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Fun NFL Prop Bets Combine All Four Divisional Round Playoff Games Into Single Wagers

betting on the Chiefs NFL Playoff odds for 2021-22

Yesterday, we provided coverage of the betting lines for the NFL Playoffs Divisional Round this weekend which detailed narrow point spreads and moneyline odds that didn’t leap off the boards in regard to profit potential.

If traditional game lines aren’t whetting your appetite for this weekend, check out the following NFL prop bets that combine all four games and ask gamblers a series of questions in regard to how they will play out.

Divisional Round – Highest Scoring Game

  • Bills @ Chiefs EVEN
  • Rams @ Buccaneers +275
  • 49ers @ Packers +350
  • Bengals @ Titans +450

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills appear to be in line for a barn-burner as they are not only predicted to be the highest-scoring game in the above NFL prop bet, but they are also the number one and number two options in the below prop for highest scoring individual teams.

Divisional Round – Most Points Scored

  • Kansas City Chiefs +250
  • Buffalo Bills +450
  • Green Bay Packers +450
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +475
  • Tennessee Titans +600
  • Los Angeles Rams +700
  • Cincinnati Bengals +1000
  • San Francisco 49ers +1100

The odds for betting on Super Bowl 56 place the Bills and the Chiefs as the top two teams in the AFC, suggesting that the winner of this weekend’s contest will make it all the way to the big game on February 13th.

A team that scores less than any other on a given weekend is guaranteed to lose. If the following prop bet proves accurate, the San Francisco 49ers will certainly lose to the top-seeded Green Bay Packers.

Divisional Round – Least Points Scored

  • San Francisco 49ers +275
  • Cincinnati Bengals +350
  • Los Angeles Rams +450
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +650
  • Tennessee Titans +650
  • Buffalo Bills +750
  • Green Bay Packers +800
  • Kansas City Chiefs +1000

That’s a fairly harsh prediction considering how well the 49ers have played lately, but they’ve run into a buzzsaw in the Packers and the game is likely to feature snowy conditions with temperatures near zero.

San Francisco was the underdog at NFL Playoff betting sites last weekend, but they beat the Dallas Cowboys by 6 points and moved on. Now, they’re predicted to lose by 6, but if they overcome those odds and beat Green Bay, handsome payouts are waiting as long as wagers are placed soon.

Divisional Round – Most Passing Yards

  • Patrick Mahomes II KC +200
  • Tom Brady TB +350
  • Josh Allen BUF +375
  • Joe Burrow CIN +400
  • Aaron Rodgers GB +450
  • Matthew Stafford LAR +500
  • Jimmy Garoppolo SF +1200
  • Ryan Tannehill TEN +1600

It should come as no surprise that Mahomes and Allen are among the leaders in the odds for most passing yards as their teams are not only pass-focused but are also projected to score the most points.

However, Allen and Mahomes must be planning on spreading the ball around because neither of them has a teammate featured in the top 4 for betting on who gets the most receiving yards.

Divisional Round – Most Receiving Yards

  • Cooper Kupp LAR +400
  • Ja’Marr Chase CIN +550
  • Davante Adams GB +650
  • Deebo Samuel SF +750
  • Mike Evans TB +750
  • Tyreek Hill KC +800
  • Travis Kelce KC +1000
  • Stefon Diggs BUF +1200
  • A.J. Brown TEN +1400
  • Odell Beckham Jr. LAR +1500
  • Tee Higgins CIN +1800
  • George Kittle SF +2000
  • Rob Gronkowski TB +2000

We can’t help but salivate at the +1200 moneyline offered above for Stefon Diggs as he is the number 1 target for Bills quarterback Josh Allen who is atop the passing odds.

A $1 wager on Diggs to finish as this weekend’s top receiving yardage getter will earn savvy gamblers $12 if he earns that status. Speaking of status, what’s up with Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans?

Reports indicate he has returned to practice, but there’s been no confirmation as to whether he’ll suit up against the Bengals.

Divisional Round – Most Rushing Yards

  • Derrick Henry TEN +325
  • Elijah Mitchell SF +350
  • Joe Mixon CIN +425
  • Leonard Fournette TB +500
  • Cam Akers LAR +600
  • Aaron Jones GB +750
  • Devin Singletary BUF +1000
  • AJ Dillon GB +1100
  • Clyde Edwards-Helaire KC +1500
  • Jerick McKinnon KC +1500
  • Sony Michel LAR +1500
  • Darrel Williams KC +2000
  • Giovani Bernard TB +2000
  • Ke’Shawn Vaughn TB +2000
  • D’Onta Foreman TEN +4000

As you can see by the above NFL Playoff odds, Henry is expected to make an impact if he plays. In fact, it can be assumed that he will play based on the moneyline odds that place him at the top.

Don’t wait too long to get in on these NFL Playoff prop bets because even though they can remain on the boards until an outcome is reached, they can also be removed at the bookmaker’s discretion.

Bovada, ESPN

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