoppolo during the Super Bowl?

  • No -300
  • Yes +200

After Kiara Mia—an award-winning adult film actress and a 2-time AVN Award Best MILF nominee—and 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo partook in an intimate dinner and dessert before the 2018 NFL season, Mia made a bold prediction: “I can promise the 49ers that they will make Super Bowl and win because everything I touch turns to gold.”

Sure, Jimmy G may have gone on to tear his ACL a month into the 2018 season, but that was then. Now, he’s one game away from winning it all, so you can bet at BetOnline that she will be cheering for him on Twitter to score all night long.

3. Will breasts be shown during the Super Bowl?

  • No -2500
  • Yes +1000

Okay, I’m starting to think the oddsmakers are just horny teenage boys at this point. From the grading description at BetOnline: “Live broadcast only from kickoff to final whistle, halftime does not count toward wager, must clearly see a woman flashing a nipple, skin must be clearly shown.”

Since the Super Bowl is traditionally on a 5-second delay ever since Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” in 2004—and Fox used a similar delay back in 2017—the “No” is a pretty safe bet here, especially since the halftime show isn’t included.

2. Will Jennifer Lopez show butt cleavage during the Halftime Show?

  • No -325
  • Yes +215

Butt cleavage—or “buttocks cleavage” for you austere English scholars out there—is defined on Urban Dictionary as “the space between the cheeks of your butt, when the cheeks are squeezed together. Particularly sexy when a female is wearing ultra low rise jeans and exposes just a little of it!”

Even though J.Lo is known to have a rather voluptuous gluteus maximus, it pretty unlikely she’ll show the crack that doesn’t kill during the Super Bowl halftime show, making the “No” on this BetOnline prop the more likely side to payout.

1. Does Will Smith make an appearance during the Halftime Show?

  • Yes +300
  • No -500

Last but not least, this “Willy Style” prop lands at numero uno. Although this Bovada Super Bowl 54 prop bet is unlikely to happen, nothing says, “Aww, that’s hot” like the Fresh Prince Will Smith making a surprise appearance and screaming, “Welcome to Miami!

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